Do you faggots even realize why crypto currency exists? srs question

Do you faggots even realize why crypto currency exists? srs question

My theory is that banks actually invented the technology while researching potential threats to their existence.

Then someone anonymously leaked it under a fake name...

enlighten us

I figured it was the first steps of ushering in a 1 world currency and the mark of the beast user if I can be honest.

But with that being said, I can't help but want to spare myself literal agony of wageslaving my entire life, so i'm going to make a run with it if possible as an early investor.

If this theory is true, we are literally still super super early investors in this, since it will be thrust upon everyone eventually.

That being said, crypto as we know it may be forcibly crushed at some point, destroying everyones lambos in the process, while 1 universal crypto emerges from the ashes.

Shit I need my tinfoil hat, cause can believe this shit ( minus the beast- that's a bit too far)
But the concept of One World Government and OWCurrency is really tempting.

Satoshi is Satan.

That temple is gonna fall in isreal and all the faggots who use shitcoins will get an extra punishment. The end of time is near friends, let's just hope for the best.

Or this is just a shitty phase and wont catch on until it can be controlled like all great things in this world.

My nigga go get your tinfoil hat and then try to digest this: crypto was invented by AI.

I mean it makes total sense just think about it.
>Tons of different digital coins being traded
> Some have actual uses but lets not fucking kid ourselves everyone uses these tokens as value speculation. Nobody gives a flying fuck about what smart contracts do, they just want to make money via speculation.
> Coins that actually "do" something tend to be more valuable but at the end of the day they're all shitcoins just being traded for their supposive value.
> As more normies get into this people will wonder why the fuck we have to trade ICX and ETH and BTC and LTC and XLM when there can just be 1 currency
> And so they will make it so

The elite will flip any good idea into a bad one, right under your nose. So it doesn't matter if crypto started with good intentions, it will end with bad ones. Same with good laws being interpreted for bad reasons later. Or good organizations being subverted and twisted for something else. Or good companies boughten out by hedge funds to start making shit products under the same brand name. Nothing good lasts forever.

Crypto works because P2P networks work. I can't imagine the future won't require IP's to be registered for connections - ending peer to peer. The internet is so young and we've been lucky to have it while it's unrestricted but the hardware sympathy we've had is going away and soon the point-and-tap app user generation's children will know nothing of the freedoms we once had.

Reason #641862984 why there is no god.
Earth is pretty much the ultimate hell already.

So get a Skyminer?

so OP are you just gonna be a cryptic fuck and start a thread and not enlighten us?

This guy fucks

Internet provider or Government can just say "Is this packet being sent to or from Netflix, Disney, etc.? Fast lane access. Otherwise, slow or no access." and crypto is destroyed. How do you stop that?

By having our own satellites fag. Come into it son!

*tips fedora*

Fedoras are reason #4771415 why god doesn't exist.

People passionate about a particular crypto that they believe in should aid it in ways other than just Pajeet tier shilling. Set up a node or node(s) to serve the network. Learn how to program, or if you can't, look up some basic market making bots and use your coins to help establish the books and make extra coins on the spread while you're at it. It makes the market for your crypto healthier.

Who cares? XRP is cheaper than bitcoin and ether. I want to be a whale too. Just bought 10000 XRP.

You won't be a whale when Ripple Inc decides it's time to flush your wealth. They have full control over that coin and can do it in seconds.

>year long BTC rally happens after Trump is elected

Oh fuck. This is all part of Trump's plan.