Whatever you do, don't open blockfolio

Whatever you do, don't open blockfolio

>tfw only lost $5k so far
>out of $85k

Thank god I don't own any BTC


Kek. Literally giggling to myself

Wtf i just lost 25% of my total investment which was 50% of my total savings. What's wrong with me

You don't lose unless you sell. BTC swings like this all the time.

Seems fine user

Literally couldn't care. Up in sats. Plus this is a weekly occurrence the past month so whatever.

>open blockfolio
>up 24% in last 24 hours
Life's pretty good senpai

i only own req and icx. i think i'm actually up this morning.

Good attitude. Enjoy the pink wojak memes for a few days and the gains always come back. The people unironically cashing out is where our money comes from.

Holy fuck, Thanks user, just factory reset my phone, must be some sort of glitch.

>down 20%

>up 25%

Stay poor pajeets, ya got shilled

Yep, all is fine.


lost 1.2m so far, but seeing as I never really had it I'll be okay

Gl fellow hodlers

Was expecting a crash before new year's because of new tax policy, so I did this.

>infinite supply

fuck off with your burger coin

jesus christ dude get out of BTC

Yes. Make it crash even more.

>up in sats for now..

What good are your fucking sats if a Bitcoin is worth 1$ next year?

I knew this day would come ever since 5k happened in a week, I won't be dismayed until we begin to approach 1.5k. Lived through '14-'15 just fine after the '13 bust. Now it'll just be easier.

If we approach 8k, look for my 111 wall in Monero. GL

>down 7% in USD
>up 7 in sats

could be worse

Those sats will be worthless soon

>Lived through '14-'15 just fine after the '13 bust

>implying 2015 was a bad year for crypto
the state of Veeky Forums

>AION up 17%
>remember it's still 8% under where I got in

No problems here.

lost half of my originally invested shit by: selling xrp and poe before their moons, not selling couple more shitcoins when they were mooning one evening. Woke up a pink wojak next morning and out of saltiness put 60% in xrb and the rest kept in verge, tron and arn.

Im as pink as it gets rn


tfw I'm all in on BNTY and REQ.

REQ is still above the price before the uncalled bull rune of yesterday and BNTY is maintaining the same price all morning.


>BTC swings like this all the time

why skycoin if I may ask

I know. Cheap as fuck alts just make me so excited. It's like a second Christmas.

Don't feel bad if it dips below your entry points. It'll just bounce back up as usual. So long as you cash out a bit periodically near ATHs, you'll be fine.