Has anyone cashed out any sort of significant gain into fiat?

Has anyone cashed out any sort of significant gain into fiat?

Also: Rate Blockfolio thread

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Define significant



Too rich for me. I bought some mushrooms once.


I pulled 6k off of coinbase to pay the rent for a little.

next year that way i pay a lower rate and don't give a shit about my deductions anymore

thanks republicans

Did you do bank or paypal?

Withdrew 200k, limits are what suck

What did the logistics of that look like for you? Are you American?

Invested 50k in June, cashed out 40k, portfolio now hovers between 180-200k. I'll prob take another 50k soon and let the rest ride

Yes I'm American, sold coin to eth. Transfered eth to gdax sold all eth to usd, ach 10k a day for 20 days straight

question, why are my transactions on coinbase cancelled?

And of course called my bank and explained everything before doing all this

you better pay those taxes. coinbase will give you the 1099-K to tell you what they reported to the IRS

Yeah I'm already on it, got lawyer and accountant, knew my shit would be handed over, if your trying for serious gains and trade a lot like me, I would also recommend getting atleast the Pro version of cointracking. Info, made my tax situation a whole lot easier

late adopter. in for 300k, have run it up to 1.5 million. have taken zero out. will pay taxes on it all like a sucker because i have too much to lose.


How do you actually cash out? I just realized i have no idea how.

I havent been in crypto since around the time doge launched and mt.gox was around. Even then i had no idea. I just got back in the begining of dec

you can exchange to USD in an exchange like coinbase. coinbase works in most(all?) US states. Some states have laws requiring identification and reporting (like mine, washington state) so lots of exchanges refuse to do business in those states.

Bank. No clue how to PayPal, but paying $600 in taxes pretty much is equaled out by what I lost in income tax wagesalving, so it's all good.

Suggestions please


over-diversified poorfag here. will i ever make it?

You don't have to pay taxes if you never cash out.

I cashed out a bitcoin at $2450 from a local ATM

was the stupidest thing I've ever done crypto related

i think it makes more sense to stick to 2-4 coins when you have such little money.

I did exactly this, but 600,000 over 60 days. No hitches.

only 30k or 5 percent of my portfolio

what did you have to say to them? just that you're transferring? or that you wanted to fill out taxes for it or something?

I was in your position earlier this month user. Seriously, you are too diversified. Here's how to let go: keep a couple of each token just for Moon Tickets. I sliced my portfolio down from 8 tokens to just 4, Cutting down to 3 soon, I've been making real gains for once that have visible improvements.

Your portfolio is too scattered, once btc starts dipping ADA and XLM go up, but because you hold all these other alts you really don't end up gaining at all. ADA and XLM are your best picks (imo) because they are bets against BTC+ETH.

For once listen to biz, all of you with under 1k, stop being diverse, pick your favorites and step back.

i've cashed out over 30k and I'm a very small fish, gemini is great. love these dudes.

no nobody has ever cashed out, its impossible and well known
thats why everyone is pouring money in

more into WABI and SC

thanks for the tips. i was hoping to get in on a moonshot first and re-invest in XLM but no luck yet.

No problemo, you picked good coins but a moonshot isnt a moonshot if you only put 10% into that moonshot. yeget???

>coinbase literally depositing thousands of dollars into your bank account
>no cash out

Just got in today, already made a cool $2.09 gain :^)

Blockfolio doesn't allow to add transactions in euros? what kind of shitty app is this? is there a good one for eurofags?

How fucking poor are you?

LOL... *crying with laughter*... "Significant"... *snot coming out of nose*


48% ICX
11% ENG
11% XRB
10% DBC

will I make it? ~5k USD btw


also 11% KCS

Thanks, I'll try that one

No. My holds are worth more to me than cash.

>tfw no significant gains in any fashion

An attempt was made

Tips hat


LINK, REQ and FUN are all long term. ICX is cosy.

why are you so diversified with such little amount? you need to take more risk user.

Blockfolio vs delta vs other portfolio apps. Thoughts?

I think blockfolio is the best use of screen space. Delta looks like an aborted child,

>cashing out with the $10k limit
Did you try contacting GDAX/Coinbase to raise the limits?
They have a procedure for it, but I don't know what it takes to convince them

I just FOMOd REQ and XLM after doing about 400 bucks profit from VEN yesterday.

I know, I'm a poorfag, but I only invested $280. Some of which went into XRP at .65 USD which i sold at 2.58. More than doubled my money in two weeks. Im happy.


Mate put your link holdings to better use, xrp will continue to moon, ada will improve, buy back into link later bext year if you still love it.
But then again you are holding link....

I'm thinking to dump my eth for kcs. Good idea?

I think I'm in the same situation.

If I had 400 more to invest where should I put it?

I was already thinking of dropping something for XRP but thought it might be too late

Why don't you have any XLM? Go read up about it.

It's literally the most promising coin in the market and it's 30 cents atm. Just go all in and thank me later, this is going straight to the moon.


cashed out my initial 10k eur a month ago.

riding on with this

My humble portfolio :)

Cashing it all out in this tax year. Left a bit of usd on gdax to buy back in on the 1st. ADA pump was a nice exit.

Damn. You guys make me jealous. I hope things start looking up for me soon so I can finally buy some crypto. Godspeed anons.

Hit a btc atm up with a burner phone. 10k usd.
Only way til mass adoption paid 5% tax on the withdrawal to whoever owns machine but do i care fuck no... rather some user make 5% then some fuck nut in a suit keep his foot on my throat.