How to stop checking blockfolio every 5 minutes and lurking Veeky Forums 24/7?

how to stop checking blockfolio every 5 minutes and lurking Veeky Forums 24/7?

go 100% cryptotanks

Only every 5 minutes?

You're investing as a way to make money. You've got too much money for you to forget about.
Invest in a coin you believe in. Delete blockfolio and check back in one year

i here tales of a wizard on the banks of the river woj that will let you cash out into small seashells and debri

understand its absolutely pointless

Post your portfolio

You don't. It's a full time job now. We may have to go through this mentally exhausting routine for the next 6 months to 2 years but eventually we'll be able to turn off the phones and computers and enjoy all our hard work. We are not allowing ourselves to miss a potential opportunity. If it's too much for you then just stick everything you have into 1 or 2 coins/tokens you truly believe in and go live your life normally.

Go to alternative websites like steemit etc. I remember when I used to go there my portfolio grew up surprisingly 5x in a month even though I traded only one pair. Once I got tired of that place and started coming here again my portfolio went down by 50%
Point is
1. Be patient
2. Stop chasing moon missions
Buy a coin you believe has potential and check portfolio once a week. Don't buy anything unless you have 100% guarantee it will moon

Once you've mastered this art I'll tell you how to chase moon missions successfully

before i was lurking r/bitcoin nonstop, after discovering Veeky Forums now i feel like i am now in heaven

>2. Stop chasing moon missions
>Don't buy anything unless you have 100% guarantee it will moon

You can't.

Try that headspace meditation app.
Just 10 minutes a day and helps immensely with the stress and OCD of crypto.


He means buy before the pump not during

This is your life now OP you wanted it

It's been 12 years.

Buy and hodl, faggot. Personally I think getting caught up in the hype is dangerous as it pumps you full of FOMO and FUD. Grab a few good coins with good fundamentals, forget about all this shit and hodl.

I've dreamt about crypto for like 3 consecutive nights. When I take the train I see flashes of Sergey's face in the crowds.

Please leave you normie faggot. This reddit invasion is embarrassing.

this, Smiling Mind is also good and fully free

>brainwashing yourself

> Being this autistic.

I use to be someone productive. Now I am rich.
My biggest concern is to have a crash around the corner and needing to check for signals. That's what's draining life out of me though.

It's already working, I see.

You should probably try to do something productive with your time.

this, i already have lower anxiety levels and i started like 3 days ago