>Missed out on Cryptokitties
>Missed out on Etheremon
This is your next ticket to the moon and it hasn't even released yet

^If you invite 3 friends or more you get a free pre-release Alpha Fish. check this shit out nibba

If you don't get in on this you must literally hate money

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nah ethertanks is where its at

Here are the reward tiers.

If you wanted to get in on a non-shit tier crypto collectable this is it.

>cutesy animals
Etheremons already fills this niche

etheremon was just pictures

Fishbank will actually be a game where you can battle fish against each other and beef your own fish up

Here fishy fish :3

muh fish

spotted the fishlet

use my referal link boys

Alright I farmed a common fish and a rare fish token. How much of my time did I just waste? Also when do I dump my bag?
use my link lads and ill do the same

i used yours, can someone use mine?

I used someones, please pass it on!

gotchu m8

help me out you dongs

Soon we'll finally find out: can fish swim in outer space?

this thread is cancer and op is a fag
avoid this project at all costs


this is gay as fuck holy shit. 100% pajeet project to scam people.

>do you like fishsticks?
>so you're a gay fish.

why is it pajeet?
I just need 2 more referrals someone use their bullshit emails c'mon

im gay dont use my link

Etheremon had dividends. All I see is referrals.
Also if you read the white paper, your fish loses states every time you lose a battle. This game is going to be dead a week after battles are implemented, only the whales will profit from battling.

lol stay poor nofisher
>being a fishlet

Pure autism wtf

>tfw it's only a matter of time until some pajeet makes an dapp that generates wojaks

There's only room for one fish in my heart and that's Fizz from League of Legends; I want to have gay fish sex with him so bad

Cats. Dogs. Fish. Tanks. SCAMS!!!!!!!

Btw you can just use temp emails I got two rares and two commons in like 30 minutes

Muh husbando Fizz

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Is this what true retardation looks like? Etheremon is down for maintenance atm so that they can add battling you retard


Psh, nothin' personnel

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no effort whatsoever, kys

Pls donate magicarps

when does this shit actually launch?

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Plz based new anons I need crypto fish

i did you, now you do me

>Every fish is an ERC-721 crypto token stored in Etherem blockchain.


Please help user

etherem? is that like bitcorns?

Help an user out guys

I have 3 rare alpha tokens, will this mean anything?

1 ethertank could kill any fish you splash attack with, pussies.

EtherTanks already blowing this shit out of the water and it hasent evenb been online for 12hours

LT-1 reporting in. Fuck your gay ass fishes with faggot referral links, tanks will literally steamroll you

In all seriousness though, referral links are cancer. The whole point of blockchain games beyond these early pyramid schemes will be to tie economic value to actions, hence avoiding the botting/automation/spamming that is so rampant everywhere else.

pls help me out

LT-2 squad here, heard something about pussies to crush?

God, first kucoin referal links, now fucking FISH referal links... more to filter.

Ok newfags, fish me up

sure man i signed up
here's my referral

it's, cryptotanks = fake and gay

i signed up with one of the ref in here.
Help a brah out


>One can acquire a single Common fish while inviting a friend when he purchases
a fish on Market or in Aquarium. That can be acquired only once, from 1st deal.

so people using the referral link have to actually buy? in the pic from its says otherwise