If eth hit $800 in less one year why ripple can’t do it too?

If eth hit $800 in less one year why ripple can’t do it too?

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>what is marketcap

This activates my almonds

I agree.Lets moon this shit.


honestly can't tell if the recent stupidity on this board is a larp anymore

>muh market cap
>'eth will never reach 17 by eoy'

Can someone explain it?


it will, ripple will overtake bitcoin and have the marketcap of the banks when they adopt it. trillions of dollars will be used and transferred through it. $100 by end of 2018 easy

notice any difference?

if it does then BTC will be 200 trillion market cap

this bullshit RIPPLE again?

Koreans dumped this coin, Europe is next

Is your age your iq? I swear mine dipped like 50% reading this.
/biz autism has gone to a whole nother level top kek

all the smart people left
and millions of idiots are now in cryptocurrency

user, please, be smart, take your profits and leave, we're running out of greater fools to keep buying this shit. the IQ on Veeky Forums has never been very high, but we've got to be at like, 80 or something right now. we're almost retarded. there are homeless people buying fucking ripple

I lost some precious morning fruityO's all over my keyboard.

This is literally the target audience of the Ripple bag holders.

It's only $1 user, $1 is so small and it has so much upside potential like 2, and 3? and 4?!

Market cap? That's just a academic scam to keep plebs poor!

This threat is bait but i've heard normies literally saying this. Apparently they can't grasp why a coin with 100 billion in supply can't reach the same as a 100 million one with already 70 billion marketcap


>transferring money through banks when banks are obsolete

Literally what the fuck is the point of Ripple?

The tech is solid, but doesn't jive with anyone that cares about crypto. XRP as a token? No bank is going to use it, they'll use the network which is a very different thing

You do realize that banks serve little to no purpose in a world where crypto exist.

>what is an increasingly growing marketcap

dude, what

have you ever heard of something called *credit*

Banks aren't dying that easily. It's going to take a long time for the majority of people to become comfortable with holding their own money.

Have you heard of Coinbase?

More pajeets shilling xrp




Which is essentially acting as a crypto bank for the unwashed masses

Funny how opt in banking systems work on a decentralized network. No Ripple or JP Morgan required.

how high can it go?

How far in to the future are you talking about here? Crypto is far from widely being used for anything. Everyday consumers aren't touching it. Where do plebs store their funds? Banks.
Who's going to introduce the plebs to crypto? Banks.
Which crypto are banks getting on board with? XRP.
Do the fucking math. It's not hard.

exactly. derivatives are blatant thief and scam compared to crypto and it moves trillions a day.

at least ripple has a real use on banking and fiat use

SeeCrypto already has its own banking systems in place. Ripple is completely unnecessary and in the words of Jamie Dimon "a fraud".

Crypto will automate the entire banking establishment. This is a poison pill for them and they will probably swallow it down not even realizing it.



Hey i'm as optimistic as the next guy but 800 is fucking retarded. 50 is the wet dream you're looking for

>Ripple is completely unnecessary and in the words of Jamie Dimon "a fraud".
A fraud with a $106 billion market cap

Explain to me how exactly any of that addresses anything I replied with, and let's also discuss how regular consumers are going to use these options for all their financial needs, such as being paid by their employers, or purchasing day-to-day things conveniently.

Honestly, there will probably be normies thinking this unironically as they buy it. If it ever goes on coinbase I can see it going up, just because idiots will assume it could be the next 'Bitcoin" ($10,000 coin).

I think it can go up without that, but I think the low price makes it kind of attractive.

You're missing the point. Banking giants call crypto currencies a fraud while at the same time creating centralized tokens to capture the market masquerading as crypto.

How would Ripple? If we're assuming one or the other at full adoption. Smart contracts on crypto currencies are much more frictionless than current banking systems and aren't dependent on 3rd parties. How the actual fuck is Ripple a better use case than decentralized ledger systems ie blockchain crypto currency?

say no to ripple

biggest scam ever


>there are homeless people buying fucking ripple
You mean I can buy Ripple?!?!? WHERE THE FUCK DO I SIGN!??

Yes, only ripple has the " * " and if you scroll down to the notes you will see "Will surpass BTC in 6 months"

If ripple hit even $100 it would literally be worth more than combined currency of every nation and thats not including the uncirculating dev supply.

If you include the developer held ripples into the marketcap it is already above BTC.

Honestly its insane its even got here

There are banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions getting on board with Ripple for backend purposes. There are banks in Japan talking about utilising crypto for consumers.
Consumers will initially see much faster transfers from their bank to an account of a different bank for a start. Those banks who are on board with Ripple will gain an increase in customers just based on this. From that point? Sure, it's speculation, but you can make any number of guesses as to what comes next.

how are you this stupid

its a shitcoin, thats why, lmao, come on man.

i had 6000 ripple back when it was 1.30 and i sold. used to be a supporter but now that i've come to the realization that it's literally fucking banks attack on crypto im keeping away from it

What? It's the truth

Why buy it, when you can mine it

That's all internal structure for banking. It saves them massively on their costs, but who gives a shit? Their services are fucking worthless in a world where crypto exist, as I have already said.

Anything a bank can do can be executed on top of Bitcoin or any other crypto with a smart contract. Ripple serves no fucking purpose.

muh ethics

you'll never make it with that attitude

Please be fucking bait

>>what is marketcap
RP will go to 20K as BTC did!
> not possible because of to much supply!
Wrong! Because most of it is fixed by escrow contract. Also normies don't care about supplies, just the cheap price compared to other top 10 coins.
> but it's not a real crypto
But it will be soon implemented in every browser according to W3C

It would only be 30 trillion so it's still in the realm of possible just unlikely. Especially in a year I'd say very very unlikely. Within 5 years, though, sure.

Ripple is a bubble....
Dump this shit and buy alt coins like BNTY

For reference: money.visualcapitalist.com/worlds-money-markets-one-visualization-2017/

Basically, 90 trillion is the hard cap in Fiat right now.

Something something supply.

Short answer: no.

$40 doesn't look crazy now tho.

> but muh billions in circulaton.

Yes, there is a huge supply, but if they really can close the bank partnerships, ((they)) will buy in stupid quantities (think hundreds of millions/billions) and most of that supply will actually not be in circulation. It will just sit there to back the transactions.

Bitcoin will be dead by then.

Thanks just bought 100k

>If eth hit $800 in less one year why ripple can’t do it too?
This is unironically the mentally driving ripple's rise.