Honestly, do y'all think BTC will ever get back to 20k?

Honestly, do y'all think BTC will ever get back to 20k?

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Duh? It has found support during the last few days and has been crawling up slowly. It's only a matter of days, 2 weeks tops.


No, because then I'd be worth 16 million dollars.

Wouldn't be surprised if it happens in January. Also wouldn't be surprised if it does this after falling to $8k next week.
Fast forward this time next year expect it to be $50k plus. There's life in the old dog yet

I hope not fuck that bull shit. Go back down, let something newer and better take its place, stellar, ripple, cardano, ethereal, anything,

>stellar, ripple, cardano
Shut the fuck up you stupid normie
The only worthy contenders for the top spot are ETH and BCH
Anyway, BTC is king and will remain so

if ripple wasn't over 2$ i would have said yes but I don't fucking know anymore

BTC will come back. Give it some time. Last time we had correction it took a month to retest the ATH. Meanwhile try to accumulate as many BTC as possible. If you don't hold BTC the right time, you will end up losing sats in all alts.

BTC is here to stay. Everyone wants a piece of it. Eventhough the technology is not good as of now, it is the safest network in the world. It has the highest metcalfe value.

Mark these words: In 3 years BTC will be the core, LN will be the banks and all the atomic swap coins will be used by normal people for transactions

All these things going on with ripple, btc losing dominance is a short term change of wealth.

I'm in a lot of alts right now because you can make some money but in the end of the day you still go for increasing your sats because deep inside you know that BTC is here to stay. All the fucktards measuring their gains bei USD are just retarded kids thinking they are beating the market

Good analysis. Think you're correct there.

It feels rough because we had a blow off top to 20k but keep in mind we can go all the way back to 6k and still be in the overall uptrend. It was only a few months ago we hit the 5k milestone and only a few weeks ago the 10k before EOY dream became reality. Everything above 10k was major FOMO. We will be back to 20k and higher in the future (barring technical problems that literally kill it), but heaven forbid people might have to hold for a few months or years like a normal investment.


Look back at dec 2015 weekly. It consolidates for about 5 months, repeatedly touching 20ema. Then exploded.

We haven’t touched 20 Ema on the weekly in a while so we may be headed for a long consolidation like early 2016. We do have good support at 14k.

Or we could fall to 8k and quickly rebound. Or we could fall to 8k and consolidate there. Or we could moon to 50k. I’m positioning myself and watching. Feels good to have double digit btc. Women love it, esp korean women. Check the girl I’m seeing.
Now wut

I wouldve bet it would hit 20 by new years. No problem, how bout end of Jan instead?


No. Normies don't even want it anymore, ETH and XRP are the new BTC.

BTC will hang around for a while, though, it will still be around 10k for months.

I'm right there with you, BTC dominance at 38% got me doubting

>absolute state of biz

Fucking retards complaining about bitcoin's tech when they literally don't know shit about scaling or its solution.

>barring technical problems that literally kill it
like the possibility of people realizing that btc iss't useable due to high fees?
>muh store of value

its bearmarkettime

see you guys in 2 years

Case in point:

Im bearish on BTC for one reason, quick story. My dad's trainer at the gym is a young black guy, tells my dad 2 weeks ago he's started getting into bitcoin. My dad tells me this, in order to tell me the story about John Kennedy Sr getting his shoes shined in 1929 on Wall Street by a young black guy who told him he was getting into stocks. John Kennedy Sr immediately went and sold all his stocks, and avoided the market crash.

The lesson of this anecdote is that by the time young black guys learn about an investment and start investing in it, that's the sign that the investment has jumped the shark, so to speak. If young black guys are starting to get into bitcoin right now, that's a sign that you should stay away from the coin, for now.

Exactly what I'm thinking too

This too, the fees are insanely high right now.
What are the plans to deal with the high btc fees? They're crippling the coin.

lightning network isn't gonna change shit, you still need to pay the fee once to use a channel, so buying coffee with it is still a meme
Any other solutions I am not aware of?

I don't want it to happen but it will happen, only that this time the coins will be in the hands of the banks

korean?? these are chink genes u faggot
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short answer is NO

People are already successfully implementing it. coindesk.com/payment-provider-bitrefill-runs-successful-lightning-transaction-test/

Additionally, it's very foolish to say that this system can't be improved or upgraded. This stuff is still in the beginning but it will be solved. Bitcoin's main advantage of being the first mover means that it has wide public perception, legacy, and proven use case (darknet transactions).

nope LOL
>bitcoin? fuck that, I lost 40% of my investment on bitcoin once

>let's keep patching this obsolete frankenstein monster instead of using better modern alternatives

people might be stupid, but they aren't that stupid

fucking kek
seems like you are the case in point

It doesn't matter if they are successfully implementing it when it's useless. It is only useful if you do small transactions between two parties multiple times, which is useful ... when? It's not gonna change the amount of tx made by the amount needed for the fees to go down

>implying that the majority of blockchain aiming to act as a currency isn't just some weird clone of the Frankenstein.

I hope it doesn't. I want BTC to be as steady as possible, so that it makes sense to base a coin's value on BTC.

Ok tell me the alternative then.
Tell me what coin would reasonably be number 1 without scaling issues?

The advantages bitcoin has beyond tech is what's going to keep it going. Anybody can find a scaling solution, only one is the most culturally dominant.

>Ok tell me the alternative then.
Pretty much any other coin. The most popular ones (ETH, XRP...) are already handling way more transactions than BTC right now.

I'm aware of the first mover advantage BTC has, but that can only work for so long.

Been spending Christmas with my normie relatives. None of them want to hear anything about alts. It is just Bitcoin.

Also, why would Ripple mater? Isn't fidget spinner backed by big jew banks that no one want's to succeed? It is not like there is currently better alternative to BTC that everyone would agree to be better. Every alt is still measured in sats.

XRP is not a currency, you can't use it to buy shit.

One of ETH's scaling solution is the same as BTC and they have their own problems too. But I'd be totally ok if ETH solves it first and takes over. However, I personally think the first mover advantage is just too overwhelming. Like ask any normie and they would for sure know bitcoin but most likely have no clue about ETH.

Nobody is claiming that there will be a coin without issues, but nothing is changing for btc.
Eth does have issues too, but unlike there is action being taken against it.
With your reply to me you basically say that btc does not have a scaling solution, right?
>Fucking retards complaining about bitcoin's tech when they literally don't know shit about scaling or its solution.

Also, just gonna leave this here bitinfocharts.com/comparison/transactions-btc-eth.html

Don't know what this has to do with anything, but I would think that economic laws of supply/demand dictate that more adoption of BTC is better?

Lightning network is a legitimate solution and the other factors I mentioned is what makes it even more bulletproof, but you're probably just a bcash pajeet so idk why I'm even talking to you.

Funny you say that, because literally a few months ago a turbo normie told me he bought some ETH.
This isn't some secret club anymore, normies can buy ETH with fiat now.

Can you comment on my critique on LN then, I am happy to be proven wrong, but you have 0 proof for any of your claims and keep saying 'it's gonna be fine' and 'btc was here first' since those are the only 'factors' you mentioned.
I couldn't give less shits about BCH, I just want btc to die so cryptos that could actually have a usage can rise

major security issues, Vitalik variable. definitely holds more promise as a currency for a new kind of economy. not very sensible in the old sense. we will be transitioning over the next few years imo.

>trusting the globalist jews
I don't mean to be /pol/ tier - i hodl 100BNT and accumulate it, but this shit is beyond obvious right now for XRP. I would not put any faith into it being more than the same old song and dance. I don't trust the security, nor do I trust the centralized premise, and I don't like the coins locked in escrow.
>BTC is a centralized shitcoin
at least the controllers aren't as likely to be old power families and global mafia. XRP will find one way or another to fuck us. I'm moving some of the value I gained in ETH/NEO from XRP to XLM.

That shit is not going to be dominant anymore in 2018, you stupids fucks. Bitcoin has a lot of problems.

>Tell me what coin would reasonably be number 1 without scaling issues?

BCH could scale x100, then it'll have to start working on new solutions, but x100 gives it at least 2-3 years, which by then BTC will be long dead.

So how do we find a new standard then? No-one talked about iota before it hit .75$ or railblocks when it was .10$, , no1 gave a shit about ripple and then it hit 20 cents and then a dollar and then all these infographs about it's speed came out

Ripple was around before


Do I buy now?
Do I wait for 10k?
Do I wait for 8k!?

If it does, it'll only be because whatever the new king (XRP) is got so high.

Yes i Wonder too


How that support at 14k went?

this is the end of buttcoin, hahaha!

Once they release lightning network, for sure. How long will that take? Who knows. Probably 5+ months. By then some other coin will have taken BTC's lead.

>Also, why would Ripple mater? Isn't fidget spinner backed by big jew banks that no one want's to succeed?
Dude, nobody ever wanted the banks to succeed, and look where we are. We even have bailouts with taxpayer money if they fuck up. It's not about "what people want", it's about what people get, if they like it or not. And if the banks dangle a nice and shiny dollar note in front of people, they will gladly do whatever it takes to get it.
> It is not like there is currently better alternative to BTC that everyone would agree to be better.
There are several.
>Every alt is still measured in sats.
Most exchanges already have trading in other currencies like ETH and LTC or even motherfucking Doge. It's really not that much work to just delete a few lines of code to remove BTC.

When the boomers come. they are going into bitcoin. it's old and simple just like them. cant pronounce ethereum so they wont buy it. bcash ~ what is this some knockoff fake bitcoin? Just think like a boomer with extra money to spend, wait and you'll see.

smart money & 210IQ, tbqh

Source on the semen demon, please. Reverse search tells me to go fuck myself.

BTC will easily go way over 20k ...

Considering it took no effort to get it there and only dropped due to fear mongering and whale fuckery... I think the 20k mark was a taste of things to come.

If the Lightning Network goes online all alts immediately lose their purpose and BTC becomes 10x more useful.

We're just waiting for the devs to flip the switch.

Why would you even want BTC to be top dog?
It is shit. If you want to hold a meme """"hold value"""""coin use something that has 0 transaction fees and is actually quick like XRB.
XRB is probably gonna take over BTC anyway.

>If the Lightning Network goes online all alts immediately lose their purpose and BTC becomes 10x more useful

It is like you've been living under a rock since may 2017.


Big league

No it won't hit 20k. NO ONE wants this broken coin anymore. We need to kill it quickly so we can get back to crypto moon missions. I myself refuse to buy it anymore, hold it, or even use btc trading pairs.

This. It's crazy to say BTC is without problems, even with LN, but it is still king and will be king for a long time.



They just started market testing it now, and they finished its development December 6th.

Looks like you're the rock dweller. Or maybe you're just the typical shitcoiner who can't tell the difference between a concept idea and a working product.

BTC pump incoming bois

Is there a way for POW coins to survive in the future given the high energy consumption it requires??

Good luck trying to benefit what's effectively insider trading and money laundering, trying to catch whales randomly pumping and dumping with 4 minutes to sell.

Didn't you see what happened with Bcash?

What the hell are you even talking about? Try to make sentences that actually express a thought.

Yes of course you moron. 50k, in 2018

idk if you know this but like 5% of black people arent retarded. Floyd and snoop been in crypto since 2014

you'll be counting alts through ripples in 2018


Q4 is traditionally a slower admin quarter. Businesses are looking to straighten up their books and releasing their annual reports and avoid more tax headaches. Future markets fucked over bitcoin and should have been started in January.

Bitcoin is in the perfect position for another rally because banks that were interested in buying are basically getting a discount.

Obviously though this month has showed the weaknesses of Bitcoin as an aging coin so anything is possible.