Guys I am a long time crypto investor.

Little dips liek these are completely normal. If you are weakhanded and sell low it is your fault when you lose money. Don't cry later.

Just HODL - damn kids, you still don't understand the game.

It's going UP again.

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Iron. Fucking. Hands.


I'm shorting this all the way down and making more than you could ever dream of.
Bitcoin is stupid and obsolete
Star Wars is shitty.
You will never own an electric car.
Stop sticking things up your ass.

t. salty latecoiner

>he doesn't realize that if it goes up again it will only be the dead cat bounce
>they couldn't sucker wall into their meme dream

Be smart user:


U faggot I am a holder of 46 BTC so STFU!

...and crybabies like you always should "omg its crashing, sell now".

Butcoin went up from nothing to 20k already, and you are still afraid? this is only the beginning of the cryptocurrency.


Went from 20k to 12k. Yea just a little dip goys. Nothing to be concerned about

BTC went from ~1200 to 150 before, yet here we are


I only hold cash, bCash that is. Fuck Core.

sorry you lost half a million dollars by holding (so far)

make sure to post on Veeky Forums again when you lose the other half a million

cool trading strategy, reddit, good job

No, I'm out of here. I bought all I could to keep the price high but YOU didn't do your bit, so now I'm selling it all. Fuck you.

yeah i remember that because i sold it at 1200

this time i sold it at 20k

you wouldn't believe how good it feels to not be retarded

its a long bank holiday
money withdrawn in the current exodus isn't coming back until well into next week.

Didn't it stayed under 1000 for two years when it happened?

the head and shoulders just broke, its going to 6k you fucking idiot

Hold other coins, btc and bcash both need to die.

lol, I already sold at a slight profit and now I'm going to wait till it hits rock bottom again.

for bitcoin cultists, losing all your money for years is a badge of honor. they actually prefer to be poor rather than sell high. or sell ever.

it's seriously an internet cult


it corrects down around 40% like 6 times this year. anyone selling now are going to fucking hate themselves by early/mid Jan

Head shoulders knee’s and toe’s

and eyes and..

weird because i've sold a lot of highs this year and don't regret the massive amount of profits, i don't think you understand how trading works

sell it now, buy it back later. i'm probably not buying it back later, though, because this is no longer 2017 -- bitcoin has been replaced and too many normies got burned, now. the brand is dead after this crash


Dude I lost nothing because I invested fucking 12000 USD for 46 BTC.
Which is a profit of 432,000 USD

So tell me again I lost something you fool.


exactly. but most chantards are weakhanded crybabies that buy high and sell low and then say Bitcoin is so bad because the b-b-bubble ...LOL

Posting that won't lower the price, I hope you do know that.

are you in denial? you had a million dollars, now you don't.

next week, you will lose even more money.

i'm sorry that you're too stupid to treat profit as profit. thanks for the money, i took it on your behalf. the house, car, and medical school it paid for is very real. that's what you lost. you lost half a million dollars. that's a house, a car, and an education.


it's all real money you fucking dolt, not just the principal investment

it's all real. you were a millionaire. on paper. now you're not. you're not getting a second (third) chance to be this rich.

why wouldn't you sell when you turned 12,000 into a million, you are fucking dumb

Because BTC will NTO CRASH you fucking idiot. ...just talk to me in 1 week and say sorry fucktard.

It's everytime the same here, you faggots always cry that BTC is crashing but it never happened you faggot. don't u get that?
BTC will be way over 20k in 2018. not gonna sell. LOL

Buy Ripple now, BTC is finished.

at this stage its already too late and denial is the only thing able to give him so peace of mind
some people just dont know when to stop and he will regret it


>Because BTC will NTO CRASH
jesus dude calm down and do some brainstorming
at least think it through again

>plz user sell me your cheap BTC bags

nobody thinks 12 thousand fucking dollars for a Bitcoin* is cheap (hint: that's why the price keeps going down every day)

*the worst possible cryptocurrency to use and hold

OR, OR maybe you could just sell and buy the fucking dip at after some confirmed signal of reversal
It amazes me that you as a "long time investor" doesn't even understand a concept as basic as this

We are pretty far from 'little dip'.

Guys I am taking a screenshot of my posting now and will remind you in some say. ...fucking weakhands.
Hah if I ever sold everytime you chantards thought BTC will crash I would be a poorfag now :D

i think this is actually reddit's fault (partially)

i have a feeling these people's lives consists of reading nothing more than the most upvoted reddit comments on any particular issue, the end result is they're the most ignorant fucking people imaginable

he seriously thinks bitcoin will just go up forever and losing almost a million dollars won't happen (he's almost halfway back to fucking zero, it's right in front of his eyes and he still believes reddit memes... fear, uncertainty, and doubt or at the very least self-preservation should have taken over his mind by now)

OP, this is just sad. Please sell before you lose the rest of your money. It's real fucking money.

bell curve, half of society will be below average IQ

guys like you said every year after x-mas that BTC gonna crash. ...dude you are ridiculous.

sell low stay poor. :..haha better for me because i can buy low :)

You could have half a million dollars in the bank RIGHT NOW. 46 Bitcoins at 12,000 USD secures your future. It buys a fucking house, car, and an education. What more do you need?

You're betting your fucking future on Bitcoin in the middle of the biggest speculative bubble the world has ever seen, for what? The (small) probability it will go back to 13K next week and you can post a screenshot on Veeky Forums?

Oh my God, what the fuck is wrong with your brain

Why would I sell low? are you crazy?

I have a job, no need to "safe" my future.

If you think BTC will crash now, go ahead, you don't seem to understand the cryptoworld.

38% market dominance

0 real world utility

$50 transactions

gigantic bubble bursting in front of your eyes

i wish you the best of luck bro
how big was your starting investment?
at least cash out 2BTC or so so you dont end up with nothing when it turns out youre wrong

look I see that you are applying logic. what you need to realize is that bitcoin is internet money and the memes say to HODL because lambo. got it?

nocoiner gtfo stay poor

this is the number one problem with reddit
they arent confronted with arguments outside their little bubble and by the years this can fuck people up for good and make them ignorant

>0 real world utility
>mad about high fees

It's almost like the fees are high because lots of people are using it.

OP here, i was wrong, sell it all

>i have a job, what would i need 46 Bitcoins x 20,000 USD for

that was almost a million dollars, and it's okay that you don't have it anymore, because you have a job. haha, lambos, right? Can I speak to you in memes? Do you understand those? That was five fucking lambos.

fuck, i'm out, this is the dumbest argument i've ever been in

Lighning Network is upcommign soon, BTC will stay the major currency.

All my investment (which was 12k) was already tranfered to my bank account 1 year ago. ...I put 12k in and put 12k out. I CAN NOT LOSE, I only can win right now.

As said I will come back in some days to show you that BTC is up again. can't wait for my "I SAID SO" :D

FUCK, tanking like hell

>crypto """""""""""investor"""""""""""

join this discord group, do exactly what leader whale says, if he holds you hold, if he sells you sell, he will announce everything, no need to hodl long term when you can profit from dips

Fuck you, Reddit poster

>> 0 real world utility

Drugs and Porn man

Yeah, they are spending that money to send it to exchanges to sell.

I sold at 17k

going to watch you niggas drop lower than granny's tits and buy back in at the bottom.

Money maker here ;-)

listen to my advice you 46 BTC? great then cash out like 2 or maybe even 6 so you dont regret it in the end
you can not lose if you secure at least some gains in something safe
if you consider BTC safe you cant be helped
well thats it im out of this thread too


... you lost when you didn't sell at 20K. You lost again when you didn't sell at 19K... we're now at 12K. Napkin math shows that you've lost 368K dollars or so in under a month. There's nothing, absolutely nothing stopping you from losing a greater amount next week. It can (and will) go down to nothing, because it doesn't do anything anymore. Bitcoin is worthless -- you should be fucking thankful you can still cash out half a million dollars. Instead you're (naively) believing that gravity doesn't exist for Bitcoin.

You've lost a shitload of money, Redditor. I have zero respect for people like you and I regret showing you any pity at all in this fucking thread. You truly don't understand the value of money at all -- that 368K is a house. It's a fucking house. You could have bought yourself (or somebody else) a house. You could have even given it to charity. But you let it slip through your fingers and insist that we're the real idiots. You're a glib idiot with no understanding of finance or money, and I hope you lose the rest. That money will be in the hands of better people.

Stay Salty shit trader

..b..but... what about hodl?

You have no idea how this works.

lol, you really have no idea what youre talking about, you're literally exactly the same as the person you're trying to make fun of and you don't even realize.

LOL you just don't get it hm? I lost NOTHING because all the money I invested I already got back. SO in worst case i get out with 0$ (which won't happen).

You are such an uneducated idiot. If I would have listened to guys like you past years I would lost money. I already have a lot and BTC will soon rise again. As said, I will remind you next week that your stupid prediction was wrong.

Weakhanded normie kids are just rediculous.shitting their pants because btc only went up 11k since the beginning of the year. lol

Go back and buy apple and alphabet shitpapers.

>i cn bredict marlets

Kek, this is why it’s hard to make money in a bubble, skeptics would’ve sold too early and true believers go down with the ship. Only autistic schizos like 4chaners end up making money.