Insider Suggestion

Accumulate now. You will thank me in roughly 6 hours.

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Don't go all in quickly, just accumulate nice and quiet like. You have time, trust me.

Anything else you can tell us?

Shill me on this why.

just a little bit more user. What kind of news are we expecting?

>hey user i know this board is user and all but I have INSIDER info
>hey user I'm user but buy my bags plz


Really user, you have to give us a bit more than that.

Yes me and my discord group will pump this cryptocurry, trust me on this inside info.

- Kumar

Are you a handicap?

Get your retarded shill bullshit out of here. This is a serious hold, not your average fag style pump and dump

If you actually know something and post it here, it means others know it too. I'll believe it if I see the accumulation. Don't see any

Yeah it will pump once Asia is asleep... Idiot

You won't even see when the big boys are slowly accumulating.
But I think op is just trying to get rid of his bags but I wouldn't mind some big news because Im 80% in icx.

have you tried looking outside of the 1m candles? Because I see it pretty obv. now.

So many insiders on Veeky Forums hmm

I'm a brainlet w/r/t candles, what am I supposed to be seeing?

thanks, just sold 100k

Can confirm, the chart looks bullish. Is it a pump and dump or something news-related?

So...if you want to get Asia to FOMO in and get dumped on, do you pump before they wake up or after?

Hmm. Weird. It's like you're a retard or something.

Pretty sure OP is telling us something here.

This coin is pump resistant. It will only slowly but surely and steadily gain throughout 2018 as it has been doing since its ICO.

Yeah, I sold my XRP at $1.9 yesterday before going to sleep.

Whale here.
Finally unloaded 90% of my ICO stack.

I'll dump the last 10% at market price, that means 40btc and it'll crash the order book. Just as a last fuck you to all the pajeets in crypto and this coin especially.

You've been warned.

You are OP you fucking mong

They tried to pump it an hour ago then a whale with 100k was like "fuck off im accumulating"

Nice just sold 100k and crashed the market.

No whale is stupid enough to dump ICX and leave it. Nice try at some weak FUD, faggot.

yeah this is probably just a generic discord P&D
fucking lmao I actually believed something for a few minutes. OP is a turk/jeet who can't even manage his IP address

>40 Bitcoin = 558969.80 US Dollar



We have IDs here newfag
git out

I've been watching this coin it's not a bad time to buy but I don't think anything significant will happen. Unless OP really does have insider knowledge and it gets listed on an exchange or something otherwise it's pure LARP.

Sure thing, little guy. Um, you do that after you get ready for bed, okay sweetie?

>Pretty sure OP is telling us something here.


Like why do people leap like this? It’s so cringe and pathetic.

Is it because they have zero actually money in crypto?

I thing you misunderstood him. OP in this case stands for "original post".

Fuck, now I sound like a pajeet as well.

That or he just likes talking in 3rd person. I don't think ICX is a bad buy but OP is a larper trying to dump his bags over 4k sats.

Think of the timeline of how this will play out. You'll understand if you just stop and consider it.

Like the second post said, you have time. Don't go in quick. just be cool.

Listen, i'm not against buying some more actually, I actually believe ICON is a good project but your way to pajeet people with some bullshit insider info is just wrong

Could be, but he doesn't sound like a usual shill. Anyway, I don't have any short-term stake in ICX right now. But I am fairly certain we are due for a pump and will buy in with my day-trading stack if REQ moons before ICX.

Most people here are already aware that this is going to be big.
Care to give us a little bit more that would lend your claims credibility?

You already have all the info you need, but one last thing to compliment the OP:

About 7h there will be a retracement. Hodl through it, it's just a set up for the bigger rise an hour later. You might feel safe enough to sell and buy the dip. If you're good at signals, do so. If not, just hold.

That is all.


Also, none of these timelines are set in stone, we're watching for the right times, they could vary by 30-45 minutes. It's a big market, can't predict everything.

You're welcome.

Thanks OP, sincerely appreciate your insight here unlike those ungrateful fucks. Have a good one.



I thank you for this glimmer of confidence. Do you use discord? Any way we could communicate off Veeky Forums?

I am unironicly all-in on ICX since 2.47 as my first ever purchase in crypto desperately trying to make it.

ICX is a long-term game m8. Don't worry about short-term fluctuations. ICX can easily be $150-300 in 6 months. Unironically the most promising project out there.

I know im a fool for asking Veeky Forums for advice, but i'll do it just to see your input.

I entered crypto literally maybe 8-12 days ago at $5500.

I'm currently at $14000 after some small moves and an all-in with ICX.

Going into 2018 I am counting on an early Q1 pump of ICX to $15 or even beyond, which would increase my base to $45,000 or greater.

At that point, would you skim some off the top of my stack to pursue side investments like ETHOS, Wanchain, or others?

Or would you just remain all in still, like you have THAT MUCH faith in ICON?

Again this is all really hypothetical and who knows what the future will hold, i'd just like to pick somebody's brain.

How many currencies did you research before getting into ICON user?

It's a great choice, it's just that every fucking website shills their coin like it's the best.

Honestly a lot.
I only had 5500 to start with, and I knew I have to get to like 40K as soon as possible to form my "home base" where I can build the rocket that will take me to 1 mil.

It meant making a very bullish move to start my crypto career that could net me exponential gains, or lose it all. As i progress farther and farther I will get less bullish but for now i'm firmly all-in on this coin.

I researched a lot of coins and tried to become familiar with stuff like market cap, team members, and project validity.

I was considering a bunch of shit like

There were some others as well but I eliminated them pretty quickly.

I've got around ~50% in ICX, just enough to retire from ICX alone if it hits $300, but not enough to kms should the fatty decide to nuke Seoul kek. I wouldn't usually recommend going all in, but with ICX it's not a bad decision. Just sell some after the meeting on 31st (iirc) January, just to diversify. I don't know anything about ETHOS and Wanchain. My other holdings are currently REQ and LINK. Look also into ENG and QSP.

To be honest with you a big part of my logic is that ICX, AION, and Wanchain are all supposed to be some kind of big partnership.

If ICX ends up doing explosively, then obviously Wanchain should, in theory follow suit to some degree. The ICO for Wanchain is over but the coins havent hit an exchange yet, and won't until late january.

So I could take a portion of my ICX gains and invest into wanchain immediately as possible.

>The ICO for Wanchain is over but the coins havent hit an exchange yet, and won't until late january.
Good to know, I'll do my research on it. Thanks.
Look also into Boscoin, another gookcoin fromm Korea, it's still not traded anywhere but will be listen on Kucoin (don't fall for the overpriced futures on sHitBTC). I've seen a photo of it being mentioned in some Korean newspapers along with ICON and some others.

the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll apparently
thanks crypto

I've been getting ~2 hours of sleep for months. Just wait till you start to get the bags under your eyes.

Thanks for the tip on the Boscoin gookcoin bro I will look into it right now

Are you blind it went from ico price 0.11$ to 7.2$ during first week on the exchanges.

How many ICX do I need to hold to have a tomoko gf

Honestly the only nights I can get a good sleep is when BTC is giving another round of JUSTing.
Np. Smart people deserve to make it.

You guys have sleep probs too? This shit is rough on the mind, especially if you get antsy and test day trading.

I wake up early in the morning, and can't fall back asleep. I use to wake up 12 every fucking day... not 7. FUCK YOU CRYPTO

I live in AUS, wake up at 5-7pm sleep at 9-10am.

Who cares? Do it for 2 years and you "made" it.

Is there any way we can get in touch? I'm starting off with the same amount as you but I just got into it a couple days back, only made small investments so far and I want to go all in on something but I feel like i've missed everything good for a short term gain.

>I wake up early in the morning, and can't fall back asleep.
Literally me this morning. Woke up to an alarm after few hours of sleep utterly confused and couldn't find my phone for good 5 minutes as it was vibrating under my bed lol. How did it get there I've no idea, but it legit felt like a lucid nightmare. Yesterday I found my phone in my fucking bin after looking for it 15 minutes, again no idea how did it get there. I think am slowly losing my mind. Already cut off all of my social life. I don't even feel like celebrating new years eve.

Im not sure i have the best advice to offer as i'm just starting this whole journey myself bro.

I had perhaps some good luck to come across this coin. It's a real fucking gem that people are so excited for it appears to be street-shitter shilling sometimes. But it's not.

You aren't too late to get in ICX and hold for at least 1 month until the mainnet launch.

I really think it should begin moving soon in anticipation for it.

Kek damn that's real NEET hours
Do you work? I've only done that a handful of times... on meth

Do you have discord? If so what's your name and number code or whatnot?

Student on break atm, so temporary NEET, crypto has taken my life now, hope its worth in the longrun considering my mental health.

>Student on break atm, so temporary NEET, crypto has taken my life now, hope its worth in the longrun considering my mental health.
wtf are you me?

What do you guys think of link?

Allocate 10-20% of your portfolio and forget about it.

No worries, you'll be fine. I've went to sleep between 5 am to 15 pm for 10 years now. And I sleep between 1h-24h

I can't sleep well and I've been at it for 2 days only. Gains and losses, I'm still up at this point but I find myself making really bad choices in the middle of the night, FOMO, buy high sell low because I can't hold. I just put my final $550 into a hold for January so I don't fuck it up.
Only BNTY can save me now.

lol... i think that's a lot of cryptofags right now
Tends to target college age students... at least that's what i think.

Just the way it's shilled relentlessly by 80 IQ Veeky Forums posters has completely turned me away from it.

It might be great in the future, but theres hundreds of coins to research and invest in, and I can live with myself if LINK moons, but I avoided it because its a known 80IQ coin.

Btw is it even confirmed that ICX hits Korean exchanges AFTER the mainnet is launched? I mean it could be listed earlier.

kek kek kek

The amount of Aussies that have recently gotten into crypto is insane, a lot of them are students.

Put a few ether into the ico. It's a solid idea and the slack is a good troop. Just wish there was more communication from their team / Sergey / however many people are working on it now.

Kek careful with BNTY
I'm in Deep brain chain came out day after bounty. And i'm stepping real cautiously , soon as there is another pump i am selling and OUT.

>Just the way it's shilled relentlessly by 80 IQ Veeky Forums posters has completely turned me away from it.
So you let emotions dictate your investment decisions? Grow a pair.
The company behind it owns an exchange. It's guaranteed to have a KRW pairing eventually.

I think PRL is a hidden moon mission, relatively small market cap and supply.

That's interesting. Euro collegefag here, don't know about a single person trading crypto. Few were interested, but that's it.

Seems like you might be a



About time to come up with new memes, don't you think?

I'm worried Koreans aren't going to want to to touch this after westerners had their dirty mitts all over it first

well xrp was fucked by west before the last korean hardcore push over the last days.

if you didnt knew, koreans were the biggest reason why xrp had a huge run the last days.

Take it as you will.

fuck this gets me pumped

I bought BNTY at $0.13, so I am at a profit now still, will hold until it hits Binance

who the fuck told you its going to be on binance

Nobody, but it will go on other exchanges at some point, and I don't want to sell before it goes on one of the bigger ones.

What an stupid post, next level shilling.

Dumb thing to do is to disregard it just like that.