Should i go to a carnival in the city alone?

i have no friends, should i take my crypto gains and enjoy them at a carnival in the city?

australia is a boring country anyway, in melbourne there are a few events, should i go to one alone and try to pick up a girl?

the alternative is sitting at home and listening to podcasts about investing/ researching shit coins.

what to do? go out to an event or stay home?

although i am scared of someone allah akbaring, melbourne isnt the city it used to be in the past

forgot to mention, this is regarding new years eve

just find one of those comfy australian police officers with an assault rifle and pay him in crypto to escort you everywhere.

honestly this is more of a thread for r9k user

police are pussies here, they get scared of african monkeys that call themselves apex and carry box knives, police here dont use guns

Australian women accents are so hot. Fuck

Ill go with ya for some of those crypto gains. Already survived terror attack in bali too so you know im good in that regard.

>be from Melbourne city of the faggots
>Go to city for nice day out
>get hit by a muslim driving his truck of peace

you can have them if you want, as long as we get some of your women in return

>inb4 you're a pajeet

Burger actually

will people there think i am a loser if they see me standing alone all by myself? or can i mix in with the crowd and pretend ive lost my friends.

ive done this before earlier in the year wherei went to a club alone and literally got asked where my friends where, i left right after because of how humiliated i was

I dunno, op... carnivals aren't great pickup spots. the girls aren't going there to be hit on, they're going to have a fun night out with their chad boyfriends.


Make up a cool story about your imaginary friends in advance
>they're scoring some coke/molly/etc and I'm supposed to meet them later. I would've gone with them but the dealer hates me because I fucked his sister.

Lmao idiot

I'm a pajeet immigrant living in burgerland

Cucked again :^)

>Drive to work on shitty country highway
>Fuckin dodge a roo every few Ks
>Fuck me just ran over a rabit
>Trucks in oncoming lane passing at 100kmh less than 2 feet away coz roads are narrow as fuck
>If I try to distance myself from the truck I will fall off a cliff and die
>Finally get to work after almost an hour of this shit
>Get out the car fuckin brown snake staring at me
>Get bit

Do it all again tomorrow

Goto pub/club in your age group. Dont drink , chicks hate super drunk cunts hitting on them.

Hit on semi drunk chicks and profit.

clubs arent open bro everyone is gonna be on the docks waiting for fireworks, nye is a different night compared ot the average saturday/friday nights here

Nigger, go surfing in the tasman

What the fuck

fuck, pajeet'd yet again

>nye in a summer season
Fuck that sounds so comfy

I need to make it out to upside-down land next year for nye

fuck off cunt, we're full. don't come here.

we already have too many gooks and pajeets

>gooks speaking in an Australian accent
Holy fuck my dick

I'm definitely coming

ive never ever seen a good looking gook girl in aus, their accents are ching chong mixed with english btw. i dont understand this gook fetish here, gooks are repulsive

You a native aus?

Do you think aus wiminz accent is sexy or just normal to you?

come to malaysia white man
chink adores you
malay respect you
indian loves you

normal, its irritating if anything t b h

Do you think British is good or too close sounding?

What do you think about burger accent?

fuck bitches, get money.

but also find a hobby that gets you out of the house and being active.

you will meet people through that. Some of them will become casual acquaintances, but some may become lifetime friends.

i already go to the gym bro, but my gym friends already have planned something on nye which i am not interested in, hence why i want to go to this event alone, i have no one to go with, should i do it?

>clubs arent open
Literally every clubs gonna be open for nye party what you on about

straya is fuckin scary

only losers go to clubs on nye you fucking idiot LOL.

holy shit what a loser you are.

everyone is gonna be on docklands partying and waiting for the fireworks and even tho the clubs are open theyre all gonna be DEAD. have you not gone out on nye before? fucking loser LOL

Stay home if you konw you will feel extra lonely at an event like that.
Sounds like you want to go though, don't have "picking up a girl" in mind and just go enjoy the atmosphere.

Fuck off mate, I'm just telling you clubs are open, no need to toss a hissy fit big boy

Ppl usually dont mean anything bad by this. I go out alone quite a lot since I usually score better with girls when I don't have the pressure of m8s watching me try hard.

People ask this as a way of conversation, I usually say my friends cancelled but I'm going out anyway since I'm such a proactive guy.

mirin confidence damn

oi cunt i go to monash and am in the area
want to go together and talk crypto and maybe flick boipucci?