Let me explain why stellar lumans is going to shoot up by tomorrow morning and ripple is going to tank

Let me explain why stellar lumans is going to shoot up by tomorrow morning and ripple is going to tank.

1)FairX a direct Fiat>Crypto exchange backed by IBM will be heavily using Stellar's distributed exchange. If you haven't looked around lately, the exchange market is extremely shallow. Some would say GDAX is the most trusted and that has at minimum partially degraded service every day. IBM will dominate this sector and Stellar will accompany the exchange in its rise.

2)The founder of XLM, Jed McCaleb could basically have a movie written about him. He has been at the forefront of new technologies time and time again. He created eDonkey in 2000, one of the largest file sharing sites just behind Napster. He created the first bitcoin exchange in Mt. gox and sold it before the hack. He also created Ripple which just mooned recently.

3)XLM's narrative and loyalty will always be greater than Ripples.Crypto will always be the currency of the people. Ripple directly advertises itself as the Banker's coin. This will never gain traction in the crypto community. They are the antithesis of this movement. One of the main disagreements that led Jed to leaving Ripple was other members of the Ripple team turning down Jed's effort to distribute xrp to average people. Banks will likely make their own cryptocurrency and an anti-Ripple movement could begin at the snap of your fingers

4)Stellar Lumens is a fork of Ripple with better technology. As we've seen with IOTA/Raiblocks one pump always leads to another pump with competitors.

If you made money on Ripple that's great. But I would take a strong look at XLM.

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I like Stellar and I think it'll easily be $1+ but Ripple is too good to fail

Im in both fag

Buy both.

Sell XLM

the thing none of the crypto community understands, is 99.9999999999% of the people investing in crypto dont give a flying cunt fuck about the "decentralization" or the morality of any of it. Theyre in it to make profit. To make bank. Ripple is in a position right now where its going to take the entire market. Its literally done. Lube up the asshole and get ready, because that rocket ship is going up your ass.

Ripple is the modern day equivalent of the 1893 takeover of Hawaii. Sure it will make you money, for now
But I don't trust anything that banks have controlling interest in.

Logically it's better than Ripple
The problem is Ripple got much more attention and hype so i'm putting it 75/25 Ripple/Stellar.
People doesn't care about any coin background as long it can give then quick cash


Also, XLM will be 3200 + by closing tomorrow. Screencap this.

binance, you benis

Binance faggot

why would Steller shoot up tomorrow in particular? It's already up quite a bit.

satoshi? thats a shit gain

>He created the first bitcoin exchange in Mt. gox and sold it before the hack.

This is not a plus

Binance, how new are you ?

big news coming im in for 100k

The only thing worth betting on is what coin will be next listed on coinbase. So, which will it be xlm or xrp? (It's a rhetorical question)

this just hit the top 10. only coin in top 10 under $1.

how soon is this going to moon to $1?

Ripple will never have the potential of Stellar. Why? Because it’s ran by a for profit company. This in itself bans itself from ever being a government accepted currency. Stellar is a non-profit this being the main reason there was a disagreement between McCaleb. The full potential of crypto is only possible through Stellar and IBM, Jeb, Wells Fargo and fairx know this.

Right before FairX drops, hopefully mid-jan 2018

Yurop is waking up, is xlm going to moon further?

You don’t get it, with XLM fairx you won’t need Coinbase.

Cardano #5 and at $0.58

How is it a negative? It's not his fault if the people he sold it to turned out to be bad

heard it will get listed on coinbase next year and when that happen this coin will exploid and make you rich

You faggots trying to pit XRP and XLM are so stupid. They are both going to succeed. XRP is going to be the next coin on coinbase and normies seeing a coin on coinbase that's only a few dollars, it's gonna be fuckin money.

FairX is also huge and as others have mentioned, makes it to where XLM can moon without the need of being listed on coinbase.

Buy both. Best bets in the top 30.

XLM replaces the need for coinbase. XLM will be directly translatable to USD (XLM/USD pair) -- XLM and IBM + Wells Fargo partnerships announced.

KEK, can't wait for the XRP wojacks next month. You really WILL stay poor if you don't hop on Stellar asap user.

drop the normie coin, you think you'll beat the whales out of the door?

you realize they can FREEZE XRP TRANSACTIONS, correct? Research this.

XRP is not even a coin

doubt it

cardano mooned already

not to mention it's a useless shitcoin


be 3200 in an hour

You misunderstand my post. I wasn't predicting shit for Cardano. He was saying Ripple is the ONLY coin in the top 10 under $1. I was pointing out that isn't true because Cardano is currently #5 and currently costs $0.58

so to buy xlm i should buy ethereum first?

coinbase is giving me a limit on my bank account and cards - is wire transfer really the only way to invest real amounts?

is there another good exchange that i can easily buy like 5k USD worth of ethereum on?

Try poloniex, you can buy with BTC, ETH
, Tether, or monero.

should i buy this coin now? or is it too late

going to buy sell some profit from XRP and buy XLM. XLM is still below 1 dollar range

just fill your bags on a dip and don't sell

what order should i put in for around you reckon

>100% in 24 hours is shit
Veeky Forums, ladies and gents

put one in at 0.00003

gemini or kraken. You need to go through verification first though

just sold my ada and xvg for this shit don't dissapoint me again please

You can freeze XLM transactions.

Thinking about it. But I don't panic sell or buy like the rest of the poorfags on here. Hold for at least a month or two generally. Definitely researching though OP.

While you spread fud about xlm we've got devs already getting the new coinbase erected nigger

God I'm gunna cum money

xlm is not going to pump until they are on at least one xlm-usd (not usdt) exchange

I got 7k thats all I can afford. pls moon x100 one day.

XLM is going to crash in 24 hours. Get out while you can.

>xlm is not going to pump until they are on at least one xlm-usd (not usdt) exchange
nigga they're making their own

>nigga they're making their own
i'm talking about normie friendly exchange, not some obscure hipster shit

>i'm talking about normie friendly exchange, not some obscure hipster shit
You really should DYOR into FairX

>This in itself bans itself from ever being a government accepted currency.

Same as the USD, I guess. Oh, wait...

>You really should DYOR into FairX
DYOR? that's like opposite of normie friendly

How high can XLM go tomorrow, realistically? I'm skeptical here because it's already mooned quite a bit.

Just woke up, is it still worth getting in?

The difference between a pretty solid moonshot and "idk brah it might moon lol the logo looks cool" is doing your own research

3100 sats


Got lucky and bought XRP at dip yesterday, should I sell all of it and put it into ADA?

>tfw only have a stack of 210 xlm

>bank coin
>to [big] to fail

Thanks OK. I already made five dollhairs off Stellar. See you on the moon.

Remember guys. Kraken is supposed to give the free airdropped lumens to their users on 31st december.. All these people; including me; have been waiting for months. A lot of them will probably dump their lumens.

How much XLM would this be and where did you hear this? I already have 1k XLM and 3k XRP, transfered 500 euros via SEPA to buy more XLM but it will arrive there monday probably since I don't think SEPA transfers are going out saturdays and sundays.

kraken is not a large exchange at all. The amount there giving out is literally like a hundredth of the daily volume, if you really believe this will move the price I have some beach front property to sell you in North Dakota,.

They'll be listed at the same time

I have actually no clue how much it will be, but i do know that at the time of the airdrop, kraken was A LOT BIGGER than it is right now due to their site becoming a shit show.

I will get a few thousand lumens. At the time the airdrop was going to happen, a few exchanges promised they would give out the lumens. I got my lumens on bittrex after a week or so, on kraken they delayed it due to difficulties or some other bullshit.

Here is the official statement by lumens:

Kraken took this extension and will have to claim on 31st december.

It can go as high as ripple has.

How high has ripple gotten already (in fiat)?

Ripple and Lumens were both started by Jed McCaleb, the Mt. Gox founder. Everyone loves to blame Mark Karpeles for the MtGox fiasco, but there were some emails discovered that proved Jed sold MtGox to Mark after hackers stole 80,000 BTC from the site - and he didn't tell him. There is some speculation that the 80,000BTC theft on Jed's watch was a big part of MtGox going insolvent. Mark took it over unknowingly with an 80,000 BTC deficit. After something like that I cant believe anyone would touch something that Jed McCaleb was involved in

If I have BTC in a desktop wallet and I want to exchange it for XLM without going through some bullshit verification for the third time in my life. What services are available to me?

Shapeshift does not support XLM :(
Anything that will take my BTC and give me some lumens in return is welcome

binance, you birgin

>what is google

I won't lie, I'm new as fuck...

Binance does not require verification?

Not to buy cryptos, but the withdrawal fees are a bit crazy...its a chinese exhange FWIW

Only if you want to cash out.
t. unverified on binance with 6k XLM

Shiiiit, ok this is sounding alright. Can i send my lumens to another wallet?

That's a withdrawal...


It's dumping wtf

This is a coin that you unironically need iron hands for

zoom out

Should I buy some now? Missed it yesterday.

SpectreCoin will double in price by tomorrow.

this will easily be a top 5 coin come january, you might get big gains now, you might have to wait a couple of weeks.

up to you, either way if you hodl you'll at least x2


das gay



I BELIEBED in you Veeky Forums

I'm 2k in
Used the profits from the XRP pump today

I just went all in with my xrp and eth, 15k, I wasn't making much nearly a year later anyways

I went all in on lumens when it was 1100 sats

Get JUST'd mate

Eh, still making money right?

just sold my 64LTC and went all in. this shit is real. had it from about 500 sats to 1500 sats and sold to make some profits. its still so undervalued. when FairX is coming sky is the limit. xrp marketcap will be in reach. i expect 5-10x in the next three months to half a year.

you not anxious about going all in ? I sold 30% of my LTC to go in on this but thinking of moving up to 60%

FairX will make counting in satoshis history

We'll count our money in XLM soon? That would be sweet. Can't wait to use fairX for trading.

gratz, you played yourself

Nice try faggot.

Yeah, well, my asshole runs deep so that rocket is heading UP

i am SO glad i got into this coin at 9 cents!!! fucking hell i wish i invested more while i still had the chance!