If you buy ripple you support white genocide

if you buy ripple you support white genocide

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Thanks OP, bought 100k more

If you made this thread, you're a faggot.

why are there so many blak people in asia

this right here, is the reason why I missed IOTA moon mission, fucking hell, the white can be eradicated for all I care, all in ripple now.

fuck bitcoin and fuck white people

HA fuck white pieces of shit. Go die

Top kek

What is this image? The world isn't divided into white and black. Also, why are there white symbols over America?


world is divided into white and non white

just bought 100k

Hey look our retarded friends from pol have posted again

I really don’t care as long as I’m rich.

its like a 2x1

That's not true at all, brainlet. That implies that all the non-whites are unified which is false.

Outdated map. Look, it even has white ones over the European caliphate.

I only support fatwallets
stay poor core fag

This has finally inspired me to buy Ripple.

I only care about making money. Am non binary gender fluid trans white trans African trans assuage Asian so I'm protected.

I'm all in on ripple now. /pol/ is never right about money

If you buy Ripple you support being part of the underclass.

The one's that literally traded A decentralized unprintable, uncontrollable currency for printed bank trash that they won't even accept back.

If you want to sell Ripple, you HAVE to sell it to other normies, the banks know Ripple is dog shit (That's why they sold it to you lmao, in exchange they got something they can't get in any other way, they can't print it, they can control it or fake it).

Hahahaa nice delusion OP

>inb4 whiter than you muhammed!
Reminder that America is 56% white while Europe remains over 90% white

hmm, remember when /pol/ started fudding a certain coin and it went parabolic?

What coin was that?

Imagine if the pajeets here put their money in Ripple instead of Chainlink before SIBOS/Swell instead of trying to fud it?

Good. Just bought 100k more

Excuse me for being ignorant, but I have a question.

If Ripple is just a scam for (((da joos))) to aquire BTC, as crypto is decentralised what's to stop us abandoning BTC en masses and adopt a new crypto to trade with amongst ourselves? Wouldn't getting the banks to buy our magic beans be the perfect way to crash the system?

Its also worth pointing out that the majority of BTC sits in the hands of very few people already, so is this purely a semitic issue?

this picture is totally inaccurate
first off south america is full of whites

They are when they are in our countries you cock sucking idiot.

>what's to stop us abandoning BTC en masses and adopt a new crypto to trade with amongst ourselves?
Nibba thats kind of whats been happening all year. That's why ethereum has such a large value now; people are using that to trade for altcoins/shitcoins on exchanges rather than BTC because it has faster TX times and cheaper fees.

Good. I am a ginger and my genes will sprout every couple of generations, even among the blackest of blacks. I give zero fucks about the white race, because gingers will exist for eternity, and will rule over the lesser hair colors. We are healthier, live longer, and have higher IQ.

Can confirm, gingers are really smart and witty mostly

balkans and southern europe are 0% white
german youth is 40% nonwhite
stay mad yuoropoor

lol i remember when i realized for the first time that whites will be extinct in 50 years. enjoy life from now on knowing your daughter will get raped in the ass because you though migrants were nice people who deserve everyone tax dollars.

being this smart... HAHAHA

das rite, just bought 100k more

tell us more pleb, how did it feel missing out on ripple because of your brainlet political agenda?
Go buy us some shitcoins user

White people aren't going to be extinct in 50 years retard. They won't even become extinct in the US.

>balkans and southern europe 0% white
Double digit IQ American detected. I'm sure you believe to be white, blue eyes and blonde hair is a prerequisite.

arab rapebaby spotted

>Western Russia White
>Far eastern Russia Black

B-but, I'm from Antwerp.

get back to pol, never buy ripple.
Get your sis preggus instead, bubba.

Fuckin australians. Just nuke us already.

This, let me tell you a story.

White/europeans/azkhanazi jews will never be extinct.

You might think racemixing is going to turn us all brown.. yet look at brazil, where a white/jewish upperclass lives segregated in the south and in the north a black/mestizo underclass lives in the north.

The problem is the birthrates aren't high enough, you have to pay taxes for dumb people, there's not much money, smart people tend to think into the future before making decisions etc..

Now look at pic related, in a decade we will have the first europeans on mars, the first martian baby will likely be born in my life, do you know how crazy that is?

OP just go out there and live life to the fullest.

You know some iranians chew raw garlic as a sign of verility, makes sense they have the best computer programmers in the world, all that garlic and onion oxigenates those brain cells, it's such a good nootropic.

>White people aren't going to be extinct in 50 years retard. They won't even become extinct in the US.
The remaining and decreasing white minority will be ruled over by non-whites who hate them. Not having self-determination is the equivalent of extinction.

My gf is from Sakhalin. That place is half-chink. Same as Vladivostok probably.

White fertility rate is in the negative zone. You know nothing, don't post again.

it doesn't make you european, muhammad

>Now look at pic related
I just see a snake-oil salesman con artist


>implying it can't and won't rebound and rise again

Ah, classic American banter. How much should I bet, that you're not even white yourself?

That's a fucking pipe dream, do you actually think "muh refugees" are just going to roll into Europe and announce control? Fucking their women, that's one thing. Leeching off welfare systems, that's one thing. But Sharia Law will never be realized in Italy, or Germany, or Hungary, Switzerland, I could go on. White people will always hold the reigns in those countries governments.

This user is right.
Also this

what white ???
le 56%

>wants to outbreed the third world
>is a THICC faggot though

I'm selling mine.

But ginger isn't a race. unlike people claiming black and white is just skin pigment. with gingers it actually is just skin pigment.
You might be ginger but you're still a nigger.

You sound a bit jealous mate. Elon Musk isn't the God a lot of people make him out to be, but con-artist? How?

user.. it's not about the quantity.. but the quality.

Look at american jews.. 1%, yet the most successful.. as long as the high IQ ones reproduce, we will be just fine.

Also, pic related, 7 kids each bitch.

Not my fault you don't read books.

Read Peter thiels cato institute essay, then connects peters and elons relationship (best friends) now look at the mars plan with a new set of eyes..

That's right.. enjoy.

i`m buying yours

cry more to

I bought it when it was 0.4$, I'm selling some of it now, I'm not a greedy Jew.


my ancestry is 100% white, fuck off kike

>do you actually think "muh refugees" are just going to roll into Europe and announce control?
Yeah, that's exactly what white minority + democracy means.


nice sharia blue memes, kike

>but con-artist? How?

His company is a joke. It's a pyramid scheme even worse than BTC because while BTC produces no-value, TSLA produces negative value.

He constantly makes promises and sets deadlines that he ALWAYS misses. He has not hit a single one. Last year he said by Q3 17 Tesla would be pumping out 5k Model 3's per week. Want to know how much they actually produced? 320. Literally and unironically assembled by hand.

Imagine that, "mass-produced" cars assembled by hand in 2017...

Then everytime the TSLA earnings report is due and it shows how cash he is blowing on bullshit, he comes up with some new ring for the pyramid. Last time it was electric trucks that will be ready in 2019. Kek. If they were going to be ready in 2019 production would start now.

In January he will probably be announcing the Tesla electric, no-emissions, supersonic jet. Boeing and Airbus are dead meat!

Pajeet here, why should I care sir?

>100% white
Sure buddy.

How retarded can you be? Democracy, particularly the kind America has enabled, is a farce. Simply a way to quash any sort of rebellion by giving the citizens a hope that they in fact influence their government.

>MFW Yuropoors bully America until we reach the point of -1% white: triggering the end of time as we slip past the event horizon into the damned place where even God dares not tread.

>hurr durr anything I disagree with is a shill!!!!!!!!
How do you tie your shoes in the morning, you fucking retard


>How retarded can you be? Democracy, particularly the kind America has enabled, is a farce. Simply a way to quash any sort of rebellion by giving the citizens a hope that they in fact influence their government.

If I'm white and I make babies with a half black girl am I supporting white genocide?

Nice argument.


Sorry, that is to say they made 320 cars in the QUARTER against a promise of 5k per WEEK

this is why we need flags on Veeky Forums, i'm 100% you are not white, t*rk or pajeet probably

> antwerp
> white
My sides

> voting doesn't matter
That's not an argument.
With or without voting, the masses end up getting what they want, voting makes it easier and it matters.

Not an argument. How sad.

>t. american mutt who has never left his home state

Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia etc. pp. all had a strong white upperclass (with some jews strewn into) until after WW2 and the early cold war. Now look at those countries. The former white masters of the land were pushed out of power by the coloured masses (assisted by the Red World) and are on a constant retreat since the 1960es. Heck, if I remember right, there was a movement of white landowners in the early 2000es down in the Bolivian province of Santa Cruz (I belive it was there) that wanted to sepparate from the main country because Evo Morales was turning Bolivia into a state dominated by the indigenous races.

Alternatively, look at the former white strongholds in Africa. Rhodesia was stabbed in the back by the white mother country. Boer South Africa was betrayed the traitors within their own elite. Namibia fell with them.

Of note aswell: It is highly questionable if Israel will survive in its current form. And when I take a look at their demographics, I'd wager to think it wont.

TLDR; I'm pretty pessimistic.

Can you really say that the citizens control their government? Once every few years they elect one leader, but have no say in individual policy.

I'm from a small belgian town. Antwerp should be nuked, along with Brussels. Absolute shitholes

why the fuck are asians shown as black show some respect to the superior race you cuck

why would i argument with shitskin who imply i'm not white? fuck off, retard

Yes, Brussels is a shithole, but I don't even see too many Muslims on a day to day basis, comparatively. I saw many more in Amsterdam, or places in Germany.

>barely even english
Fucking drooling mouthbreather, go back to /pol/

nigga so what

Thanks just bought 100k

>Can you really say that the citizens control their government?
> Once every few years they elect one leader, but have no say in individual policy.
Politicians don't always deliver on their promises, but usually shift the country in the general direction that they said they would (which assures long-term victory for the growing demographic). This also usually happens when the elections are close. You look at the city of Detroit where Democrats have complete power with no competition and it's a good representation of black politics.

That's not how it goes. I'm amused that someone actually thinks like this. Extreme insecurity and being misinformed guess.

You're coping, friend. Eventually all cities will be like Brussels and Antwerp is first in line. When De Wever leaves, it will accelerate rapidly.

Sweden is already black. Right?

Bitcoin is racist, goyims. How about you trade it in for some nice non-racist Ripple?

I actually does though.

nice arguments, go back to plebbit pajeet

Doesn't authority over your personal value supersede typical politics?

>white flight IN SPACE

>onion consumption in SEA this low
this map is bullshit

you just gave me my first reason to buy xrp