The is how the new imbecile normie investor thinks:

The is how the new imbecile normie investor thinks:

>Bitcoin was once 50 cents.
>People who bought and held back then are now millionaires.
>If I buy a coin that is "cheap" now I'll be a millionaire in the future.
Seriously, they have no idea that coins have different supplies and that supply influences their price. It's baffling.

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>a few years later XRP matches BTC's current price
normies win again

>Stock markets crash in 2018
>Central banking all over the world print trillions of dollars and euros because everything's too big to fail
>This is indirectly redistributed to everyone who owns Ripple
>Everyone who owns Ripple becomes disproportionately wealthy
>The poor are millionaires, the Jews are trillionaires
>Bitcoin billionaires are the new homeless
>Roger Ver literally panhandles for Ripple

If normies seriously think this is possible before buying into XRP, fucking help us all. Hope they get burnt hard and exit

I want to believe

It's exactly what they think. No understanding of marketcap what so ever.

I tried explaining it to a normie friend to no avail. He honestly thinks he stands a good chance of becoming a millionaire in five years because he's going to invest $600 dollars in ripple next week. He also has no conception of buying during a dip and may even buy in as it pumps.

That's what I heard from two college educated normies. One had an MBA. He he only invested in "cheap" coins that cost less than $1.

>tfw barely got into crypto 6 days ago but actually DMOR and looked into the uses/problems solved for several coins before making any decisions

He just said Bitcoin and Ripple were going to be the same price, not that Ripple was going to go up.

Buy BNTY you'll thank me later

Tfw ripple is becoming that new world order single currency

I hate this world and I hate humanity.

He said 'btc's current price.'

the whale manipulation is much much much less if not gone
organic growth is already starting again

It's always at the current price, whether its today or a few years down the line.

Normie here. Rate my portfolio. Am I going to make it?

To be honest, I'm banking on it. Gonna wait until 5 o clock tomorrow pst and then ride the wave from Mcdonalds land to Dennys world.


>no XLM
>no FUN
Not gonna make it. Definitely get out of BTC and LTC. Monero is a safe bet for hodling.

I'm pretty sure he meant current present price.

Another normie here
>should I sell some of these or hodl?

Yes, sell everything that is red. Buy high, sell low. Don't forget.

>Seriously, they have no idea
says the autist on 4chins shilling coins

Those red candles mean gains, whenever you see them on a graph, it means to sell as quickly as possible. Its called HODL, which stands for "Hold off Dear Lord"

Hold off so that you can sell!

Get out of ETH. Nothing but dot com shit there.

shill me on fun

Lol thinks he's part of a small group that understand market caps etc. Any retard with a securities account knows this shit.

The saddest part is people are swapping bitcoin for the XRP shitcoin.

And the banks are happily gobbling up all the bitcoin, and unloading XRP (Which they probably got for free as a sign on bonus to Ripple's platform).

Banks get free bitcoin, Normies get XRP bags.

Why do the jews always win?

The only way we can fix this is to innoculate the normie against the Jew. To make them so suspicious of banks and corporations that they just stop doing buisnesses with them in a "too good to be true" sense.

you are the idiot. they will cheap and will rise you are just racist fuck trying to make the poor not rich. asshole. fuck you.

It's still better than playing the lottery.

I literally work with a guy who holds 1000 XRP in the hope that it will someday pay off his house. I tried explaining market cap and supply to him but he just refused to understand. Just kept going MUH $0.02 BITCOIN

What's the point in LTC? Why would anyone hodl that?! It's a testnet owned by the same company which owns BTC. And where the fuck is your BCH plan B for when shtf?

just cause it has not bitcoin name you think it worthless. you are idiot. it is about knowing about the money which i do. i put all the savings of 120,000 american dollars into it one hour ago. it will be 20,000 american dollars each like bitcoin soon.

idiot american. you are known for being idiot just like your president.

oh pajeet

>media shills bitcoin is a bubble
>media shills ripple
>normies go full rick and morty over ripple
hold your bitcoin and keep buying it. never stop accumulating satoshis.

i am not from india stupid american. i am german and you do not even know the geography. how you do know how to invest if you dont even know outside your country. idiot like you are how i expect from the xenophobic country.

so this is the power of wageslavery

Try reading the post next time Pajeet

0/10 there's like barely any money in there man

It doesn’t need to be shilled just go on the website you faggot. It’s a ticking timebomb of wealth

YOU diversified 120 nice lol

Every normie believes it works like that so I wouldn't be surprised to see xrp flipping with btc.
>buy xrp it's still cheap

brainlet here

how do I make it

People actually use LTC, fuckwit. If bitcoin is gold, litecoin is silver.

BTC currently has very high fees, which is bad. But LTC still has low fees, so you can use that even for small transactions.

Legitimately, my computer engineer friend and one of my.other friends bought a bunch of ripple randomly before the pump because it was so cheap per coin. I consider them to be fairly intelligent and that was their logic. Imagine the average Normie. Meanwhile me and my wealthy marketing friend who has been in crypto a good while told them.not to buy it, and now look like idiots.

I leave you with a quote from one if my best friends. 'I don't know, if ripple just goes to $100 I'll be happy.'

May god help us all

are you retarded

Literally disgusting

Kill yourselves faggots. No one wants that bullshit.

Fucking cuck. Get out.

Buy digibyte and hold until the end of 2018

>bitcoin is gold
>litecoin is silver

Bitcoin Cash is the only bitcoin and it doesn't need shitcoin sidekicks ROFLMAO

I mean, holding a cheap shitcoin is a strategy...

I also bought 20k in July and sold recently at 100 sats before the big pump. FML

I'm all in on Vechain right now. Shill me on why I shouldn't be and we can laugh about it over some drinks in the future user.

are you me? i missed out on xrp, verge and ltc pumping two days after i sold them all for ark. but now i just sold all my ark for xlm in the hopes that i'll catch a hot pump this morning.

buy ark. since i just sold it, it is a guaranteed overnight 5x

>holding a cheap shitcoin is a strategy...
Sure, keep holding it then. Come back with some pink wojaks in a week.

This is one of the worst posts ive ever seen. This is OP projecting what he thought when he first started investing.

Probably bought 21 ripples and thought he was going to be rich.

Disgusting. sage

>This is OP projecting what he thought when he first started investing.
OP here from a different IP. Sorry newfriend, you're wrong in your assumptions. My portfolio doesn't include XRP and it's been doing great, thanks.


So far he was pretty right

Buy as much Chainlink as possible. Will be worth $500 a piece in the next 5 years

this is still the best portfolio(apart from ltc) don't let the retards tell you otherwise


>So far
Welcome, newfriend. You'll soon learn that things can change really quick in crypto.

Doesnt the supply influence the coin by how fast the price rises?

I always love how those luckers who bought like 10-15 btc when it was for 1$ right now are GREAT INVESTORS AND BIG WHALES.

What just you need to do was to not sell back then, just buy and forgot about it for a 5 years

>Doesnt the supply influence the coin by how fast the price rises?

Can you help a brainlet out?

I mean, its why I bought lumens and doubled my money ;^)

No. I'm not going back. My old manager will probably laugh when he hears I did it, but he would laugh even harder, and in my face, if I went back to beg for my old job. He would probably give it to me too, and remind me how I quit last time, how I told him to go fuck himself, how I told him I'd have a lambo this time next year. I'm not going to let that happen. I had my fun, I rode the wave, I won a bit, and I lost a lot. I lost it fucking all. I should have held, and I didn't. I should have bought and I didn't. I should have sold and I didn't. I'm a low IQ chimpanzee, I gambled and I lost, because fast food chimps aren't meant to win. I hated it at that job, but at least I had money. Looking back it wasn't that bad. Even when Albert put mayonnaise on my cap and told the customers I was 'a dickhead' I was embarrassed, humiliated even when they hi-fived him. Humiliated but not defeated. This is defeat. This is the end. Maybe it's all a dream and I'll wake up to find my coins intact. Maybe. No. I'm not going back.

Goodbye Veeky Forums

I'm too fucking retarded to make a thread jamfkmklw 3llllllllllllllllll42m kt4

Okay so someone explain market cap to me. Doesn't that basically mean something won't rise forever because the supply is limited?

Google it retard.


I had no idea back then too
your argument is invalid

This is like the beginning of a really interesting novel. Keep writing, user, maybe you'll make your fortune that way.

Each coin has its own issuance mechanism. Some have capped supplies (Ripple), others have mining (Bitcoin, Ethereum), so their supply can increase over time, but mining difficulty increases over time as well.
Market cap is price X circulating supply.

Ohh okay. Won't the "mines" eventually run out though?

It depends, each coin has its own issuance system. For Bitcoin, yes. Only 21 million BTC can be mined. For Doge, no.

This is exactly what normies think. They think every coin can reach 500 or even fucking 10000. Ripple has been around a long time. They think this is like getting into btc early.

Boss at work found out I am into crypto and fucking asked me what low cost coin will go up to etherum and btc price levels.

Nigger if I knew that you think I'd be working here? They have no fucking idea what any of this does. They just desperately hope to get into a cheap coin and end up millionairs in a few months.

if enough people believe it, it becomes true. thats how markets work

nobody has any idea how any of this shit works.
thats why the prices fluctuate 5-50% in a day

>Boss at work found out I am into crypto and fucking asked me what low cost coin will go up to etherum and btc price levels.

>if enough people believe it, it becomes true
Yes, the problem is that they will soon learn that this is not how things work and they will dump their 'cheap' shitcoins massively. Markets tend to be pretty harsh to people who hold inaccurate beliefs about the assets they're investing in.

no that is how markets work. its trading against other peoples expectations

How far will ripple go so, lads?

According to Veeky Forums its either a secret jewish plot to crash the cryptomarket, or a secret jewish plot to control the market and prop their own coin as the flagship coin.

Make up your mind

Whatever it may be, (((they))) are definitely involved.

You have to think from the perspective of a “normie”. It’s not what we would do it’s what the majority of the population that wakes up to this in 2018 will do. They don’t understand it, they just see this new cool thing they have no understanging of that potential makes them some profit. A lot of them hopelessly throw money into the game and then panic by being impatient. Thus rewards the patient, that is us (most of us). Also don’t underestimate greed. We all here want to make money, the reddit tier investor just does so unwisely. Bring on the FOMO and FUDing. Simply a transfer of wealth from the many to the few.

(((They))) want to use it to snatch up as many BTC and ETH, then (((they))) will dump their XRP causing a panic sell amongst normies to cash out. By holding billions of dollars in ETH & BTC and not putting them into circulation, the price will go up and ... You guessed it: They'll be holding them then. (((They))) are using Ripple as a means to feed people's lust for money but people are actually selling their freedom to the banks by allowing the market to be essentially handed over to (((them))).

Something like that. I'm tired as fuck.

whats the point of owning all btc and eth of nobody trades it

All the trading pairs are in ETH and BTC. Stall the market perhaps? I can't put my finger on where I'm getting at. I don't sleep for days at a time. My brain is a fuck.

Except their logic wasn't even that bad.
They know these coins are moving in unpredictable ways. Even their friends who thinks he's an expert (that's you) can't predict shit. Why not take an insignificant amount of money and put it on a shitcoin?

i just follow the signals in this whale group, it made me x4 in less than 2 weeks, theyre doing good work and actually want to help people earn their bucks

doesnt make sense.
owning the currency itself means nothing if you dont control its use.
the banks would need to take over the exchanges.


You know how much this shit pissed me off? i hope it dumps back to 60 cents after it hit 4 bucks like the graph says. I should have bought a lot of ripple based on the graph at 20 cents but i dont believe in ripple an never have. oo well now i know to just follow the money and not give a shit.

this is the truth. I have talked to several normies and they all think its cheap.

Jesus fucking Christ. MBAs are truly all retarded.

>1 XRP = 1 Lambo next year