Why is bitcoin dropping so hard? I didn't sell at 16k and I'm salty right now

Why is bitcoin dropping so hard? I didn't sell at 16k and I'm salty right now

starts with a b.


Please tell me, I bought bitcoin at 17k and 16k

speculative boom by normies for something which doesn’t generate revenue or have real world uses beyond criminality and turdworlders avoiding hyperunflation

Are you implying the alt coins are in a bubble too? Because it's all red
It will moon in mid january. At least that's what the rumors are.


Seriously though...

Like who the fuck would WANT to sell at 12k?

Or is it related to wall st futures markets..?

Binance bot keeping the price down.
Whales are acumulating.
Don't sell you weak hand.
Thanks for the cheap coins.
Stay poor faggot.

It went form 5k to 20k in 2 months without a true correction. I'm not talking those measly 20% drops that got regained in 2 days.

>Please tell me, I bought bitcoin at 17k and 16k

So? Presumably you valued Bitcoin at 17k and were happy at the time of purchase.

You bought Bitcoin because you like Bitcoin, not because you intended to flip it later for dollars, right?


Genuine kek


every normie and nigger who is watching the price drop in utter dismay

those who buy on a whim are most easily FUDded


Joobilation user.



Is this suppose to be bitcoin + erection or bitcoin + correction?

the dip was back in 2015 or whatever when Bitcoin went from 2k to 1k

you’re a bagholder mate

because too much easy money has been made. it's time for the market to punish everyone for a bit.

thanks for the money, have all the "cheap" coins you want, friend! 12,000 fucking dollars (basically a car) for a Bitcoin! Sounds like a good deal to me. We both win! I'll even sell you some BITCOINS for $8,000 too!

benis in bagina

Good one

>There's no coins here for you to rob.
Oh really? Then why are you people here?

Stop shit posting in my thread

>me no buy dip
>bitcoin crashing ungh

Here come the pink wojacks

Made my day.

>they grow stronger

relax OP multiply whatever you have right now and leave the market by sending to:

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