Went all in ETH yesterday

>went all in ETH yesterday
>up in satoshis down hard in $$$$$


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sorry to hear your loss user, eth's btc chart have been looking very bad for many months now

you're supposed to buy low cap coins, join discord.gg/KYHjuD6 , we got a list of insane coins with extremely low cap that will easily 10-100x due to their cap+idea

All my alts are this way. Well almost all. XBY of all coins is green in both. Which I actually really don't get.
But most of my alts are up in satoshi and fucked in $$. Makes sense since I trade in ETH and ETH is getting Justd right now.

Just wait it out. It's going to go back up. It may take a week but it will.

>up 60% in btc this week
>barely up in usd because of kikery


XBY gonna make us rich. The only green in my portfolio too. YEeT

will i make it user? i have 8k xby

>>up in satoshis down hard in $$$$
Why do you care about fiat?

wtf is that user?

There is a lot about this project that I don't like desu
I'm in since the beginning and believe that we are not getting scammed, but there is shit there that makes me very uneasy.

Dude really? Wtf?


Just sell your ETH for BTC.
It's superior crypto anyways.

>Up in sats
What's the problem?

sats are down in $$
Weak hands want to sell I guess.

Dude that's fucking gross. How does that even happen and why would you save it to your comp?

BTC is dead so sats are fucking worthless. Deal with it, core cuck.


rip BTC, can't believe it

this is some advanced bait


I just want april and may to happen again

It will in 4-5 months. Just wait.

jesus is she like 12 years old? wtf this isnt b you faggot i thought CP stopped after FBI bought Veeky Forums



dont hold eth when you can trade alts, just follow whales from this group when they announce new signals, and sell on targets when they hit, i made x4 in about 10 days and im sharing because i want all of us to make it we are going to lambo land together user

just wait for next april, it's literally a cycle bro.


Disgusting piece of shit. You´ll pay for this!

backstory where is this how did it happen?

that horse should be put down after doing that shit

it's a valid point but ewwww

jesus fucking christ, I'm actually filing an FBI tip on you for that pic, that's disgusting. Hope you have a VPN, faggot



is that even real ?