Free Margins

Since I abused this enough now and I'm not sure if i'll get any more loans with my account I give you the tip, before Reddit fags start propagating that shit.

SALT currently accepts a Salt Token as 25$ worth in paying back a loan of theirs.
SALT Tokens currently trade for about 12-15$

How the margin works (substitute numbers at will):
Get a loan of 10.000$
Buy 400 SALT tokens for about 5000-6000$
Pay back loan with SALT. 4000-5000$ Profit.

They don't give me any loans anymore, since they probably saw that I took a loan and paid it back after a day 6 times. Everybody not having a loan should be good for about one or two tries I recon.

If you made the bucks, feel free to tip:
BTC 1BXoGcwfE2g3Zz4CQuk7waBF94qhYLJV1v


Pics or it didn’t happen

the problem is, for anyone who can do the math you need to buy in at $6 to make a sure profit

lol salt, it is UNSUSTAINABLE

get out when you have your chance anons

How do u take a loan nigga

OP’s real plan
1. Buy SALT
2. Go on biz an tell them you can repay USD loans with SALT
3. Normies buy SALT
4. Price goes up
5. OP sells
6. OP shows off his new smartphone to his friends at the designated shitting street.

Meanwhile, SALT is a membership token, a certain amount of which must be possessed to be able to borrow on the platform.

This is a larp. Regular members can't get loans. Pretty half assed attempt op, bags must be getting HEAVY. You Saltyfags deserve it though. Hang on....


Why can't? Also Base Members can right now.

Be real easy to prove with some screenshots. Hey fags, enjoy those bags. Its about to get much worse from here. It may find support around $5. Or they will just exit scam you

Haven't seen any Base or Premier members with a loan right now. Only Enterprise are being given them.
When us Base/Premier peasants are being offered loans I expect the price to rise.


That proves nothing you stupid fuck go kill yourself

Anyone can request a loan, haven't seen anyone actually be offered one though.

I have a request in as a Premier member and no offer.

I would believe it if you paid for the 100 tier membership but they haven't responded to my loan request yet.

people still holding SALT

waiting for Christmas miracle


This was a really smart move by salt team, they're fine accepting SALT to pay debts cause they know once this rumor spreads the value of Salt token will quickly reach 27.5$ in markets.

A money sink that will reduce market supply quicker than the other salt uses and will get the price of their token closer to their own price as they will have more and more salt while the users have less and less. People will rush to use salt knowing that they can get free money just by being fast.

I just hope they start looking at loan applications cause I filled mine 2 days ago and still no news.

Which could be very interesting when you consider that they've said they'll increase it to $50 if needed. When it hits $50, why stop there? They could quite easily keep increasing it. At some point ($100? $1000?) there would not be enough market demand for SALT, and they'll start losing money from people taking advantage of the difference. But they'd make so much money from the price of SALT going up that it would still be a win for them. They just have to figure out where to stop before it becomes an unsustainable bubble.

salt is absolute garbage

For that "trick" to work the volume available on the market must be high, with a low supply of salt tokens on the market this would be impossible.

So, once the supply of coins is reduced salt price will depend exclusively on the demand for the use of their platform, but until then this margin trading trick will work.