Rai - XRB

You do know that this is going to hit at least $75 right?

It's going to be like NEO all over again. They will rename from RaiBlocks to Rai. It's going to hit big exchanges and moon massively. We've seen nothing yet.

>better than IOTA
>only on shit exchanges right now
>the ideal crypto CURRENCY

It's the equivalent of buying ETH at $50.

Don't miss it user.

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this is 100% correct. if you sell one of these before the october in year of our lord 2018 then you are certifiably stupid.

Yep you got it

Right on brother!

Why the fuck is this shit not on binance

This is like buying ETH at $7.52
> total PoW done by the network has upper limit, it is as many transactions as people are doing
> will not waste energy and harm environment like Bitcoin, burning same amount of energy even when no transactions are happening and can burn much more energy despite only still doing 3tx/s.

shill this coin to your normies as environment friendly coin - only the transaction senders need to have their computer on and burn less energy than transferring value by banks computers.


65.62xrb, will i make it Veeky Forums?

I am 25% in xrb and i can tell you guys are all just sucking each others dicks

Fucking cringy how hard you're trying to shill this coin at the moment, this coin has officially hit it's peak, the only way is down

*slurp* *slurp*

Your turn boyo

kek, that's what people said when bitcoin reached 10$ and went down.
from all top 50 market cap, this coin made the fucking best % during all the week.
It's time to dip now, better get discount or you will regret it once on bigger exchange

and its on an exchange that is comfirmed for busted

Keep hating, BCash miner. Afraid of a superior coin making your mining-equipment obsolete? XD

No, seriously - this is the correction so many have been waiting for. Get the fuck in while it's still cheap and not in top 10.

Again trying to trick the normies with the early btc comparisons, it's cringy as fuck.. will only work for so long before people realise the coin has made zero progress since 2014.

painful shilling honestly...

>spends 10k on mining rigs
>BTC gets blown the fuck out
>Rai takes over
>no mining necessary

show me one coin in top 50 that made bigger % faggot ?
It's fucking normal it will dip, especially with price manipulation on bitgrail
Too much FUD recently from people who didn't get in early

haha, this coin doesn't need shilling.
went from like $1 to $17 in ~15 days
the only thing that took it down was a literal glitch on Bitgrail
it's coming back up again strong
and it's coming to better exchanges soon

no brainer buy and hold

Bitgrail is ruining the price, not kidding, I saw like 10 of this episodes yesterday, it's fucking retarded.

The shilling is real
What biz partners does RaiBlocks have?

im in on XRB already, but i just hate pajeet tier shilling like you're doing too

Your mom.

Instant transactions, zero fees. That's the selling point here.

t. hodler of 13 xrb

What biz partners did btc have?

bought 500 of these bad boys for 65k sats today
lmao i love the flash crashes
gonna hold for a year at least this is a 500$ coin

what exchange you fags buy this pajeet coin?


what in my post is shilling? I didn't hype anything at all. Just stated actual events.
WENT TO $1 TO $17 IN ~15 DAYS

which of these statements are false or exaggeration? none. so why call me a shill? makes zero sense

Whales have dumped this one HARD yesterday. Plus IOTA fangirls fud spreading did its job, but no more glitches on this fucking exchange and whales already dumped big % of their holdings.

This means no big dumps when it gets to tier A exchanges.

The reason xrb hit its price is because its only on dogmeat exchanges. People will dump once it hits a main exchange.

Enjoy your bags

gee user yeah i know what u mean
a coin that can do 7000k+ transactions per second
really heavy bags i got there
cant wait to see you fomo buy at 25$

will correct dumb idiot


Better exchanges won't mean a higher price, it's this shithole exchange that has made such a price hike possible. Also it isn't coming up again strong, it's going through a dumping cycle.

better than shitcoin iota doesn't mean shit

> ripple 107.14%
> XRB 149.10%
even with the dump still more

It's a decentralized currency.

Why would it have business partners?

why do i hear an apu-tier indian accent when i read your posts?

Can't understand the logic that xrb will tank hard when it hits major exchange.
You think whales are dumb as you to let go all their stack ? they are just waiting for exchange to throw everything ? god, fud here is insane

You can buy toothpaste with it in the US

You're retarded. It has ben CONFIRMED that there was a """"bug"""", which allowed to buy at 1/16 of the market price, lowering it and making people panic. THE PRICE WAS HELD DOWN NOT UP.
I have no way to prove this, but I think it was on purpose done by bitgrail. It was happening since 2 days ago and they did nothing until people started complaining.

pump signals coming in

user, I'm going to tell you once. When it hits Binance, the big gains are already gone. You still have the opportunity to make 10x the next year. If you wait for it to land on Bittrex or Binance you'd be lucky to see a 3x. If you want the gains, make the effort to register on a new exchange.

Yeah, I know. BitGrail is shit and they don't even know how to implement an order book, but this is what we have...

Already linked this on this thread, but look at it, and just look at the screenshots on reddit which proves what I'm saying, if you want go to bitgrail telegram where they're discussing how the """""bug"""" is now solved.


Am i going insane or was this shitcoin listed on different exchanges previously.

I thought i remember it being on craptopia or nova

Dear god, you have been brainwashed by the new-wave shitcoins. A good project does not need partners to make it.

Look at Monero, for example. Sell your IOTA now for Raiblocks if you want to make it.

Sold 3k MIOTA at 4$ for Raiblocks and haven't looked back since.

Can you even reason logically? It's on shit exchanges (also shady as fuck), meaning it's difficult to buy and people don't trust them. Furthermore, a bug in the implementation of the order book on BitGrail made it flash crash yesterday. So if it's being manipulated, it's being manipulated downwards. Get in or stay poor faggot.

You love to buy high and sell low don't you

Exactly. People were asking BitGrail to suspend the trading and sort their shit out, but the response from the admins was: "we're working on it". Sure, working as in making mad stacks at 1/10th of market price.

Good coin that is getting held down by a shit exchange and typical shill FUD. This is literally what bitcoin was supposed to be.

>huurrrr lets shit all over a good coin cuz its taking market share from my shitcoin

Fuck I miss the old crypto days before Veeky Forums and shitty paid shills.




Normalfags getting btfo


Trinity of redditcoins

Where the fuck do I even buy? Wanted to buy this 2 weeks ago but it's not on Binance

I have this and I'm enjoying the ride but I can't really advise people to get into it now. It still has a decent amount of room to grow and it's not in too many exchanges but there are faster gains out there.

Blatant fake post, stop pretending you don't already own xrb

If this hits 75$, I will be able to retire. Comfy coin

Enough to make it?

seems reckless imo, have a decent cash flow and still some in your savings? anyways GL. Don't spend it all in one place

Don't put Raiblocks together with those two shitcoins.

What are you eyeing now? I'm evaluating low-mc coins like LUX, UFR, WISH, ALQO, DRP

I have $2k in my bank account.

Holding 3 btc, 8.5k xrp, 10 xmr, 10 ltc, 5 eth and 10k xrp.

everybody selling these days will get fucked by wallstreet. the imminent market will moon to 1.5 - 2 trillion any moment now

ripple? ewww get that dog shit out of my face

That feel when you could've bought Raiblocks in May for .008 each

That feel when theyre now $15 each.

Meaning a $1000 investment would now be 1.8 million.

You really should reduce that BTC position at the earliest oppurtunity.

I honestly don't care how much you have, just have enough money hanging around to eat, shit and sleep comfortably - then you'll make me happy.

Also, I'd suggest taking your profits from XRP asap, but thats just me - you do you.


here you go. this shit is lightning fast

what's this?

That feel when another opportunity like this is out there right now and you won't know what it is until its too late

fuck man

just picked up 700k

most coins that hit Binance take a massive dump, go ahead and check if you dont believe me

When XRB gets added to a bigger exchange it will dump when the early buyers sell off millions. It will rise again of course but it wont't keep rising like this. It's like yall don┬Ęt even know crypto.

i slowly sold my XRB last week. put in 1btc worth in october. still hodling 10% (5k xrb)

dont regret it. hf guys.

XRB made me $200, bought in at 0.09 no regrets. I kept 2000 for October.

RemindMe! user is a faggot 324 days


Mostly looking at upcoming ICOs right now.

you all have no clue from marketcap.

also, do you know how many lighting fast transaction a bank can do with just 1.00000000 xrp? It'll cost a $100 sooner than you all can think. do it, google the market cap of the american express payment system

Whats happening in october?

$50 per XRB


I think XRB has some potential, I went 65% into it with the idea it would cap out at 10-15 by EOY 2018. I don't pretend to know what the price could be now, but I do think it's in the $20-25 EOY 2018.

Look at their roadmap. If they follow it, anyway.

So it only doubles in a year? The overall crypto currency market cap will 10x+ in 2018. How would XRB only double. Are you a brainlet?

Yeah but why

XRB is awesome. I really want to buy it, but there's just no way it's not going to correct massively, easily over 50% vs BTC. Once it's started levelling off, I'm going in heavy.

Oh yeah, got a crystal ball faggot? It's called making smart long term investments and playing it safe.

I'm only up 754L this year, so what the fuck do I know, right?


Zero fees, fast transaction, good logo. It has the potential to be the crypto equivalent of cash (Real life use like buying your bread with it).

Sell sell sell dump incoming!!!!

XRB in it's current form beats the dogshit out of all other coins. It's destined for the top 10 by Feb and top 3 EOY.

It's actually hilarious seeing how threatened some of you soyboys are.

This is most likely going to happen, but right now is terrible time to buy.

Why? Even if whales dump you can catch it and buy low. When it gets to more exchanges and whales dumo what they needed to dump youll be full od rais

I am all in.

Serious buys have been going in for the past couple hours. I think the whales are ready to move it up again