XVG Wraith imminent

Just a friendly reminder that Wraith is coming out today or at latest tomorrow. The team has put out numerous updates within the last couple days reassuring things are on track for a Q4 2017 release.

It doesn't even matter if you think this is just doge coin with tor slapped on, this thing is going to blow sky high within the next 48 hours.

Earlier this month McAfee went on a shilling crusade for Verge. He put out multiple tweets about XVG, and went as far as to post a screenshot to his official instagram of him claiming it could hit $15 within the next year and going on about it interviews claiming it will "soon be the sleekest coin to have."
As of the last few days, he has been FUDing the living shit out of it (along with some other large crypto media personalities). This is the most obvious attempt at pre-moon sale prices I have ever seen in crypto. If McAfees blatant market manipulations aren't obvious enough, let me get it through your thick skulls that you will be crying if you aren't holding this coin during Wraith release.

As you can see from their github repository, the devs are making last-minute changes (background images, text colours) before shipping this thing.


Don't miss out on this. Don't be a no-vergie.

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Dark dogecoin

Release imminent for the umpteenth time, oh boy!

fake news user

The level of FUD is unreal. This is going to be awesome.

it's gonna be unreal indeed, when this shit coin goes to zero LOL

Oh boy I can't wait for it to NOT happen.

It's actually only the second time, and the first time a countdown was made by marketing without devs permission.

> dev falls asleep through countdown that marketing put up releases part one several days later and fires marketing member responsible
> no countdown this time just a loose 2017 timeframe

Dogecoin with TOR, much secure, so safety

i'm gonna be laughing when this shit pumps. this has been the most covert moon mission of the year.

buy on rumors, sell on news
already priced in

even after wraith is released, wouldn't Verge still be worse than Monero / Sumo / Nav / Pivx?

Don't fall for this weak shit anons. Just desperate bag holders hoping they don't get burned with a meaningless ui update

>fomo normies jumped ship already
>sentiment analysis says they're buying back in when wraith drops
>it's not priced in
absolutely. but their marketing campaign has been solid. mcafee is confirmed to have a social media/pr specialist. he was using the verge tip bot back in october. you do realize everytime he's spread FUD about the XVG, it's resulted in an increase of the brand's engagement right? mcafee is social engineering the fuck out of everyone. brand awareness beats quality of tech, unfortunately...

so many desktop wallets are trash. normies need a clean and modern looking interface to keep their interest. they need to have the impression that their submerged in a high tech experience kek

>so this is the power of the Wraith Protocol™

This. McAfee has been extremely bullish on Verge for months now. Within the last few days he has covered up his shilling as best as he can (deleted his """unofficial""" instagram, removed Verge tweets) and has begun FUDing it. He seriously doesn't give a fuck. Unfortunate for the suckers who couldn't see his ploy and sold. He will be back to predicting it at $10 EOY 2018 by next week, screencap this.

Everyone working on XVG already jumped ship save the master autist on top of being better cryptos regarding secrecy. Not shilling you any coin or telling you not to buy, take it as a friendly warning


bought high yesterday now getting JUSTED


patience lad, moon come soon

Look at all those angry pajeets who bought in at .20+ cents going after him

tfw as stupid as a pajeet. forgive me /biz for i have sinned i did buy in a bit lower than 0.20 though

It's a rite of passage user. Congrats, you bought another biz realistic bags due to their shilling.

What did you learn from this young man

don't believe his lies.jpg

>No peer reviewed period for thr code

>no test net for debugging

>Wraith is coming


>what do you learn from this young man

I can't wait for the pink wojack posts and salty tears from the FUDers and people who bailed. Its gonna be so great, plus I will make millions of an ex- meme coin. My sides are going to be in terrible pain for weeks from all the laughs.

That is one card I could see carrying.

Imagine visa payments they cant track, you could buy your weed with plastic.

Wraith has been done for a while.

I'm all in

>and went as far as to post a screenshot to his official instagram of him claiming it could hit $15 within the next year

this part is a lie, asshole

>Wraith was announced 3 times before
>Wraith is fake announcement again won't get off the ground this year
>Wraith won't save this shitcoin.

All of you FUDers and naysayers APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW.

Not at all.

Just bought 50k. Most ive ever put on a single shit coin. Must be drunk off ripple gains. Shit. I'm fucked aren't I.. come on I can take it, how fuck am I..

it's not a fork of dogedark brainlet

It actually IS dark dogcoin it just got a rebrand.

Holy fuck this is biz

a guy in marketing working with pump dump group.

lol being this new and all in

>buying this late

Wraith imminent, never heard that one

Final update on github a few mins ago

lol this is the third time they've pulled this scam brah.

They have a branch "3.0-WraithProtocol"

The recent commits on the master branch are ridiculous.

> Multiple nerd shitcoins putting out incredible fintech - investor gives zero fucks.
> Ripple shills placing a couple of well timed announcements - mooning af
When will you ever learn, nerd user?

John McAfee doesn't use Instagram. That account is fake.

In what way? Looks pretty normal to me, just pre release tidying up...

You mean the thing that was supposed to come out in Sept.? And then Oct.?

It's somewhat suspicious to me that he works directly on the master branch and making a commit for every small cosmetic update. Seems a little amateurish to me.

>just pre release tidying up.
you probably never released anything
otherwise you would knew - there is no time for stupid shit like this, that can be fixed after release

>it will go sky high in 48h

You mean 0.30 from 0.15 cause of hype?


He literally tweeted the instagram account link from his official Twitter. The instagram was real, he conveniently deleted it recently.

It even says on the verge web page you goose Graber.

olso saving your post OP to post it week later and make fun of you

Also chech out these two files:



i just sold all my xvg

No it fucking hasn’t. I see this garbage vapourwave project shilled in every trash crypto group Im in on Facebook. It’s almost like the new Herbalife. I can actually determine someone’s iq by their opinion on this project. ITS FUCKING TRASH