Huge Announcement Tomorrow, Why Aren't You In?

-These are the partnerships that are already announced:

-Bunch of other partnerships under NDA.

-Rumors that PBoC will adopt Vechain for QR code payments.

-Vechain just updated their app for QR code payments today.

-Longtime partnership with China Unicom, the Chinese State's telecommunications provider.

-Partnership with Chinese Government to build a smart-city in Gui'an and then use that model for other cities in the future.

-Masternodes with rewards for staking.

-Not used as GAS for network implying that another currency will be forged to use as GAS

-Huge Announcement Tomorrow. Get in.

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price prediction for tomorrow?

could be 5$

so i own 50k VET but I'm starting to get concerned over their obvious exaggerations and "announcements"
blockchain + rfid is going to be massive but this pumping nonsense is starting to piss me off

Yeah I don't like it either but I'm just going to hold.

Benefits of getting in early


This news is already priced in, there will be a dump directly after the announcement, we will be in gainz territory by feb.. Dont get shaken out

Can't wait to buy after this shit dumps tomorrow down under $2 again

The team is smart and knows that they can't underdeliver.

But ya buy after if you want to take the risk of buying this shit at $5.

This. Team has been all-time. Always overdelivering.

lol good luck.

>he doesn't know who Jim Breyer is.

This is China's crypto, isn't it

yup. Vechain translates to onechain or the only chain

Yup, they are partnered with China fucking Unicom. From the beginning. That is the Chinese State's supplier of telecommunications for the entire country and beyond. And that is one partnership of many.

Look at this

Tell me that isn't gold? Why is this shit 2 bucks? Because price has been manipulated. Get in!!!!

thats the president of China by the way.

The clock is ticking user. Tick Tock.


bags are loaded

I am going to become a multi-millionaire from this coin

So, debating.. sell off my REQ and some NEO for VeChain? I have a small position and loving it. But wondering if maybe short term dive all into VeChain and buy back into the NEO/REQ

may NEO RIP Vechain got the partnership that hyped up NEOs initial run-up. Its dead now.

I'd like to tank more Ven but my buttcoins are stuck in

I thought it was supposed to be 6AM EST. Can someone confirm the release time?

Still like my NEO but thinking to sell off my NEO and REQ totally for VeChain and get a bigger stack in there. What do you all think?

FYI - announcement tomorrow 9:00AM EST Countdown


I think it might take off now. I've been shake out of other moon missions thinking it'd dip and follow the pattern of the previous two.. Not thus time!

>Cant decide if i should cash in

what are you talking about how can you lose in this market. This is the most obvious moon mission lmao

how are you so sure

at very this moment the price is kept low artificially. VEN is superduper undervalued.

Everyone with 2 brain cells that watched the price and Researched knows that this is a 10 dollar coin

I just bought
hopefully this covers my ass for fucking up on AION

in6 months not now. this will dump on the news

I am all in.

I seriously don't think so.
The change to its own chain starting dec. Rebranding startinh mid december.
2 new exchanges. I even read that bithumb was confirmed on telegram. But only on reddit.
They banned me kek


A week ago there were ten walls between 50 and 150 btc each.
Now it is only 2 small ones to go. The supression is almost over. I can already feel the 20k sats

>so what's the coin used for?

Silence. Every time.

No one is going to spoonfeed you retard.

>The change to its own chain starting dec.
Starting december? The month is almost over

Oh sorry. Meant january for both. I just woke up.

Stay poor dumbass

checked those are thor's numbers. 2 fat walls just got ate. only 1 left and we are about at it


Walls are down. Firsts time ever for vechain.
Fomo kicking in.


this is super interesting to watch. its like the whales know theyve shaken out all the weak hands, they set their signal walls that let them know the moon mish is on if they get eaten, and have all collectively agreed to stop placing walls. based chinese masterminds

>mfw trying to spoonfeed Veeky Forums for 100% sure 2x rocket

How high you think this will go before the dump?

im hoping at least 25k

make my 120k and jump out before the small retrace and the next run starts fuelling up

Still good to join?

Very good. You might be red for a day or two sometime soon. But i might also just 2x in the next day.
Long term 5 to 10x

you have less than 30 minutes

How made will you be with a node of 10k Ven? Hookers and blow in Belize?

this time it will be too risky to sell high/buy low

Not looking to buy low, just don't want this to drop a dollar on me.

Wanna get a Lambo? Buy a waifu? Wait no more! Get in daily signals group or stay poor!

fuck off

Top 8 coin 2018

It's top 3 for me for a long time already.

>news hasn't been announced
>news is already priced in

U wot m8?

$5 EOY