1 Whale Tanking XRB today

So it seems that 1 whale alone has been placing the orders at 1/10th the market value for XRB. People thought the first one was a mistake but it has happened 6 more times, each time going to the same wallet address. If your thinking about selling, don't. It's just one cunt that got in early and is trying to fill his bag of jew gold even more.

I want to fucking lynch whales

Fuck the dolphins as well.

Whales are everything wrong with crypto. They market manipulate like crazy and artificially keep prices low. Fucking degenerate, money-hungry cunts.

Just placing an order for 1/10th of market price doesn't drive the price down.

No but when a whale finds a dodgy exchange that matches a sell order to a buy order thats identical it can cause the average to drop significantly, it should have filled all the buy orders instead of filling the lowest one. This is bitgrail + some dickhead trying to make money.

I'll just stop looking at my blockfolio for a week.

Theres a good post of the graph on r/raitrade that clearly shows the manipulation, the actual price has stayed relatively unchanged ~10%.

wait.. bitgrail matches the order instead of eating through the order book to get to it?

that cant be right

Im freaking the fuck out. Do i really hodl or dump my bags? Its been a constant downward spiral for the last 24 hours.

I’m so fucked too. I went all in at ATH but I don’t want to sell. I’m holding for all of 2018 for that sweet long term capital gains tax rate

>t. the 1 whale

good luck selling on bitgrail

the site magically stops working and all the pairings disappear whenever you place a sell order

is bitgrail down? my 14 raibabys :(

HAhaahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha you xrbabies are so fucked. There is a hundred more whales like him fkn over 80% supply is controlled by whales. You all just fell for the biggest pump and dump in history. Dodgy exchange only made it so much easier

>cause no one else is in it for the money at all

Selling now would be really fucking stupid, wait till kucoin lists it, if it dumps further, i'd say to get the fuck out, i don't really get why the fuck this is happening, it's mostly just panic i think.

If It won't put you to 0 you should probably sell

it has faster speed than iota but iota does x10 more things so holding xrb from now on is waiting to get justed to 5$

lol you stupid fuck. Kucoin is only going to dump it even more becuz the whales have bigger volume to dump their shit. lolololol you guys are fucked either way

It's not artificial if they're obeying normal rules like everyone else, it's simply market action. Yeah they have a ton of swing, they also have way more to lose than you. Call it manipulation all you want. It's really just shakedown tricks to get emotional traders to sell cheap coins. Don't be an emotional retard and you won't get smacked.

Told you yesterday, the “whale” is the main developer of XRB. He shilled Reddit with his friends for the last weeks and now is dumping on your asses.

The whales are not to blame. It's the order book implementation that is fucked. BitGrail is the scum of the exchanges.