thank fuck I have bitcoin to cash ATMS where I live. no taxes

u are idiot if u think they noone isnt watching those

kikebase at it again

No one gives a shit about your $50 gains. Feel free to cash them out directly to your bank account.

How will they find out you paid?Will the boys investigate you for not paying "taxes" on internet fun bucks?

Those things give you such bad rates that you might as well just pay the taxes.

Is this a meme or will people really not be paying taxes if they haven’t cashed out?

You know government can see how much you earn? It's not private information.
If they see you are getting thousands of $€ they will ask you to pay

Joobilation 20/APR/2018

>thinking you can cash out

>crypto has no value and is worthless
>surrender your crypto profits citizen
>do not question double think citizen. Obey


Fucking coinbase!!! They mark out transfer out as sells. They are IRS bitches and will when they get audited all transfer out will get name and profiled.

Literally how in the fuck do they think they can enforce this? Yeah, good luck proving where this money came from with coins like Monero around.

>pay taxes like a good cuck
>a month later the market crashes leaving you with nothing/debt

How you gonna cash out buddy?

>tfw GDAX starts collecting taxes with the trading fees

Slowly in $499 increments.

Pay your taxes, goyim.
Uncle Sam deserves his fair share.

Did anyone here seriously expected to not be taxed?

I think any rational human being should know that there is no financial justice to this world if you want to stay clean.

Thats why once I cash out, I move to madagascar and live in my mention with a new name.

Fucking read before you send. Shit isn't hard

Enjoy your 3am raid

>what is scheduling?
>too late im in jail