XSPEC Coin - Privacy Coin

And a future of the project looks more bright than ever:

XSPEC is a no brainer. Big 2018 ROI coin

So far done: Implemented TOR + obfuscation (one and only in Crypto)

Stealth addresses

Encrypted Chat

To be made Q12018

BISQ DEX based on TOR implementation in couple of weeks

Stealth Addresses to be default using Ring Signatures tech (ala Monero)

Default Stealth Staking on desktop and mobile android phones

Tell me that this tech isnt impressive.

Because spectre is currently undervalued. I think privacy coins are the future, and this one currently is highly undervalued in comparison to other privacy enabled coins (with new releases coming, and new website ) I can't see why this asset can't be at least 100-200mln cap. In the long term, it's just a matter of time when new markets on TOR will require coins focused on privacy and I think spectre may be a good contender here.

yeah after xvg i got in just before it blow up, im at 3x profit right now. i see this hitting 10$ easy by the end of jan at this rate.

XSPEC is going to be an easy 10x in the next few weeks.

I threw $30,000 into this. Bought the dip. While the retards are chasing stupid shit like SALT for 5%, I'm accumulating this. This will easily hit $15-20.

maybe by the summer 20$ but still thats a solid 7 or 8 times profit if you get in now

It'll be sooner. When people say it'll be by X date, buying frenzy makes it go happen way sooner. Look at hat happened to cardano.

2018 is the year of privacy coins. The two big ones are this XSPEC and Sumokoin ;)

Dude thanks for the heads up. This is the next Verge. The dev is really solid. At this rate we’re going to 3x pretty soon.

Give this a few days and you'll see it double ;)

I actually saw this project a while and didn’t realize it has been steadily increasing. It has a working product. This is cheap at this price.

Got 10k worth of it a week ago. Waiting to get it to 10 easy

This is easily the best opportunity in crypto right now. Read about it on bitcoin talk. Talk to the Devs in slack. Real project with awesome roadmap. I am not going to do short term predictions because that is for faggots but over the next year this is a 100x coin. Buy hodl and delete my fucking sell for a year, thank me later. Go look at the other privacy coin prices and features and compare them to this. Go check the github, constants work.

Just look at what Sumokoin did in the last week. This is going to hit $10-20 very soon. It was on the top of cryptopia's list today.

At $3.00 it's a fucking steal. Sumokoin was just $2-3 2 weeks ago and is now $10-11.

This will easily 4x very soon :)

Also not done accumulating in the 3s, sage this shit down or I will need to revert to FUD.

Why sell this when it's going to 10x very soon?

where can i buy this coin

i'm confused. Is this competing with Monero?

It's on cryptopia.co.nz

I don't think it competes with Monero per se but in conjunction. Monero doesnt have Tor support - thsi does.

Rumor is that it’ll be listing on more exchanges soon

The shilling is kinda embarrassing

Killed any interest I had

Privacy coins was the year of 2017, dude. The coming year will be all about coins with utility.

PAjeet's trying to accumulate low ;)

Are you serious with this question? This coin is probably the next Monero. Whenever it hit's the top 100 it will really fly because it has the tech to back it up.

Privacy coins are going to be huge in 2018. LOL.

but this is not on any exchanges besides a crappy new zealand one (crpytopia?)

There are like 10 new coins launched every fucking month that markets itself as a "privacy coin", which means they're trying to compete with monero.

But when you ask them what makes this particular coin or token preferably compared to monero, the only thing they have is some obscure retarded shit that has nothing to do with privacy.

Stay the fuck away from this shitty pajeet scam.

Right behind this coin in terms of my accumulation is XSH (shield)

>Monero doesnt have Tor support - thsi does.

>crappy new zealand one
id trust this with my money over any chink or russian exchanges. im actually keeping my cash with white people, which gives me peace of mind

This is way more legitimate than Verge could ever be.

This is no scam.

Now put on your skirt so everyone will call you ma'am.