VeChain Major PUMP Coming Up

Buckle up boys, breaking wall after wall. This rocket not stopping.

And the NEWS dropping within a couple hours, so you have two choices.

1: Buy VEN and get rich

2: Start applying for a job as a warehouse worker and spend the rest of your life as a poor faggot because you were chasing shitcoins instead of solid projects like VEN

Big news coming up pajeets, PBOC is a FACT and coming up, after they announce that shit in January we gonna skip moon and going straight to pluto. GET IN

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Last I checked there was a 16btc sell wall around 17450. What the hell happened?

Ok, first time I'm asking for anyone's opinion here, but I've been burned by the news before because of not selling. Do you honestly think there won't be an imminent dump after news?

Their last announcement news thing was about a partnership with China and it did not disappoint at all.

Who knows but at least they have a solid track record so far.

hell yeah boys we ready

With Vechain there isnews like every two days


wasnt the news at 6am eastern?


Coke kid can you tell us how you know all your shit

Oh my god, u are making a pump - if there is no bank news it will affect on price negatively, just like this one with iota and microsoft shit

The binance comp will suppress a major pump unfortunately. Look at the huge sell walls already in place. Whales have prepared for the announcement pump.

How many hours till announcement?

Filling some extra bags

apparently an hour and a half Countdown

I sold and took profits. Just over 3 bitcoin. I'll be reloading around 14 and 15k because I think lots of traders are in. Hopefully it dumps before the News so it pumps afterwards.

> Countdown

What exchange are people using?

Binance, my man.

Is this for hodl or buy now and dump when it moons after announcement?

Dude the news are coming in an hour, hurry up if you still haven't bought in.

Confirmed Chad coin. Only gets comfier with age

Can I get a legitimate reason on why I should hodl after pump. No bagholder mentality please

I'm not going to tell you shit because you should try to think for yourself.

I have and that's why I bought VEN. Reaching out for opinions isn't so bad, is it user?

You've obviously haven't done your due diligence if you're asking these questions.

Ok I'm selling and buying when it dips fuck this shit

I have not a lot of money to invest tho.
Hodling with a few hundred dollars is not so good.
Maybe it's better if I dump ATH and increase my capital.

So many VEN bagholders will be born today. The announcement will be the node details and everybody will be disappointed. Good luck bagholding for the next weeks.

A nice project, but the fucking overhyped the announcement

If you do it right, good.
But with so much good news so close together it is risky.
I'll just hold.


Literally this. It's just node details and road map information like the last time.

Oh, new VeChain holders incoming. Also, get out my long term hold meme coin, faggots


Nope. They're going to announce compatibility with used Kony 2012 merch. The future of luxury is here, see you on the moon.

>Cancel the sell walls

Poor guy, doesn't even know what will hit him in approx 20mins.

I'm glad I stayed up.

moon incoming =)

Haha. Nice pic. The TG chat is worse than the KKK.

What comes after the moon? Tell me? =)

the asteroid belt, then Mars

7 MINUTES. Dropped my bags but I'm ready to buy them back if news are huge.

Ok guys it has started !

HODL this coin will be your safeguard during the btc dip

I'm strapped in and ready for my moon mission. Comfy as FUCK and sleep deprived (:

Where can I see the news?


T- minutes 1 minute


>eat the sell wall



Lol the dumb. =) What a garbage announcmenet is this? They watched too much marvel

what is this trash

well selling at loss now is for idiots, I'll Hodl until it recovers


Like i told you. A new born VEN aka THOR bagholder lol

You haven't heard this thing called "buy the news sell the rumour"?


this is a great announcement actually..

Yeah it's like NEO/GAS


Wow dump so hard right? You retards have no idea how big masternodes will be. I'm going to make so much passive income from this coin.


Nice, free money.
But I have time until the mainnet launches right? Nothing to do now?

you idiots may be selling, but this is actually ... great LOL

lel i bought extra in this awesome dip

Cmon the announcement is HUGE

is it just whales fucking with the price??

What are the news about?

Basically explaining its dividend system. Like NEO/GAS


They partnered up with a company that produces buttplugs and onaholes shaped like little boys.

Huge in japan

obviously this will start mooning soon once ppl realize how awesome this news is

Main net launch, next year? LOL? Very huge news


>calling this a dump

I was being sarcastic

2018.12.31? This is news for, which will be relevant in 1 year? This is the mind blown stuff? THE EPIC HUGE SHIT?

Just letting you know this will be big. You should really a gin up to be prepared for launch. A couple of ETHs to be made.


It's from - to.
Not mainnet launch at 2018.12.31


Whatever. You can buy your thor. Whoever will use this shit? Soon below 14k

>news coming up

How high can this go potentialy

why are we dropping so low REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>Whoever will use this shit?

Nah, I'm not touching it.
Just saying that it might be just slightly less shitty then your first impression is.

1 dollsr

lol u fuckin retards

These retards can't even read.

That's why they will always stay poor.

Yeah just checked my portfolio and down over $100. Went all in on this as a poor fag. Would love an update

Dude, that's why they say "buy the rumor, sell the news". The news will never live up to the rumors and the hype. Even if it's legitimate sensational news, word will most likely get out beforehand (plus all those in the know buying stock as well) and the rumors will get embellished and surpassing reality once again.

whales are fucking with this price to shake out the weak hands. this will hit the fuckign stratosphere soon

>got banned from telegram group for posting JUST meme.

I stayed up all night for this news and you made it worth it top kek

Whales have been wanting to accumulate more this whole time and these brainlets fell right into their hands.

Guess I won't be trading for a while then.... was hoping to flip this on the news

lol, for daytraders this was a lesson, for a holder another saturday.

The funny thing is. The TG grp is still hyping it. Fucking moon kids in there. NEW NEO INCOMING / 10B MCAP INCOMING

this can literally make people a passive income, the more you own the more free money you get going forward - dummies who can't grasp this and were looking for a big rumor to be true for short term gain will sell off this news

a lesson to buy the dip? that surely taught me