Sell me this pen Veeky Forums

Sell me this pen Veeky Forums

thirsty faggots will send you free money if you post pictures of this in your pooper

>The pen will pump soon
>It has a solid dev team
>You hate money?
>It will moon
>Last chance!

Selling this pen? Idiot. I will HOLDLDLDL it until it's worth a million.

1 BZG thank u come again

og meme

Pajeet doesn't want you to have that pen

This isn't 2013 user. This is /crypto/ now

That pen is for for sale, also you couldn't afford that pen.

Pencoin presale bonus you get 47% more pen if you sign up for our whitelist, US customers welcome, no KYC. Everything you write will be stored on the immutable pencoin ledger which is a notebook covered in pizza grease that i will stuff under my bed. So far we have reached our hard cap of 10 million ETH but you can still get in.

Please write down ur name

You're going to sign yourself an 8-figure check with that pen, user. Consider it free.



buy it or stay poor forever

wtf i have no pen to write it with :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Not buying your bagpen

my father works at nintendo and told me that they will soon use this pen for in-game purchases

Strap this pen on guys! It's happening today.


>Easy 10x investment by end of 2018
>This pen hasn't even hit major exchanges yet once it does the price will explode
>This pen does one thing and does it well
>I can really see a use for this, all companies will need this pen
>Wait it til it gets over 2$/xpn then sell

You bought Confido at ATH, didn't you.. It looks like you need to do the world a favor. Get something sharp to stab yourself with. Preferably something dirty, like ink.
Do the right thing for once.

This pen adheres to satoshis vision and solves the scalability and oracle problem, also has a solid dev team. And currently only has a 10m marketcap. Only on etherdelta but will be on binance next year.

If you buy this pen and hodl it for new year you will receive some inkt tokens on the newyears airdrop

>Sell me this pen Veeky Forums
for a limited time
free deep throat blow job with every pen purchase

This pen is worth trillions, literally. The intrinsic value of this pen is backed by quantum physics alone, it has more atoms in it than the grains of sand on planet earth.

The pencil may be useful, but only this pen to allows you to write without having to sharpen your pencil every time you are in a hurry to write something down.

> Inferior pencil fags and their medieval - tier pencil technology.

Imagine what would you if you had this pen. You could write messages into a permanent ledger. The messages could be anything you can imagine. Heck some people draw using pens alone!

McAfee will mention this pen more than twice tomorrow

Buy this pen or I'll kidnap your family and kill them and then rape them and then rape them again and then burn them.

this pen will be a lambo by eoy 2018.

ah yes very nice pen budy

u take?

they are not making pens like this anymore. buy now or be priced out forever.

dis pen gud pen, you liege gud pen yes? I mage gud offa. Gud price sir, buy buy yes? No, is no fage is original Grand D'Arse Pen yes?
Plox buy sir, need moniez famil water buffalo is sick

All abord the PEN train

PEN mission confirmed, next stop PENUS

You don't want this pen. You want what this pen allows you to write.

It lets you sell houses, buy condos, lease supercars, autograph fangirls. With this pen, you state your intentions, and show your affluence. You mean business, and business is good.

The hefty weight of german engineering in your hand. The pressure sensitive feedback. The mechanical retraction assembly. None of it really matters. Because when it all comes down to it, success isn't built at the stroke of a pen.

>cryptofags cant into marketing

>Sell me this pen Veeky Forums

It's not a pen, it's a Blockchain pen!
>Bbuy buy buy buy buy


not a sharpie
you wouldn't like it


What else are you going to stick up your ass? You're too poor to buy a dildo.

>only $18 marketcap
>low supply
only way is up, buy 1 million pen to be millionaire in 2018

I'll give you $100 if you use this pen to draw a square. Pen only costs $50 btw.

win/win you make money, I achieve my goal of selling a pen.

big if true

fucking kek