The next moon

The next moon mission, Veeky Forums. A literally unheard of shitcoin made by KIK is ranked 99 on COINMARKETCAP!

Where can I get it

It's on EtherDelta. I just bought it. No joke, I'm already up $5. DYOR, though. I bought $140 of it and I'm down to hold this shit for a year.

Kik has been experimenting with forms of in-app currency since 2014, when it launched Kik Points. The
company wanted to see if users of its chat app would be eager to earn and spend a centralized digital
currency. Key to this innovation was the notion that users would not have to purchase Kik Points but
could instead earn them within the app. Millions of Kik users participated, resulting in an average
monthly transaction volume nearly three times higher than the global transaction volume of Bitcoin

im in

Kin is rumored to be used with social apps like Kik. It's probably going to be a top 50 coin eventually.

>ten fucking trillion supply

It's being developed by Kik?

Dang, nice. You've been doing your homework. Not too sure how confident I am about it. But I'm not planning on touching this bad boy whatsoever. I'm gonna leave it alone. I kind of bought it as a joke, but I did look into it and did a bit of homework.
Check their site, Q1 2018 they're supposed to be working with a couple of people.
Yeah, this is fucking crazy to be completely honest with you. I'm sure they will likely decide to burn the supply, eventually. No clue whether or not it will be put on bigger exchanges though. YEP, they're the ones doing all the work.

I made a post earlier but it died. This coin deserves more exposure. I'm gonna be reading their white paper and seeing what their goal is.

Never mind, thread is right over here. Thought it was deleted but I found it. Damn. Biz is slow.

Let's keep a discussion on this crypto, guys!

I believe another user said that Ripple had a similar total supply. Anyone know Ripple's original supply? Were tokens ever burned?

What the hell? I dont pay rent. Even if I see a modest return on it it should be decent. I can see some value here though. They are gonna have to do a coin burn though

I posted a KIN thread back in Oct. and got laughed out of the building. Now it’s 3 times the price and it’s realistic to have a conversation about it.

Happy ICO buyer here. Have millions of these things and a dream.

10 trillion?

They will have to do a coin burn

Damn.... user, shoot me 300k so I can have a perfect 1 million for when this hits 1¢.

300k isnt even $100 you poorfag.

Just brought in user. Lets pray for a coin burn and a jump in 2018

OMG again with this shit coin

BNTY is going to explode

Sweet, hold until 1 cent man! And to that other fag saying 300k isn't even $100 he can suck my cock.
My whole stack is in BNTY, partner. I just said fuck crypto. I don't give a shit. If I make it I make it. I'll get serious about it when BNTY makes me a stack and play it strategically. Not gonna fall for whales, shakeouts, for FUD, and FOMO. We're all gonna make it.

How can it be up 30% at 2 sats?

I got some in BNTY too bro. As long as I stay in the green all time Ill be fine.

Road to 1 cent!!!

to buy BNTY join Kucoin using 1d721

hold till 2018 Q1.. to the moon

10 gorillion

lol, y'all getting pajeet'd hard....

this is why, user:

>Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 KIN

same reason ripple is "mooning" at $2-3 -- because theres billions of them.

This is the same old psychological trick where an increased supply makes it seem artificially cheap.

Tread carefully, anons.

yeah no one ever uses kik


If you are same just wait for hype from biz to cool down and buy for 0,000180 instead 0,000250

Dope bro, I've got high hopes for BNTY. Nice, this new year should treat us well. Bro, I only bought $140 worth of this. If it doesn't pan out I'm glad I did this than spending it on junk food lmao. I'm not trying to get fat.

They are gonn token burn when they switch to stellar

Maybe. If I make any sort of return on it, Ill be happy.

im neck deep in bTNY looking for huge gains .. love crypto shills

I only bought about $600 worth. I've been browsing Veeky Forums when there were ten eBay threads lmao. I just got into crypto in October, right before the normie pour in. I'm a little late. But I managed to turn $100 bucks into $800 ish. Which isn't too shabby. I didn't trade autistically. I just sort of held, or moved money around when I noticed my coins stagnated.