Ripple is not being pumped by normies, but by (((them)))

hear out my theory:
bitcoin, litecoin, and eth are all known to be pumped by normie money, this is because they are all listed on coinbase and have gained major media attention.
i see many post and comments here saying ripple is being pumped by normie money, however, that is not the case. instead I believe that is is institutional money, jews, banks, etc that is now pumping ripple. this is because the only way to get normie money is through coinbase, which xrp is not listed on. therefore, it is impossible for normie money to be pumping xrp right now, it has to be something else. I believe that the something else is banks, jews, or (((them)))

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normies are all over social media trying to get ripple. read comments on ripples facebook page.

normies use binance and other exchanges too

Will ripple be used on the dnm?


(((them))) and jews is the same thing.

I think (((they))) will hold this price ~3$ some days and then dump all of it when they accumulated enough btc and eth

It's normie money though, heard so many of them talking about Ripple, I have no idea where they all get it from though. Many of them legit think this can go to 20k for one ripple like bitcoin

They don't want Normie USD lmao.. they can print USD whenever they want for no reason.

They're after something else the normies have.

Something they can't print, nor regulate, control.

Something the normies are quite happily trading for XRP (which the banks hold 60-70% for 0 cost, probably as a bonus for joining the platform).

>trying to get ripple

Normies are not pumping ripple. Normies don't know how to alt.

that is shit tier normie money, the real normie money supply can only be fed by coinbase and their app which is very simple and intuitive for brainlets to use and enables them to throw money at crypto

What the... holy shit you're right

The Jews are literally harvesting our Bitcoin to gain a monopoly


Just dumped my cripple. Feels so good

damn Normies and Pajeets buying into XRP without knowing what is it.

Banks own Ripple ffs

They control the supply of XRP cant mine that shit

this user gets it.

Just sold my ripple for 10x gains back into BTC. Feels good.

Whales are dumping BTC and heading over to fuck with XRP. We can't win.

S-should i sell?


that would be a bit lot of normie monies that just came in anyways, don't you think??

so much shit calling on xrp, and calling it jew money, but really you bitches can't swallow the crusty load Antonopoulos and crew shot down your throats.

user with btc/ltc/bch bags have fun in a year when you broke.

no bro, the fucking banksters are in with free money

it's a takeover and the end game is total control

in the process btc will be the scapegoat

Sorry user. You're going to ragrats this.

I predicted 2019 or 2020 would be the fall of crypto because of jews. Looks like it may very well be 2019. Get your tickets booked and your private islands leased now... the rocket is going to crash.

Yep good analysis. Don’t be surprised if coinbase delists btc and lists ripple next month. The Jews haven’t even begun to unleash their wrath yet

XRP will go to 20K as BTC did!
> not possible because of to much supply!
Wrong! Because most of it is fixed by escrow contract. Also normies don't care about supplies, just the cheap price compared to other top 10 coins.
> but it's not a real crypto
But it will be soon implemented in every browser according to W3C

Ripple will never 20k retard

OP brainlet lol


> (You)
>Ripple will never 20k retard
Same retards like you laughed at me when Ripple has been given out and I accumulated as much I could. Now I am laughing at those who do not believe...

Dude, even BTC hasn't gone over $20K. You're fucking delusional lol.

A small percentage of them are able to do it right now.
What do you think will happen to the price when it becomes easy for them?

Because he doesn't understand how escrowd xrp would affect the price and that coinmarketcap is calculated wrong actually...

> (You)
>Dude, even BTC hasn't gone over $20K. You're fucking delusional lol.
BTC has not the Banksters and jews behind...

Fuck the media, shorting this shit 100x leverage

Ripple just gased out

Glad I unloaded that shitcoin

The escrowed XRP is known to all. It's priced in.

And therefore up it goes!


>tfw they purposely chose the name ripple as there is no meme name available to mock it

>t understand how escrowd xrp would affect the price and that coinmarketcap is calculated wrong actually...
technically ripple is already above btc in market cap, 100bn coins in existence, all mined, price is 2.5, 250bn.

number 1 coin already dip shits.

Reminder that Ripple is a literal establishment coin to gain foothold in a economy which they do not control

> thinking they don't control the crypto economy like everything else

>I believe that the something else is banks, jews, or (((them)))
You are retarded and gay
>jews, or (((them)))
you are LARPing.

>the absolute state of nocoiners

Ripple is already number 1.

Current price $2.6, total coins 100bn. Mcap is 260bn. > bit(*shit*)coin

but don't tell the core faggots

Get ready for 2018

Better they pump that shit instead of real projects


Id say 100$ at most and im a ripple holder

this picture loses it's pertinence without the economist heading and the 1988 timestamp

> (You)
>Id say 100$ at most and im a ripple holder
I am a holder from very first second, as I am at BTC as well... And believe me there is no reason why it should not be even higher as BTC.

how about this for a theory, the fidget spinner craze was funded by the same institutional powers that are pumping ripple at the moment.

It's weird how we're all speculating that.
I guess it must be pretty obvious.

You think ripple will have a market cap of ~3.87 trillion dollars?

Roughly 16% of the GDP of the U.S. for 2016?

What is wrong with you?


RP will go to 20K as BTC did!
> not possible because of to much supply!
Wrong! Because most of it is fixed by escrow contract. Also normies don't care about supplies, just the cheap price compared to other top 10 coins.
> but it's not a real crypto
But it will be soon implemented in every browser according to W3C

the salt in this thread is off the charts

You are still calculating with wrong supply from coinmarketcap... Most of this is not circulating, it's fixed in an escrow...

> Ripple is penetrating a $27T market.
> It's only the first of many to be captured.
> Central banks, Rothschilds, Google, MIT & more backing it
> "it can never reach $7T"
Pic related. Your face next year.


The points made here about normies trying to get into Ripple are real... most of them don't know/understand how.

I made a post the other day about it. I had a gaming friend on Twitch who knew I was into crypto ask me to buy some for him because he couldn't get verified anywhere. we've never met in real life, ever. yet he sent me $100 in LTC (after I instructed him how to get set up on coinbase). Then another $150 the next day. Then his buddy sent me $100. After that, his BOSS sent me $500.

I'm a man of my word and purchased their coins for them and sent them to their Rippex wallets.

Of course biz didn't believe me... but I'll post the screenshot again (minus names of course) of part of the conversation.

Guys, the FOMO on Ripple is real.

Note: he had mistyped in coinbase and was only trying to buy an additional $50 in LTC not $150. I was buying it for him on Bittrex and the exchange was being a POS.

Lol, they're all going to super pissed at you after this coin will be dumped en masse.

t. bitter user who will not be going to the moon

These buys were at approx 52 cents. We'd have to see a pretty hefty dump, and Ripple seems to be stabilizing quite nicely around $2.20.

I'm still holding my ripples, I'm just getting a bit worried because everyone on Veeky Forums is talking about how XRP could crash any minute now.

Biz has always fucking hated Ripple because it doesn't fit their anarchical "muh no banks" worldview. You'll be fine. I've been in Ripple since ~3.5 cents and rode every rally and crash since then. It may retrace is much as 50%. Don't fret, it's a sure thing.

There are huge waves of FUD coming in now that the price is rising. You know the fundamentals, you know who is really behind it, you know what it's going to be used for...
You've already made a big profit if you've been holding, so just keep holding.

Don't think OP is too off the mark here. I only say that because of the way the charts line up. I mean over the past 2 weeks we have literally been watching The Chad market in action. Pump and go horizontal, pump and go horizontal. For a coin that normies can't access nearly as easy as the ones on Cuckbase, it sure is marching up the food chain like some kind of fucking emperor making his way to the throne. Seems suspect, but hey who am I to turn down free money.

Thanks, I guess I'll keep on holding for the time being.

Now I feel fucking stupid for not buying yesterday thinking it would go down

My thoughts are: Something big is coming, and those "in the know" are getting into position. The volume and walls we saw being thrown around tonight were far beyond "normie" and even typical "whale" money.

NEM is even more obvious. Jews controlling the japan market.


Rippin' up the market!

Oh no argument there. Saw 335 BTC sell wall gone in 15 minutes, half eaten half pulled away, There is a sell wall right now on Shittrex at 17100 for 87 BTC. There is some serious manipulation going on, they are trying to get that price up but they are trying to make sure it goes up in a controlled manner and I use that term loosely.

Nice just bought 100k

Ripple Inc. has said this. They want a steady rise and a high price, but no pump and dump.

Oh, so you didn't even see the EIGHT HUNDRED btc buy wall that flew up out of nowhere ;)

I did not, when the fuck did that happen because it is not there right now.

It was a few hours earlier tonight. Well before that 335 btc sell wall you mentioned popped up. It's what started the run to nearly 20k sats.

When I see shit like that, I know damn well that's institutional money being thrown around. $12 million fucking dollars on ONE exchange. Who the hell knows that they were doing on others...

Well we gonna see tomorrow that is for sure, not sure if this breakout is gonna tank down harder or if they're gonna make this look like a dip before the next pump. I'm hoping for the latter as I was happily accumulating before and am now waiting for it to go back up. Was sure that was a bull flag....

Hope I wasn't the only one who had to look this up.

Nipple cripple

And that's the start

Flag's just getting a bit more extended IMO. Obviously nobody can say for certain what's going to happen, but the reasons I aven't sold yet are 2 fold:

1) I still strongly believe XRP is going to be listed on coinbase. At this point it would be fantastically stupid not to... the money they would make would be insane.

2) Regardless of coinbase, we do know for sure that "2 huge, household name" partnerships are due to be announced. Twitter rumors speculated they would be announced today but that was never inferred by Ripple... joel katz (david schwartz) simply made a digital slip of the tongue. But we know it's coming. I'll re-evaluate my holdings AFTER those announcements are made.

Seem like good enough reasons to me user.



lol this

google trend data doesn't support. neo is currently #1 search.