Bounty moon mission back on

whales finally drowned

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All in boys, lets go.

bounty gang never dies

only the carbon alloy hands remain

Not buying your fucking bags for the last time. lmfao

Why the fuck is everyone shilling BNTY? What exactly makes it special?

Next space mission cowboy, we've been accumulating the past 2 days.

stay there pajeet

i started off like a miserable poor fag with 0.17 eth and if i sold right now id cash out 2.04 eth

last chance for you to hop on my cowboy dick on the road to 1 dollar


Because I want to break even on BNTY so I can buy XLM before the big pump tomorrow

Fake sell orders of 1 bounty flying left and right, the whales are fighting back!

take your profits dummy, then go do this again on another shitcoin

its a low cap niche crypto

not the next billion cap crypto, but it fulfills the software bug bounty hunting niche nicely

it's better than regular platforms in that it makes it trustless. both the client and bounty hunter stake their tokens as a security deposit for the other party

they already have a working product unlike many of the top 100 coins

conclusion: definitely not a top 50, but easy top 75-100 with a 100-150mm market cap


im holding for a few more days, because of the whale accumulation has been insane

i doubt these people have been accumulating for the past 2 days only to let it die


Fuk teh whales and BS tactics

seriously hold BNTY

Any man who feeds the whale will be punished by the niggerwhipper 5000



No weak clamps over here
BNTY tell death, partner.

nothing special, except that it's a good project and held it's value well above ico

what exchange can i buy hurry u cucks

kucoin nigga

My ref code is 1du7Q for bonuses
Only buy if you're STRONK HANDED

all i see is low volume with my lead to good price.
I bought it at 0.15 and many ppl bought it even higher so they build the hype to sell it on 0.30

only allowed to buy if you're not a weak handed pajeet

ill ride with you until the sunset if you hold

il make an acct but not using your code top kek

all those who bought high already sold off for the most part

low volume because whales accumulating literally everything they can through price suppression, the release of new coins, and the awful lag of kucoin at peak times

we ride together we die together amigo

see you all on the moon

use this referral code: 1aHsx

I'm a KCS whale so you (we) get a better bonus

best of luck

whoops. lol.

>the only useful answer in the thread
This is why we can't have nice things.

ok im a pajeet, explain to me what a buy wall is for a simple nig

the code benefits you too, aw

>moon is just over the horizon

its basically a huge order for x price, called a wall because it needs a high amount of orders to be taken care of/broken

so with a buy wall you can basically keep price from falling down, or rack lots at low price from pajeets to then set a sell wall at a higher price

basically, if you can set up walls you can manipulate the market to your advantage

>It's the only coin that lets you RP as a cowboy

Film kiddie here, I can recommend you guys some good westerns

What if the whale accumulation is because this is McAfee's next pump of the week coin? crossing my fingers for a new years gift

faggots who sold low to whale

ur loss. cant evenhandle a small dip. lets do this.

it'll hit 0.50 by new years, if we'll lucky $1 mid jan

I'm feeling pretty cozy

Okay do it

he stopped doing those i thought

thank u make sense. lets hope the fucker whales r gone for good. let this organically rise.

moon mission niggas


join Kucoin using 1d721

hold till 2018 Q1

just picked up 14K BNTY
thank me later

Moon guide attached

shill or not.

this coin is gonna 2x .. 3x if we r lucky got in at 0.12. im already up 6k, but hoping for a 10k bank

i see you on the order book cowboy, welcome aboard

Oh the big pump tomorrow. Like yesterday. And the day before.

4 days on market, a little correction is normal.

hold on tight muthafuckers

no he stopped doing "of the day", said he was switching to of the week. wasn't giving whales enough time I guess. he should be putting one out on monday. I'm sure he's making millions off each tweet so idk why he'd stop doing it.


bnty is officially the verge of this week. instead of "wraith incoming" it's "whales leaving"

I bought at 1970 sats. Hands fucking made out of Gundarium rn so hodling but how fucked am I? I have a sell order at 5000 sats is that reasonable?

cant believe the fuckin whale came back

On Kucoin? Don’t see it

God fucking damn those hills and valleys. I could have tripled my stack if I was actually watching the charts today. Instead my girlfriend made me leave the house. How do you explain "but baby, this imaginary internet money... you're killing my gainz!"

Pussy is expensive. =(

Keep doing what you're doing, whales! I've got money to spend and need another entry point, cause it's already too far up to rebuy.

180k sell wall on btc market at 1456 sats


strong hands

feeling comfy asf right now

Sorry, newb here. Where Can I view this?

Ouch. You'll get it back, it might just take a week or two. Or three. Just walk away.

>you got some money f'me, boy? i seen yer name on ah ledger

Hold steady.

We're going to the moon goyim!!!

whale watchin'

In my mind, there's none better than the dollars trilogy which put clint eastwood on the map. "For a few dollars more" is criminally underrated in the shadow of "The good the bad and the ugly" (which is also great).

"The searchers" is a great and very critically acclaimed John Wayne movie if that's your style.

"Django Unchained" is a great modern one from my favorite director, Tarantino.

Those are some guaranteed good'uns

Thank you. Was being tarded and only looking at the ETH orders.

Pretty much spot on.

I see it's going up.

Is there some smart user who will tell me when i should sell and wait for a dip to buy more?
Most of us want to know making money is not about 24/7 holding

Bought at 0.08c, sold at 0.23 the half and the other half at 0.19c.

See you once I buy myself in again at 0.16.
Until it flies off I still can accumulate even more c0ins.

When do you think 0.16 will occur

the walls on btc market dont bother me much desu because right after the first one there's like a 270k one at 1555-1559

i just want volume to come in pls

I'm gambling on it dipping like this a few more times. I've got a few buy orders set up basically at a guess based on where it keeps falling, cause I'm going to bed.

Today of course. Until it hits 0.22 again there will be few days gone. No way that someone should pass one free coins.

fuck okay should I put a sell order to break even or keep it at 5k sats?

went to check my bnty and i see this


Same. I like For a Few Dollars More even more.

Here's a torrent link, faggots.

Nice! Thanks user.

And Django is overly self-conscious garbage. Can't believe you would like the above and then Django as well.

what?? lmao

So wait for 0.20 and sell then buy around 0.17?

top kek

If you feel like you don't get burned with that, sure.

Has anyone else had that message pop up lol

Boom. Don't fall for the FUD, anons. Get in before Asia does, or stay poor.

Got 4000 at $0.09. If this thing goes to $0.50, I dunno if I'll last to $1. The instant gains are too appealing. Somebody tell me I'm stupid!?

downloading an app made in China? no thx desu

Personally, at this point, I'd set a sell just a few sats higher than what you bought it at, since you bought in so high. Get your money back, then you can make the call if you want to get back in or not, because it will dip full cents under where you bought it. You can jump back in with bigger bags. Until this coin hits some other exchanges you're going to keep seeing these little ups-and-downs as bagholders keep fucking with people.

How you want to play it is entirely up to you, but there is absolutely no reason yet why anyone should consider selling this coin at a loss right now. H

sell initial, let your profits work. Or sell half.

I was considering this too but idk if the rise will be gradual enough for me to accumulate or if it will be way too quick. Is it reasonable to think its going to hit 4.5-5k sats?

Just hold to $1 and beyond. Don't make the same mistake I did with Elixir.

is $1 actually a reasonable figure to expect? and if so what's the time frame?

Put in $800 to prl last week. Doubled to $1600. Cashed out my $800 to bank account, kept half in PRL and put a bit more than half into BNTY.. all free money anyway. Iron fists over here.

No it's not


Yes it is.

$1 in a couple weeks


I give zero shits on the price right now - will come back in a month or more. This token serves a useful niche and is already being used by more ICOs and it's only in alpha! It's here to stay in this whole blockchain ecosystem and is still undervalued until it hits around 100m or even more in mc. Comfy. You should not be investing in anything unless you understand its use and have some vision.

I'd be happy selling at $0.25 but both times I decided to sleep and see if it goes higher. Now I'm terrified of holding these bags.

how many days has this been trading?