Say hi to the new king

Say hi to the new king.

He is going to hits $500 in less than 1 year.

Nope. Crypto bubble bursts over the next week and Ripple falls down with it. You'll be selling your Bitcoin at $4000 and your Ripple for 40 cents by February.

There are no fire escapes in crypto. You won't have your funds on a (working) exchange fast enough to get out of this.

It's amazing, it's like every poster on Veeky Forums is retarded in their own unique way

do you know what the market cap would be at $500 per?

>Blah blah worthless prediction that has no merit or value

Smart people sold last week, friend. The only people left caring about this market are retards.

What's up with all of the butthurt anti-ripple shills?

Fuck this coin and it's shit "gains". Blow it out of you ass OP. Am I right guys?


The market moves based on sentiment. Nobody's feeling positive right now. It's going down, simple as that.

This same bullshit was repeated all day when xrp was @ 10, 20, 30 cents. Stop with the marketcap meme ffs, doesnt mean ANYTHING AT ALL FFS.

>There are no fire escapes in crypto. You won't have your funds on a (working) exchange fast enough to get out of this.
Wrong, assuming Tether doesn't collapse you could just move into it while everything crashes then move back out through Bitcoin or whatever once it all calms down.

All those who say Dogecoin can't reach $1 because there are too many coins should take a look at Ripple.

Ripple is shitgains man, got pajeet'd so hard

dont bend over


When the fuck are they going to lower the 20 XRP base wallet amount? It really sucks having 40 Bucks stuck in fucking Gatehub right now.

Actually it does mean something. You probably just don't understand it though.

>Assuming Tether doesn't collapse instantly when Bitcoin burns down overnight

... okay, I hope you're not betting a large amount of money on the honesty of Bitfinex having billions of dollars of cash on hand!

It's still your best shot over trying to move your coins to your withdrawal exchange and get them out in time.

>4 posts by this ID



>people actually believe this


The established order were gifted ripple to coax them into the idea of a giant bait and switch. pump ripple to a huge market cap dropping the price of real crypto, and once they have comfy gains essentially free capital they will dump it for our precious cheap decentralized currency's taking a massive foothold in real crypto.

xrp is cancer, and like cancer its goal is to grow and spread with the ultimate goal of destroying the host.

Ugh. Smh cripple

Could’ve bought at 80 cents after the first pump but thought this piece of shit would never go higher than 1$.. I unironically despise this coin

>... okay, I hope you're not betting a large amount of money on the honesty of Bitfinex having billions of dollars of cash on hand!
For the last fucking time, bitfinex doesn't need to fully back tether with actual dollars for it to work. Think for once in your goddamn life.

At least as long as there exists no USDT-USD pairing right.

This desu. Probably not going higher than $3 for sure though.

Its gonna go up but not 500 in less than a year, though I might be wrong.


XRP is just the bank's ticket to take normie's REAL crypto (Eth/BTC), for discount prices.

Why pay the normie $13-14k for Bitcoin when you can pre-mine 6k XRP for free, and the normie will gladly exchange it for his bitcoin.

Once you have his bitcoin, it's game over. Eventually hel'l come back and say "Hmm let's trade back bank, I want my bitcoin back it's gone back up to 16k and the media says it's going to 30k all of a suddeny (how co-incidental, when the banks get crypto, the media starts talking it up)...

The banks will say no. And youl'l be left holding XRP bags floating between $1 and $2... whiel Bitcoin hits 30k, 50k, 100k. Why? Cos the banks hold it and they're not going to make the same mistake the normies made (give it away for shitcoins).

Please get the fuck off of this board and never come back

Yeah it's totally fine to just print money and pretend it's backed by something -- unless everybody tries to take it out all at once and you can no longer count on your Bitcoin holdings to make the books balance.

Gosh, that would be a disaster!

$500 each would put it around 20 Trillion market cap...... thats 100x more than BTC market cap currently is.


greedy pajeets like yourself, that's what's up

I'm 100% Dutch though.

the pajeets of europe

So GTFO of Veeky Forums

indeed, everybody knows that...

XRP currently has a market cap of $99,592,530,530
BTC has $228,196,288,600

Explain how it could get even close to $500.

This is a disturbingly real scenario.

Exactly, I said its going to up but its extremely unlikely it will be that high. 0.001 chance of that happening in less than a year. In two years I can see it at 10 dollars. By EOY 2018 I can see it at 5 dollars.

But for all we know it could all crash tomorrow.

t. Amerimutt

$5 is not an unrealistic peak. Anything greater than $10 is dreaming though.

Say hello to my wall, fag.

could have said the same thing in may when the market cap of btc was only 6 billion

This price movement is 100% bullshit. I sold 20% of my stack at 16700 because this a bs pump. Someone or a group of someones is wash trading, at least on Polo.

>57,000 BTC 24HR volume while 40% less users online than most peak volatility periods
>multiple ongoing large market buys at prices will above the books
>no news, no reports and no announcements to drive the price combined with a new year long weekend?

Im not going to complain. I made huge dollars this month riding this on margin however none of this is legit demand. It's just a few sucker FOMO buyers being sold into by manipulators.

It's a little bit different. It's not impossible but it's a lot less likely.

50 trillion dollars?
Maybe you're right.

I bought at .20c and cashed out at .85c. I'm pretty happy with my 4.25x gains.

this has to be the dumbest post in the history of Veeky Forums

like literally what is a third party risk 101

jesus fucking christ... not sure if we should delete this board????

Tbh senpai, I'm worried I will hold past 5 dollars and it won't go to 10 and then it will never be as high as 5 dollars and my own greed will prevent me from cashing out at the peak.

I personally got 1000 XRP when it was 20 cents per XRP.

Me too , Just hop on XLM.

Wow, you soyboys are actually trying to buy me out.

Good luck fags. I have plenty more.

Keep lying to yourself

Quotes from man JUSTed

says the guy postin this shit on biz ahhahah

premined shitcoin is going back into the sewer where it belongs

Have fun racing to your exchange.

your logic is flawed though bud. there are more retards (you) in this market than smart people. thus it will actually you that is getting left behind while your fiat becomes less valuable and you cannot afford as much coin as you did before

>all these literal NIGGERS going on and on about muh marged gab

This is exactly why Crypto market cap is bs. Traditional marketcap is based on stock prices for companies, and speculating on how well that company will do. Comparing that to the market cap of currencies is ridiculous. The price of a currency is driven by use and circulation (and speculation). First we have to throw out anyone calculating market cap based on total 100 Billion supply. If it's locked up its not going to affect the base price. This gets us the ~38 Billion that XRP's market cap is being calculated on currently by the majority of coin ranking sites. But then we have to further reduce that value to account for the amount that people can actually get a hold of versus demand to buy it. Basically if individuals, banks, and corporate partners are holding huge sums they essentially become not a part of circulation and thus drive up the price even further. I read that actual circulation being actively traded is around 1.2 Billion, which would give XRP a more realistic marketcap of $2.16 Billion, which is way more comparable to the size of company Ripple actually is when comparing it to company's market-caps that are calculated through stock prices.

i think i trust you, selling my ripple now... what should i buy with it? lumens?

If eth hit $800 in less one year why ripple can do it too?

Fuck this shitcoin
Fuck normies for buying it

Are you retarded? Market cap = price*supply
Not all of the shares of a company is traded either.


Because there are 100 billion ripples and 100 million eth. Therefore you need thousand times the marketcap or 80 trillion dollars.

>muh bank run
Do you even know how banking has worked for all of human history? There are plenty of problems with the banking system that crypto needs to solve, but fractional reserve is not one of them.

Just admit it's a clever solution to the fiat liquidity problem and shut the fuck up.

I am laughing at you

you probably hold 5k bought at $1.80, fuck off

I'm well aware of how fractional reserve banking works, thanks!

If you think Tether is a bank and people will be comfortable keeping their money in Tether (where it earns no interest, has no FDIC, generates no return of any kind, and can vanish in any second) then you're delusional (again, due to greed)

The second Bitcoin busts there's going to be a run on Tether because TETHER IS NOT A BANK

Your Majesty!

> 0.40 cents
> still a huge profit.
I'll take it!


That's still quite a profit, why are you so upset by it?

He's probably like
Spouting memes like:
>muh market cap
>it will never go above $1
>Sold at $1.5 and put a buy order in at $1.30
Then ragging hard when normie demand is increasing everyone profits

>not going higher than $3

This will crash monumentally.
I'm thinking of selling.

talk me out of it...

11bn pumped in to it to make a 100bn market cap a rise from under 50bn.

The correction here is going to be huge.

Don't Kikes own 90% of XRP?

LOL at the massive dump that is going to happen. It's a pre mined dumbshits.

I saw that jamie dimon is going to endorse XRP... do you think it could leapfrog BTC after the announcement? Or will people sell on news?

im not giving out any (you's) to anyone for this lowgrade jew scam. OP is lucky he managed to bypass my already 20 xrp filters. this shit is cancer. fuck this shitcoin i hope it and all the buyers of it die a slow and painful death

Do you realize how much fucking money 20 trillion dollars is, you single celled organism?

Imagine if a single country had that much debt

Imagine if the total debt tripled that amount

why does it make you so angry? maybe because you missed the moon mission lmao

Imagine if it x10 that amount. Cause thats literally whats on the US's balance books as "unfunded liabilities". Medicare, social security, medicaid, obamacare... all unfunded liabilities. A balloon payment that keeps growing and getting kicked down the road, that ain't going to last forever. Welcome to economic meltdown.

>A balloon payment that keeps growing and getting kicked down the road, that ain't going to last forever.
We can fix this in a single generation with peaceful ethnic cleansing desu.

>Price being manipulated
Have fun


Market cap is the current circulating supply multiplied with current paid price. For a regular stock this indicates the health of a company, for a crypto coin this only indicates the demand to buy.
Also, please think about the market being tackled by XRP; it's a multi trillion dollar per day market.

Fucking crypto. December was my worst month in while. Considering everything looked that says alot. I should have just normied and yolod and be rich by now. My 50k was sitting and rotting . Fuck this.

You do know that XRP are being destroyed with each transaction, lowering the supply little by little, right?
You also do know, that the market cap tells you nothing about the money invested in XRP, right?

I know both those things. I still don't see it hitting $500.

But you gotta admit, it's like saying "BTC will never reach $500". We just don't know what'll happen.

nice. scare these fuckers to drive the price down to get it cheaper
I like you user.

You're right. $10 at most. But it's much safer than anything else right now.

It's not like that at all.

Do you guys remember when they said litecoin wasn’t going to get passed 15$? I remembered I thought the same shit so I didn’t buy any and when it was 27$ I started panicking and pulled out 7500$ for it and I never looked back.

fuck what these pajeet fudders who want you to buy their other shit coin bags

buy what you feel and put some logic behind it

I stopped letting the fud get to me and said fuck it. I put 5000$ on it at .20 cents and an extra 3000$ when it hit .70 now I’m holding this shit for Infiniti and beyond

How so?