Hurry before the am /biz gets

Hurry before the am /biz gets

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Looks better than etheremons ngl

seriously pajeet?
you are a fucking joke

It's fucking tanks......

Looks fucking cool but i think for mass normie acceptance it needs to look ugly and dumb like those cryptokitties piece of shits.

Something like these dumb fishes are more likely to blow up massively to be honest.

Looks fucking amazing. Look at those rotating 3d models boys. Shit will blow up (literally)

How do I see the number of people that bought each tank?

Considering rich nerds pay 100k in etherium for cats, won't hurt to invest a little into this.

looks like absolute shit i wouldn't be surprised if they stole the artwork from command and conquer tiberian sun

Thanks OP, already making profit from my purchased tanks.

hahaha aint nobody buying your bags
keep shilling pajeet

Guys I fomo'd one cheap tank just to see and have waited 20 minutes watching etherscan and everytime someone bought my tanks balance went up. I hate to say it but i Don't think this is a scam. I also Cashed out, it does the same thing as Etheremon for cashing out and sends a function call to the contract. Funds arent actually held on this person server and there is "Pull all the money from the contract function either" I've studied comp Sci for a while now and especially solidity and it looks good. I'm buying more.

Diversify my child

Already banked on Etheremon, and already making bank on this

sure you are

Any way to see how many total have been bought like with etheremon?

no its a scam

Its no more of a scam than etheremon. Plus I like pyramid schemes, I just want to know if I'm early or late.

This is scammy as fuck. At least Etheremons had some appeal, like the Cryptokitties.

Just some pajeets who put it up and bought the first 20 tanks of every kind, and then wait for suckers to buy in.

stay po

It's not a scam.
Every transaction with a value was someone sending ETH to the contract so it could be distributed.

Stay poor bud.

>It's not a scam.

Neither was Etheremon. But it had appeal, which meant we knew we'd get our initial investment back.

This is just Etheremon 2.0 with ugly tanks. Nobody fucking wants that.

Literally only 16 have been sold cause all you fucks are afraid this is a scam. It's not, I got on their telegram even.

wow you made .0005 eth.
one sold after you bought yours
you are a millionaire.
syke pajeet faggot

Some gamers like pokemon, some gamers like war games.


Literally within a minute.

It ethermon, made an easy 1.5 eth in one day, from a .3 eth investment. Jelly

You guys are retarded, this shit will blow up they have a battle system coming

I made 21 ETH on Etheremon as well, but this pajeet shit won't take off like etheremon did.

I just had a super fucking idea for a crypto

tanks, ethermons, cryptokitties... all trash when you compare them to one thing


cryptowaifus guys

procedurally generated anime girls

Not all gamers are gay loving pokemon fans like you

Already had this idea and working on it.

There’s going to be a battle system lol... this is an actual working 3D game unlike etheremons

Fine, since you're among the very first, and it's an easy 2-3x. Let's see you put 10 ETH into this.

youre on it?
good to hear
keep Veeky Forums posted, I will be looking for your coin
got a name or anything where I can follow?

agreed ill wait for the transaction to go through on their ethereum account to confirm.
ill be waiting

In trading you diversify you dumb fuck, same principal


lol, bye pajeet

Transactions picking up, get in or stay poor biz

You're probably a dumb fag, who would invest all in Confido! Normies approach this like a dumb gamer, instead of an investor

keep shilling pajeet
no body buy this stupid ponzi scheme etheremon rip off
total scam designed to get these guys rich

Bought and cashed out

No name or coin yet, i'm working on the distribution method, I think I will do 10 buy long intervals each time the begginer gets the best price, but the person at the end gets a better rando multiplyer. I'm still working on Random generation logic with pricing pretty much.

It is a ponzi, in every ether game so far, those who go in early, will usually benefit the most. Gen 0 kitties and gen 0 ethermons ring a bell?

This is your chance to finally get on the Etheremon craze, Veeky Forums. What, do you hate money or something?

lmaoing at anyone actually buying into this pajeet scam, because they missed out on the ethmon gains

you linked me twice bud

Not bad after only a few minutes

picked up a sweet mt-1

yeah im in as well fuck it.
we are still really early if this ever takes off
if not oh well 20 dollars loss

just bought one, probably got scammed but if not then fuck it lets go boys


404 wtf is wrong with it. I've tried chrome but it doesn't work and i try firefox and it works but fucking metafox foesn't have an extension for firefox. baka

the wallet's gone from 1k to 6k in the last 5 hours. watch that shit. people are buying.

has it hit reddit?

>Advanced level fud.

5 hours 1 to 6k lol.... etheremon was legit 0 to over a mil in this amount of time. the prices of these tanks are already fucked. its over.


From the first ethermon thread to the second, it jumped from almost 0 to like $200k.

The retards learned their lesson from Etheremon. If you buy when it's too expensive, you'll end up holding a useless bag and get 10% of your investment back if you're lucky.

The people buying in now thinking they're early, are actually the late ones.

literally 20 people have bought.

etheremon was new and creative
this is a stinky scam

Doesn't matter. When nobody else buys, you end up with stinky bags. Early, but still the late holders.

You guys fucked yourselves hard. Except maybe the first 1-3 people who bought. They might get their investments back.

Etheremon got posted here within minutes of release, this one was slow to be posted.

>if you buy now you're fucked and won't even get 10% back
>first 3 people might break even or make profit though
You should go learn basic arithmetic before attempting to FUD. Both can't happoen, if people buying now lose 90% the first three people are still losing 85%.

Enjoy your virtual tank. I sincerely hope you pumped more than $1k into it.

those first 3 were the pajeets devs shortly before they came here to shill

>december 30 2017
>not buying ethertanks

stay poor

Is $1k a lot to you poorfag? I sold a single digital cat for more than that.

just signed up

keep the train rolling. normies are gonna eat this shit up. UI looks like a vegas slot machine

get a fish:

i understand the concept of this and it is tempting but it felt a lot better to sink a lot of money into a great idea like etheremon. would feel like shit paying anything for this if it didnt take off. and even if it did take off, im not interested in playing with online tanks lmao.

invest in ideas people, not mindless get rich quick schemes

They're $10 who gives a fuck.

Asians love dem tanks


check the wallet. this literally just got released. telegram is legit. the site UI needs a facelift but the niche is good. tanks are cool, different from pokemon and cats

poorfag with LT-1 and LT-2 here, am I gonna make it?

got em

LT-2 poorfag here. if i make 1 eth i will shit my pants

does anyone see any gains from it yet?

yes I've made 25% of my investment back already and its been like 20 minutes. feels like this is early as fuck still

can I help you on the game? I'd love to work on the non technical but more creative aspects that make up the game. I can also test stuff idk, but I too thought of crypto waifus right after seeing this tank game.

what tank did you buy?

LT-1 and LT-2

ty senpai

i bought the LT-2 but havent made anything yet :( is there something youre supposed to be doing?

Only like 40 people have bought into the game so far. Etheremon ended up getting over 10k people in its first 2 days. This is cheaper which means way more people can afford to buy some. Veeky Forums is still deciding how they feel.

show some screen with cash out opened or something to prove you are not bullshiting

Just about broke even now..

tanks arent as normie as etheremon or cryptokitties so im not sure its going to rake in that much money but for $50 who cares

It's been out for like 2 hours, already made half the money back on my 200 dollars in.

going to bed now guys, please shill this to the ends of this earth

i'll be back 10 am EST time to see what you've accompished. I'll have treats

threw 80$ at its not like i would lose a lot anyways

I still feel autistic asian males are going to play the fuck out of this like World of Tanks Meh whatever I put in like 90$ who cares

jesus youve already made $100? gah i only have .0020 eth profit. fuuuu. BUY MORE LT-2'S Veeky Forums happy for you though user.

you probably have a good point user. godspeed.

Do you even FAST? LT-3 is the real deal. Fastest speed and aspd amongst all while being affordable.