Career advice <-related to BIZ - sushi steroids and the UK

hi, i'm from japan.
i want to get a working holiday visa for the UK.

after graduating i plan on going to cullinary school for japanese cuisine, this course is 1 month.

i then plan on going to the UK hopefully if my working holiday visa is accepted (it should be accepted as i would meet all the requirements unless i get in trouble with the law and etc.).

I want to go to the UK because Japan is incredibly conservative with their laws and regulations.
although i don't have an interest in smoking marijuana i find it absolutely ridiculous that Japan criminalizes marijuana.
politically I am a right-libertarian and ideally I would like to go to Canada but the working visa lasts for 1 year.

I want to leave the country as It is very hard to run a steroid cycle In Japan, I also want to leave Japan lol.

I'm wondering how safe it is to run a steroid cycle in the UK. From research it seems the laws aren't as strict as America.

I'm also wondering if i could get a job with an education in Japanese cuisine, specialized in Sushi.

I might run a steroid cycle in japan if i can get access to steroids. I may soon go to gold's gym to find a dealer.
I've tried to have steroids imported but i have had very bad luck so far.

I want your advice on my plan, thoughts in general.
Thank you.

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roids are fine in UK

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101fitnesspharma is a decent UK source.

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Done a few cycles of roids before. You can buy them online easily, they are not illegal for personal use.

You can get needles at a needle exchange for free or online too.

you can even get test e, deca, tren, nolvadex etc for bitcoin online here.

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