How secure is binance? Would it be bad to keep coins in there as opposed to your Trezor?

How secure is binance? Would it be bad to keep coins in there as opposed to your Trezor?

Its bad to keep coins anywhere besides cold storage/hardware.

Is any exchange secure? I am moving all my shit to a nano ledger as soon as I receive it.

I keep my shit on Binance. I don't give a fuck.

No exchange is as secure as a properly cared for hardware wallet. Exchanges are for short term holds. Anything beyond that should be with you.


Exactly, ive done my short term holds/trading, now I need to move my shit from the exchanges, I am planning to order a nano ledger soon, inb4 exchanges hacked before then.

Paper wallet

>I am planning to order a nano ledger soon, inb4 exchanges hacked before then.

ROFL. 2 years ago when people actually thought crypto would change the world, sure go ahead and go hardware wallet.

today it's all about the lambo. Your biggest worry isn't getting the exchange hacked, it's not being able to sell your coins fast enough when the bubble pops (which seems imminent).

crypto might well change the world but there is absolutely no doubt we're in a bubble
we've got shitcoins that do absolutely nothing worth a dollar plus per coin
a big crash is coming, and then the future of crypto will rise from the ashes.
likelihood is only 5-10 present coins will survive

At the end of the Dotcom bubble, even the shittest co was being pumped. Sounds a lot like the shill me ur shitcoins posts today.

I don't think any coin will survive. At least with the Dotcom boom, we saw good companies created like eBay, Nvidia and Amazon. So far the crypto has proven to be too user unfriendly with the only value add to criminals.


What about wallets like exodus and jazz?

I agree with opinions like this one. How long do you all think this is gonna last? I've sitting into fiat for 10 days seeing people still milking the cow, I got a bad feeling about going back in.

15 BTC on Binance. 5 on Bittrex.
Don't give a fuck and also my blockfolio changes every week atleast 80% so I need to have my coins available for quick trading.

80% portfolio change every week? That's a quick way to lose money. Oh well, the losses of some people are the gains of other people :^)

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if binance went down so many things would be fucked. If you look at most of the coins it is the biggest exchange for you'll see it has a significant percentage of them (in chainlinks case over 33%). If binance got hacked it would fucking destroy the market for many tokens.

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