Confess your worst daytrade Veeky Forums

Confess your worst daytrade Veeky Forums

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0.5 BTC worth of NXT. Before the 28th Dec crash. On Poloniex.

In june i shorted eth when it was 230euro. It went to 290 and then to 190, but I got liquidated without noticing at 285 and I thought i won a lot of money while i was working.

TRX at ATH on 21st. Lost 100% of all my gainz on 22nd

Polo doesnt give out the ignis tokens?

Damn, I had this sort of thing too. Buy order not filled but the one above me did, moon next day.

All in on SALT at ATH (About $6,000)

Now holding and hoping.

Wait what exactly happened here? I'm confused. If you bought at 230 euros and sold at 285, isn't that a good thing?

remember the captains pajeet pump group on telegram? so many anons here got JUSTed by it

he sold at 230 not bought and got margin called


>Polo doesnt give out the ignis

No, I shorted about 35eth at 230, meaning I sold for 8000 euro and was forced to liquidate and buy back at 285, so i paid 10000 euro (1/5 margin)

If i didnt get liquidated i would have won 1400 euro, instead i lost 2000

Google short selling. He borrowed Eth from other people, sold them and hoped to buy them back at a lower price.

i fcked so many trades, but then i joined this discord group posted by some user here, i went from 500 inital investment to 200, now im at 800 in less than 2 weeks just by folowing the calls of the whale leader, he makes 3 targets on each coin and he is like fcking nostardamus

I went from 200 to 5K in 3 weeks.

Selling LEND at 0.13 after I biught in at 0.03 to get into DBC. I'm still 30% from DBC but missed out on even bigger gains.

I see. Thanks.

But how did you get liquidated without noticing?

I was wagecucking ofcourse

Not a day trade but making an eToro account was the worst I did.

ETH to TRX yesterday

Ohhh I think I get it now, when you're shorting you don't get to decide when you "end" the transaction, correct? It's at a predetermined time?

Sorry, I'm a fucking newb, trying to learn something here

Bought ETH at $5, sold at $10, thought it was good profit...


>tfw missed dozens of moon missions due to wagecucking

might as well quit my fuckin job at this point

You always miss something brah, you never lost it if you never had it

No, you only have to close your short when you lose more money than you leveraged.

Please just google shorting, it will be explained a lot better.

Also side note, never short unless you are really good. Most people (like me) get burned

I bought voise and held too long, watched it drop half it's value in a couple hours, and spent the next 2 months recovering my money elsewhere

5k AUD on BTC while it was at 26k AUD, was fomoing hard. I also spent 20k on BTC during the crash when it went to 22k which isn't so bad, but I could've snatched up a whole lot at like 15k if I had've waited an hour or two.

Pic related is the current chart on Bittrex for Einsteinium. Anyone want to guess when I bought in?

Go on, just one fucking guess.

I spent 140 ETH in Oct 2016 (~1400USD or whatever) to put gas in my truck and go visit a long distance girlfriend.

Basically, I spent 100K dollars on a blowjob, loose pussy, and gas.

Shorted EOS @ ATL
Mooned 10x and lost all of my 6,5k EOS

Stocked up on litecoin when it was $90. Dumped it when it hit $150. Woke up the next morning to see it was $350 per/ltc

at 0.00015?

NXT the other day, 30% down total, I went all in like a retard.

I bought XML at 0.00012220 when the price was 0.00002257.

haha what

Rode the Bitcoin Cash pump in November and then sold all my gains into Confido and literally got JOOSTed in their exit scam.


Il share Meanwhile I'm down 8k in a total of 20k investment.

Chucked 2k onto verge at .009 cashed out at .012 and forgot about it until last week when it's fucking .44

12k all Ind on ripple at .44c cashed out at .55 for a 4k profit and cunt reaches 3$

I'm holding, but if I don't at least break even in a week. I'm out of crtypo for good.

Around 0.00014, mid-ascent.

Funnily enough the charts were bullish at the time. But then BTC had a flash crash and the support got raped.

>have 4.7 ETH
>buy UTK on ED
>transfer to KuCoin
>know the time that UTK can be traded on KuCoin but miss it by 15 minutes
>sell at a loss
>buy back later and sell at a smaller loss again
>have 2 ETH, be convinced that something is wrong and KuCoin robbed at least 1 ETH from me
Got pissed and went all in on ITC on Okex.

Shorted BTC right before Kraken exchange went completely unusable. It didn't say that there is an open position so I thought I already closed the position.
2 months later Kraken let me login and I saw -3400$ position. I tried to close it but Kraken was still unusable, after hours I was able to close it with a loss of 3200$.

If I didn't doublecheck it I would be about -12000 $ right now.

FUCK KRAKEN, Binance & KuCoin is the way to go!

At least you only bought 9. That could have been a lot worse.

ESP1. Yes, people like me exist.

I bought LINK when it was 9980

I haven't told anyone until now, but I made up my losses this month (and then some) with THC, POT, and XRP

Bought 8 ETH of 2 days ago for .000048eth.

Sold for .000043.eth

Right now it us 96%, at .000105eth

Chased a McAfee pump, dumped at a lose, missed the 2nd pump that would have seen me get out at a profit, the token I traded went +30% in the meantime.

On a possitive note I have kept trading to try and get it all back and I have learnt some things and how to time the market better. A valuable lesson learnt and new skills gained.

Ouch. I bought top of that little bounce so I have some bags too.

Although nice to see it's a similar situation to my NXT - bought at ATH - but whereas EMC2 actually has chance of recovery, it seems highly unlikely for NXT. It's like the next Etherium Classic

>30% down
Is that all?
I'm down way more. 0.5 BTC worth of NXT. How much did you buy?

you didn't though, look the "avg" column, that what you paid.

ausfag here, sold xrp at a 10% loss to buy back into icx at 2.30am because it looked like korea stopped pumping it, checked at 6am only 11k sats no bigger but when i woke up later it was 16k sats. could've make 60k+ but ended up losing money

lost 4 ETH today, trying to daytrade my REQ bag

I bought ZCL at 790k sats after I FOMO'd in yesterday.

all of my daytrades

Tonight I was ready for REQ PND.
I put a sell order right below the 50k eth sell wall.
Got filled.
Priced went back down a little bit, didn't buy in.

Went to sleep, price was a bit above my sell order, decide not to fomo back in (at really small loss), price goes up, and up, I fomo in at 10% the price I sold .

And guess what, the price goes back down.
Lost something like 500$.

I know I shouldnt FOMO and it was a clear PND but I still did, what's wrong with me.

Positive note, REQ is keeping its price quite well for now, even tho Eth is tanking

>REQ bag
why!!?! isn't this one of the must have coins of 2018?


Pumped lots of my portfolio into TRX as heard it was going to partner with alibaba and moon. Ended up parternering with some bike firm. RIP gains - sold all my alts and ripple gains today back to BTC. BTC drops all ripple gains gone.

Friend made $17,000 yesterday on ripple and ada. very close to pulling the plug and returning to wagecuck

I caught wind that Monaco would moon, got in at 1060 sats and it began to shoot up. Had a sell order at 1268 sats. It reached 1265 sats by 8am, I was about to make $350. Then the 8am news came out and it was underwhelming, it wasn't being listed on bithumb... and it fucking tanked. Pic related. Lost about $400.

I know its not all that much, but I had started with $50 and been daytrading my way up to $400, I was about to make the same in those couple of morning hours as I'd made in my entire crypto daytrading so far, so it was my single biggest gain ever, and I lost it by a couple of sats not meeting my sell order.

Taught me two things; this market can crash in literal seconds, you don't even have a minute to get your sell order in... and always sell the news.

selling xrp at 2.50 because i thought that was the end of the dip. Buying back in at 2.60 because we were going to moon. Hodl since then. Started at 0.20 though so im still good.

>selling because i thought that was the end of the dip

MCO is an exit scam

I know, I don't buy that shit anymore. It's the most whale-manipulated coin I've ever seen by a long shot on Binance, you can see them force the price down with 20btc sell walls mechanically. I was in it that one time off some pnd anons' advice and it was almost turning out glorious.

MCO whales don't even try to hide it's a whale's playtoy.

yeah but I wanted MORE man. MORE. I wanted to buy cheaper but it kept going up. Got fomo like a fucking normie and bought back in. After that it went back down ofc. Fucking shit

Bought LTC at $350

Hello brother.

Bought 50 NEO @ 790,000 Sats the hour before it took its eternal shitplunge down to sub 300k

Been bagholding ever since

What is "fomo", retard here.

First opening morning order

Fatfingered and sold all my xrp without noticing. Had to rebuy next day at a premium. Don't even want to check how much gainz I lost

Fuck Off Mongoloid Oi

Are you holding?

>bought BTC at 15.500 Euros (18.5k $)

fear of missing out

I lost $2000 on XVG.

Fucking Ottomans Massing Outside

fear of missing out. people fomo when they jump on a climb thinking it will keep going up and dont want to miss out of gainz.

Sold and went to Ripple @2.18.

Cashing out my BTC, LTC, XRP and XLM 3 years ago today.

I bought bcash at .37

I FOMO'd into ICX almost at ATH. Lost a few hundred dillaridoos when I cut my losses after reading more about that shit and seeing that the whole project stinks and wasn't gonna go any higher soon.

>inb4 some ICX bagholder comes lecturing to me about muh Korean pride

Don't listen to them silly anons
It's Fierce October Morning-wood Overdose

Yep, I've lost $1,000 on SALT bags so far, thought it would be easy money given they actually launched a working platform and all.


Thanks, I love you all anons.

I lost money on shorts back then too user, ETH was fucking wild. Made it back with vertcoin though.

Went from 13 to 1 BTC over the course of this year. Bought ada with my last BTC. Now I'm back to 8.5 BTC. Too bad BTC is useless POS now.

bought verge at 1790

I lost $7,000 over the course of a week because I thought REQ was going to pump. Since then I've learned that you have to beat the rumor. Made $20,000 yesterday. All gravy.