Proof that the price is rising. I have received multiple pay outs and have cashed out one time already.

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Nice digits. Having metamask issues so I can't play :(

I just made 9 bucks while typing this.

Where do I find this

so dumbass here, I can buy the tank and just sit back and collect dividends?

and cash them out whenever and keep collecting?

is there a min cashout or something

Minimum cashout would only need to be greater than what you choose to pay for gas.

also bought
lt-1 shittank reporting in

go pump your ponzi bullshit somewhere else



so this just came out, this is early still. fuck it I can afford to lose 50 bucks or whatever

LT-1 and LT-2 here I come

wallet was created today. went from 1k to 7k in hours

Waiting for LT-3 to come out, this shit will be the real mvp
>fastest speed
>fastest firing speed

Shit will be blowing up all your slowpoke tanks at the fraction of the cost of all the over >1 eth tanks.



wew lad. so is this gonna blow up when it hits reddit or what?

so in other words the devs have made 6K, but the buyers at this pace will have weeks or maybe even months to regain their initial investment. thats only if they all use their time shilling like chainlink druggies

KEK doesnt lie Veeky Forums
Don't be stupid.

honestly if you don't throw 0.1 eth at this idk what to say

I tried but the gas made it too slowww :/

just put your shit at 40 gwei or something it will go through instantly

I've made so much gains in the last 6 months I would be pissed at myself if this takes off and I failed to throw some eth at this

Alright, what tank should I get

I dont know I just bought LT-1 and LT-2, will probably pick up some new ones when they pop up


already made .008

is there a video on this? looking for more info but cant find shet

the site feels like a scam tho, no copyright claims, gmail mail address, no social networks nothing

i only need 252 dumb niggers to purchase after me to make my money back


Just bought 15k of BNTY

thanks user


That worked, thanks

This looks boring, tanks cannot compete against cuteness. This is a known fact.
Bought an MT-1 and LT-1

kek, get to shilling newfriend. normies don't know about this yet

lame etheremon copycat. have fun holding those bags when no one buys your shitty tanks.

Get out of here pajeet, ETH is a decentralized virtual machine. There will be many games that run on it.

fucking shill it on ethtrader reddit

> no sub 20 mons

u r the pajeet, friend.

put down $150 on this shit.

worst case, i got scammed $150. neutral case, i make my money back. best case, i actually make money


i don't get it

get metamask and fund it with some fun bucks in eth. buy a tank or two and wait. profit.

>Some tanks are shy and hiding their 3D models.

upvoted. fuck me i missed out on cryptokitties could this be a second chance?




o fuck that game was good
thanks for the nostalgia bomb user

this crypto tank game looks gay though

we can make it so

you guys have to realize this isnt a "game"

its a fucking the cheap one at least. or an MT-1...the shit doesnt even kick off until mid jan. this wallet was made today

can someone spoonfeed me this shit, how do I make money?

buy a tank and wait for profit? what the hell do I do?

who cares if its a ponzi. if it makes me money i will gladly aid and abet a ponzi.

You buy a tank, and everytime someone buys that same tank you get a portion of their cost.

buy a tank. every time the tank is purchased, you get a profit.

thats what im saying my dude

get in now before reddit. go buy a tank and upvote the post

sounds like my kind of scam

Absolute fucking kek

Literally the definition of a pyramid scheme

Life is a pyramid scheme my friend.

once youve bought a tank, get in the reddit and throw a comment down

>Literally the definition of a pyramid scheme

yes, but with tanks. and crypto. how many autistic neets out there with ETH, they love tanks. get in and get rich

and why the fuck wouldnt you dip your fingers into the pyramid scheme and get some profit?

already did senpai

Who the fuck cares? I'm just waiting for one of these where you collect smug anime girls.

I also added an HT-1, MT-2, and LT-3 to my collection. Buy now fools!

The only actual people who make money from these schemes are the early adopters. By the time I find out it is too late and if I put money in I'll be one of the suckers handing them my shekels

Like 60 people have bought in.
Etheremon got thousands. Plus these are cheaper so you take on less risk because more people can afford them.

but user, if you buy now you ARE the early adapter!

this is your chance to be the early adopter, this shit just came out a few hours ago

don't fall for this obvious scam, lads.

the wallet was made like 6 hours ago. you are the early adopter if you buy now. stop being such a faggot and just take a slice of the pyramid pie

we are still early go all in

If you dont have .5 eth to spare on a risky but profitable investment, you are doing crypto wrong.

Sh..should I buy me some eth-tanks homeboy?

Yes you idiot! Just buy 1 or 2 tanks, earlier the better!

the profit seems a little low for the risk

Said the idiot who's never been early to a ponzi scheme.

What if I lose my eth? I’m currently holding .72 eth.

buy LT-2 and MT-1.

you wont if you buy NOW

youll probably x2 at the least

And what exactly is that eth doing for you right now? Nothing?

Has anyone confirmed profit yet?

it started six hours ago

Halfway to initial, but slow moving.
Pls move like etheremon did ;_;

almost there. very close
we just need to shill and pump it to redditt

only been like 2 hours

I wonder if tanks will fight within their tiers, otherwise this game would be pay-to-win

1 hour

i just need to get .250 to make profit

This is moving slower than Etheremon, and I have 4 tanks compared to my 1 mon. Fug

wait a day minimum

It has hit critical mass yet.

The LT-3 is up
The stats and price is pretty cheap
best bang for your buck desu

buy one of the cheap tanks, that price is out of normie reach

MT1 and LT1 loaded in the hangar gents. LETS FUCKING RIDE

Moon mission here we go, already made by my initial investment

Bought a MT1, and got my popcorn ready to enjoy the ride

next stop moon

where my LT-2 bois at?

Yoooo pump these reddit threads bois, these tanks aren't the lightest things to hold...

reporting in

1 LT-2 one MT-1 ready for moon mission


These tanks will be holding you tomorrow

>tfw my 4 LT-1s are rolling me away on my racecar bed to the moon

OP can you tell me how the cashout process works. I missed etheremon and i fuck with this more anyways so i am excited i got in with my .2 eth. How do i go about cashing out my profits and initial investment when we moon tmoro? sorry for noob questions

Ive got 8 tanks, gunna crush plebs

i havent done it yet but logically it will probably cash out to your metamask and then you can send that to wherever