If you support Ripple, pls remember to kys

If you support Ripple, pls remember to kys.

Ur tears are delicious.

I don’t support any of this gay fucking crypto bullshit (which will be a joke in another year) I’m just taking all your mind money.

stinky linky confirmed

>muh SWIFT

relize your the new laughing stock (Digibyte was the old) and get over it

what are some ways to kill yourself using only a pile of money?

I don't give a shit about LINK, but at least its a crypto.

Ripple is not crypto.

pull the signal out cable from your cryptomining, juice it up to 100A and run it through your balls.

Alternatively, convert to fiat, put in a blender and shoot it up your arm.

I just spent $5k on XRP at $2.40. What should I expect?

Buy high sell low

Never change biz

you just got PAJEET'd hard on ripple OMG

BNTY is stabilizing

Ripple? More like dumb dumb coin!


>banks create shitcoin
>banks premine entire coinage
>banks hold 60% for themselves
>banks sell shitcoin for pennies
>banks pay pr firms to hype coin to normies
>coin ends up in Fortune magazine
>normies pump price of something banks invented
>normies giving value to a valueless object as they do fiat
>banks invest billions in institutional money to prop up the 40% on the market
>banks literally investing your savings meant to be loaned at interest into a shitcoin so their 60% can be worth billions
>normies completely oblivious
You can't make this shit up.

hold youll be fine

>which will be a joke in another year
I keep hearing this since 2009

yep, some just don't get it

ripple = bankster scam coin

stellar, same shit as ripple

Japan has adopted Ripple. That's why it went up so much.

Sad desu. Although to be fair isn't NEO doing the same shit? They hold 50% of the supply, the creators do. Isn't this the same thing?

>Japan has adopted Ripple.
Never nuke a country twice

It was a credit card firm. Real fucking peer to peer goys.

USD (or your local equivalent) are not a crypto but we still use those. This is the same except you can get rich off it. The banks don't care whether you approve of XRP or not, it's happening. They have the money to push it. If you want to step aside fine but your moral principles are not changing anything. You are not the deciding factor in whether XRP moons or not. You are just some dude deciding if he wants to stowaway on the rocket or not.

Oh look, a normalfag who came here from social media. Nice reaction gif, normie.

Fuck you kike, the whole reason crypto exists is because nobody can be trusted with your value. die in fire

>first time on Veeky Forums
>pretends to be an oldfag

And if you support any crpto currency you support destroying the economy lmao you biz fags will never learn

>USD (or your local equivalent) are not a crypto but we still use those.
USD are statutory money. That's why they are used. Ripple are not, they are an invention by scammers who jumped on the crypto bandwagon pretending to create a "better crypto" when they actually just used the blockchain to do what Banks do for centuries.

The whole reason to invent Bitcoin was to have a trustless smart contract system, that doesn't need banks at all.

>blockchains making the economy more frictionless is bad


Is it finally coming back down? Holy shit what a ride

Ripple was in development 4 years before Bitcoin was invented, seriously you buttfags have your head up your ass with your lame conspiracy theories.

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pajeets still talking about ripple?... shitcoin


>Ripple was in development 4 years before Bitcoin

Yeah lol

Fuck you kike, Ripple's development looked nothing like it did prior to 2012. I just bootstrapped itself to blockchain after the fact. kys

Normies just have not yet realized, that the USD price for Ripple only exists because of BTC/USD being high.

You idiots cannot understand that you it is impossible to change an established system like capitalism through reform (whether it's political or economic (i.e. crypto). If you want to destroy capitalism grab a gun, grow a beard and run to the mountains.

The system will simply absorb cryptocurrencies and the smart people will follow the cryptos that are backed by the large financial institutions.

That's not the worse part.

The worse part is when they offload the 60% not for USD... but for Ether and bitcoin.

Then they hold all the Ether and bitcoin, normies hold worthless XRP bags, and the system is fucked again. The banks own all the wealth and the common man is screwed.

Jeez, how retarded must we be? Even in a system where we START with literally MILLIONS of dollars in the hands of 18 year old middle class nerds... somehow it still ends up all in the hands of banks.

Really activates my bitcoins.

can't even see xlm. you area a bitch.

enjoy your 'gains' fag

>I'm a poorfag because I don't like Joos

Grow up, buy before it's too late.

Bitcoin is turning itself into a centralized payment system. Why not use a coin that was designed for that in the first place?

>Why not use a coin that was designed for that in the first place?

Why not using a coin, that uses modern Proof of Stake and thus is hard to centralize because the blockchain is maintained by it's users and not a mining industry?

xpr is just like any other alt, it just happens that 70%+ of the supply is owned by the company ripple, which is doing interesting things with blockchains and legacy banking, BUT, xrp itself has no connection to any of the work the company is doing.

so xrp is great is you're buying into the hype, but long term ripple has made it clear that xrp is nothing more than an advertisement of their network to entice banks to join their private chain(s).

>Bitcoin is turning itself into a centralized payment system
If you're talking about Segwit coin yes, real bitcoin forked off in August.

>He actually thought the wealth was going to transfer out of the hands of bankers.

People dont care about freedom, they never did. all they want is a quick buck and yet again they play into the hands of the big financiers.

set a bounty on your life, bounty0x

You know what the difference between ripple and bitcoin is? Most bitcoin holders would never sell their bitcoin for ripple, but most ripple holders would, and will, sell them for bitcoin.

Are you dumb? Ripple is already supported by public. Do you really think some hippie neet do something about 4B of normies?

this is pretty universal for most if not all alts, despite what pumpers and late adopters will try and convince themselves of. if bcash and bitcoin owners switched positions, bitcoin's "dominance" would be down in the single digits today.

cant argue though that ripple will continue to rise at astronomical rate, so there is money to be made. only the end result being real crypto being handed over willingly to the elite

while i agree for the most part, we'll see when weak handed bitcoin holders finally cant escape the shiny glimmer of % gains via xrp while their bitcoin tanks

This is a meme 2018 will be the year of caring.

you have to go back

It's ignition is lit again


At least XRP can actually be used for fast low fee transactions unlike pedocoin and dinosaurcoin.

Ripple salt threads next year are going to be epic.

> Bitcoin will defeat the banks!

priced in


Fuck yeah, go Scorchers!