Wtf is going to happen with ltc? Each day it’s dropping 25 dollars in value. Held since may but my hands are now weak

Wtf is going to happen with ltc? Each day it’s dropping 25 dollars in value. Held since may but my hands are now weak

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Its a shit coin. simple.

You will regret if it in a few weeks if you sell now.
2018 is close and news will come soon

I was on board with people thinking it will break 1k by the end of the year until the creator dumped his bags. Sorry user, I hope it goes up but I think that ship has sailed. I would say get out while you can.

That’s why I’m holding but man it hurts

By the time that rolls around it'll be worth $100 and will moon to $200. Fail

I'm in the same boat user

I sold off yesterday for REQ.

Might get back in early 2018 but at the minute it's just bleeding muh fiat

Its my child of sorrow too.. but i rather believe in it and wait for news than going out with a loss now..
At the moment its only a red number and not a realised loss yet.
If you dont really need the cash then you should hold

holding until eoy 18.

look all i know is ive lost money holding this shit but as soon as i sell its going to 750usd. ill let you know when i finally cut my losses and sell then you will know its time to buy back. prolly $225 usd.

You probably doomed ripple to fail too a month ago didnt you?

Thanks user

Dont you see DGB is better in every aspect? Switch asap its downwards when people realize it has no value over other coins...

>he didn't sell when it was over $400
It's like you hate money

If you love been in since May you should still be positive bigly. Are you new or something?

I am positive I have 20 and bought 17 sub 100

I don’t wanna lose it all tho!

Im in pretty much the same boat & desu its more than i can afford to lose. Bags r gettn heavy. What pisses me if most ltc threads r short and people saying its a shit coin. Tho givin little reason why.

If you dumbasses actually know how any of these coins worked technically then you’d know that LTC is really only going to take off when Bitcoin core supports SegWit and LN.

I hold LTC because anyone with half a brain knows it’s basically BTC but without all the technical problems that are causing all these retarded BTC forks.

what makes a coin shit? I mean, isnt litecoin just a faster BTC?

I Expect ltc to 1000$ by mid 2018

Transactions and no of active addresses both increasing late Dec...good signs?

The creator cashed out mate, that's a pretty good sign you're fucked.

Was a believer in LTC, but since Charlie dumped his bags, it's been all downhill.

Literally just sold all my LTC and BTC.

I think the market is about to change massively, and I don't think it will be long before alts start to make real challenges to become king coin.

it lost 5th place this morning bleeding into ADA
ltc's founders left it to die and moved to shitty bch
ada will fuck take 4th place soon
ripple will make btc a altcoin
we all get cool tracking chips from peter thiel and mark zuckerberg

Charlie sold his LTC because he doesn’t want people thinking he has a vested interest in the coin price. He cares about the technology.

That shows this is a legit solid coin. There were no “pre-mined” coins either.

I'm selling new... hopefully i can make my losses back by playing with the oscillating Ripple. Litecoin is dead.

Litecoin is a company run by a highschool drop-out and a lawyer. They don't have a working blockchain product. They don't even have a dev team. I bought in at $0.06, and then a LOT more at $0.18. I just sold everything. It has nowhere to go but down once people realize the concept not only doesnt work but has no backing to it. I suggest you do the same.
You might get another little pump, but don't wait too long on this, don't get too greedy.

this feel, trips of hardship

>blindly believing what a stranger says

It was a fork of BTC in 2011. 2 years after BTC.

You’re right, it is exactly a faster and cheaper BTC. But it also has never formed like BTC or Ethereum. The creator sold all his coins so he can focus only on the technology. It also already supports segregated witness and lightning network.

LTC is what BTC wishes it was right now.

You mean Ripple, not Litecoin.

BTC wishes to drop 5 % each day?

I’m talking about the technology. The price today is irrelevant. Most people on biz can’t evaulate a coin on technical merit and that’s why you keep missing moon shots.

Do you understand just how fucked BTC is right now? It is slow and expensive (transaction fees) to the point of being unusable.

Reminder that people said this about link when it was $0.14 and missed the moon to $0.50

BTC and LTC are dying. 600 billion market cap and BTC below 14k. Ripple will be new king.

cut your losses

t. John McAfee

>creator dumped his bags


LTC is at least 6 months to a year away from moon or bust.

This is basically how Charlie Lee sees Litecoin playing a part in the future of crypto:

t. heavy bags

I've now overcome my fear and sold it. 43 coins, 50 $ loss per coin.

It shall be a lesson for me, and i'll sleep easier again.

what happened?

it went up 4x in a month

Even Charlie Lee lost faith in his own creation. The ship is sinking, get off while you can.

It keeps dropping at a worrying rate compared to say, eth or bch

same boat as you, have 59 ltc i bought at 133.
If we sell now wi will regret, the times are tough. Q1 of 2018 will do us good.

Really holding onto that dream, user. I’m with ya

Im trying to see when it evens out, because im buying way more now that its on sale.

I also have 45 coins, sold 15 of them but going to hold the rest, average buy price for me is $150

everything I do is wrong so it will definitely go up today

>holding a bag when the CREATOR HIMSELF cashed out

Why do people even?

>Q1 of 2018 will do us good.

based on what? news of government regulation? Charlie buying back his coins? The pump is over and you're holding the bags m8.

Ltc is the most used Coin and It works, fast and low fees, It can't fail

>because im buying way more now that its on sale.

ROFL. It's not on sale. It's collapsing. LTC was pumped, no one cares about it anymore, people have other altcoins to pump.

227 seems to be the floor but then again who fucking know with crypto

Everything under 174,65 is critical. I consider selling if price drops below that zone.

He sold and donated all of his coins exepct for 1 because he was constantly being accused to shill and fomo on twitter for his own profits. It just made it more decentralized.

Also if i were to sell my tlc now and try to put it in something like ripple, it would automaticly pump and ripple would dump. Because every trade that ive done has always failed. But just hodling ltc always did me good.

When the insiders sell you know something is hitting the fan.

Or because he realized the moon was over and the crash was coming.

nice fake news

“This is definitely a weird feeling, but also somehow refreshing. Don’t worry. I’m not quitting Litecoin. I will still spend all my time working on Litecoin. When Litecoin succeeds, I will still be rewarded in lots of different ways, just not directly via ownership of coins. I now believe this is the best way for me to continue to oversee Litecoin’s growth"


People screaming "sell it all" are forgetting that ltc has a solid network of ACTUAL USES such as buying games on steam etc.

Remind me what the fuck you can actually do with your precious XRB?

Been in a downtrend for a week or so, and it looks like we hit the floor. I accumulated some more OP. Holding till 0.03 satoshi

drop it, join this whale discord group that makes solid calls, follow their signals and just sell at 2nd target you will see nice profit, i did x4 in about 10 days

The majority of Veeky Forums is saying you should probably get rid of litecoin... this is a massive indication you should be hodling. Always do the opposite to Veeky Forums

in the last couple of days OKEx had almost a billion $ of volume from BCH to LTC, almost 60% of the entire litecoin market for volume, do not ignore volume. LTC is very close to a moon mission.

Litecoin was my introduction into crytpo...

...2 weeks ago.

Bought 6 of them @ $480 aussie dollarydoo's

Baptism by fire. I goofed. Had never even looked at a crypto trends/graphs etc. Lesson learned.

But what the fuck should i do now that this shit keeps going down?

My stubbornness won't let me cut my losses.

Hold and hope for the best?

I probably deserve to loss it all anyway....

Just hodl user, it'll be over the ATH before you know it. don't listen to Veeky Forums they will tell you to sell before a moon mission and tell you to buy at ATH.