Its over. charlie lee predicted it

charlie lee done toldn u faggots. prepare for multi year bear market.

he was right all the time, even warned us before china fud.

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This cannot be the end.


you can make money in a bear market too its just not as easy desu

>he still hasn't cashed out
>he's still bagholding
>he won't be buying back in at 5k

hi friend please delete this

Already recovering, faggots gtfo

>returning to normal
keep holding dumbass. I'll buy your bags in two months at 5k

Will need to shake harder if u want my crypto for cheap faggot



Looks like its headed to 1k. BCH is going to replace it.

You weak handed faggot. If you are scared because of that little correction GTFO!

I am into cryptocurrencies since 2010 and it is fucking normal and NO IT WONT crash you idiot.

The only thing that will happen, is that you crybabies sell low and then miss the next profit. ...and you are the guys crying around that BTC is a scam, simply because you are a retard.

Damn son, get your shit together!


RIP BITCOIN 2009-2017


>BTC lost fundamentals


BTC technology is obsolete but it didn't "lose" shit.

Now, one could argue that gold is obsolete too as a tool for payments...

Is this sarcasm or you're genuinely dumb? BTC is losing its fundamentals, the mass craze is over, there's just one way ahead...

Bitcoin was removed from Steam and every other retailer.. It's not functional anymore as a currency. Did you even know about that, little cunt, or you're just pretending to be dumb?

it's been a fun ride guys

Lets be real there, close to what can be considered normal is the phase before the media attention.
That is around 2-3k
Parabolic growth with niggers and boomers buying at 19k was not normal FFS
Its getting back to phase when only few enthusiasts will believe and buy / hodl

You dumb fuck. Sell now and you will regret that you lost the opportunity of your lifetime to the Jews... again... like you always lost since you were born. BTC is not dead, it’s shifting hands to the banks who will control the LN nodes once up. There is a new financial system being crafted here in front of your eyes and you are too blind to see. HODL or regret in a couple of years

It hasn't been functional as a currency in a long time m80. Nobody nowadays considers it a currency, despite it's original purpose.

As much as "store of value" is a meme, it sort of it. Digital gold. Gold is also a bubble though, so yeah bitcoin is a bubble, but it won't be dying anytime soon.

Bitcoin will be $100k minimum by 2020. There will be at least one major crash at some point though.

I sold at 17k, retard

No one said bitcoin would "die".. Even Dogecoin didn't die.

Sell all you little faggot. BTC LTC and all the coins which supports LN will prevail.

If you don’t believe in it, please go and buy some ripple. Please!

BTC isn’t dead, Daddy is getting owned by Jews just right now. In a month the transformation will be over without fucking the market and you will want to pink Wojak your dumbass brain...

I hate the spineless piece of shits like you in biz. You are worse than pajeets

Then why the fuck are you shitting about there is one way for BTC, muh crash? Stfu and don’t be the Jew who is fudding BTC here.

For everyone else, just fucking hodl and stfu about muh 10000% gainz opportunity cost. Zoom the fuck out from charts

>mfw I realise I can't even cash out cuz there is no fiat trading on Binance

Only a retard still cannot understand that the current exuberant growth ONLY happened because of the massive normie sentiments.. Normie sentiments are fading, normies aren't gonna flock to bitcoin as much as they did during the past three months. Game's over. Sure, altcoins are gonna get traded for btc for quite some time, but that's it.

That doesn't matter, not in the long term anyway.

Cryptocurrency is the future, it will be widely used

I can post charts that look like other charts too.

The game is only starting. Banks are getting BTC and eth through ripple without fucking up the entire market and leaving their bags to normies very soon. Ripple will maybe go another 2x after that ripple is fucking dead...

BTC is the core, LNs will be in the hands of banks and all the atomic swap coins will be adopted and used by vendors and normies alike. This is the game with BTC.

2018 is going to be about controlled growth of BTC and one of the platforms will get a lot of attention. Maybe eth, maybe neo or icx...

Then there is XMR which is the safe haven for privacy freaks like me, which will triple it’s sats.

There will be winners in the predictive markets and decentralized exchanges next year as well but for currency purposes, bitcoin is faaaaaar far away from dead

Probably not buttcoin, though

You should leave redditor

Just buy the dip and you'll have a Lambo soon.

Banks are too smart to buy your bags, only normies can do that. And for that, the moment is gone. Buttcoin only stays relevant because of its legacy and traditional pegging to altcoins. As soon as altcoin markets are dominated by something else, buttcoin won't be even needed.

>people thinking bubbles burst in minutes/hours

lol... BTC bubble has bursted, ever since it peaked at 20k... it just isn't going straight down to pennies, it has a shitload of rebounds obviously (dead cats etc) but the bubble has popped.

didn't the dot com bubble take a full year before fully popping?

Where do u buy xmr?

We can leave together.

You know you can always trust someone who posts with anime nazi girls

Bitcoin crashes 30+% at least once a year newfag

more like once a month

opinion disregarded

Dude they are buying it through ripple!!! Why the fuck do you think ripple was 20 cents from the dawn of mankind until a couple of weeks ago. The whole pricing of ripple has always been manipulated. Where do you think the volume is coming from? Normies? Banks are selling their bags and getting their hands on ripple. This is a live shift of wealth for both currencies. Who gives a fuck about ripple? Once you have 60-70% of the entire BTC reserves you can regulate it. BTC is still by far the safest network in the world, which is transparent and traceable (great for governments) and still the widely accepted gateway to altcoins. You control the gateways, you control it all!

I'm telling this again, screen cap this: BTC will be the core, LN nodes will be in the hands of banks and all the alts with atomic swaps will be used by vendors and users. 2020 is I expect this to happen.

>Where do you think the volume is coming from? Normies?
From the same people who buy altcoins (hoping to bank on the next new tech), and from them only. Just quit your bullshit here.

Couple of corrections: Banks are selling their bags to normies and getting their hands on BTC/ETH by doing so. This is a very subtle way of getting almost millions of BTC without fucking the market completely.

BTC is dead 2018 will be the year of altcoins.


There is no reason talking to you because obviously you weren’t here when ripple was going sideways for eternity. It has always been dragged down by the developers by selling cheap in the markets. Suddenly it pumps 800% and this is normal behaviour? This is the subtle takeover of BTC by the Jews. You did great by selling at 17k but stop fudding people to sell now. Only weak hands sell now and those hands will regret it in a month latest

If banks, hypothetically, started buying btc, and they started doing it just now, during the crash, that means they're buying normies' bags, which means the banks are losing.. And that doesn't make sense, banks cannot lose that easy, in such a foolish way. It's completely illogical.

I’ll eat my own dick if BTC goes below 25% dominance. It will come back with 50+%

Omg how is everyone so retarded here in a non-cool non-intelligent way. This is soooo fucking obvious...

Bitcoin 20k EOY amirite?

you are one dense motherfucker. The best comparison to BTC is gold. Is gold practical for everyday transactions? Do you bring your little bag of gold dust to the store when you buy pizza rolls? No. Can a deflationary asset be used as a store of value? yes. BTC doesn't need to be used for muh cup of coffee to be valuable. There are multiple other cryptocurrencies that are better suited for everyday transactions. BTCs value will be in its rarity and security. If you truly believe that btc is dead, then I advise you to sell it and put some fiat under your mattress instead

Learn to talk good, faggots


Why is Bitcoin Cash both able to transact for 1 satoshi per byte, and also act a store of value then?

Why is BTC trying to develop lightning network to turn it into a 'currency' again? Except instead of paying miners, in the lightning network you pay the hub owners aka the banks and cartels

But BTC is NOT gold, idiot. The reason why it was used in the darknet markets as a CURRENCY was actually the driving factor behind its growth. And the next stage is always mainstream adoption, when you can use it to buy things online, the opposite of which is happening right now. So shut the fuck up, at least until you activate your faggot lightning network.. At that point, we'll see how things go. For now, enjoy your prolonged bear market.