Ether tanks heads up

Just posted...


Dunno, but I appreciate the warning

Hitting the cash-out does not in fact give me the proper amount.

aka unable to or money gone. rip

Send 0.00 it will work

Really? This just looks like it doesnt even register

that's the smart contract, just send it. lower the gas to 5 first

why are people wasting their money on gay shit like this and EtherMons and CryptoKitties

Ponzi within a Ponzi.

Alright Im new on the Meta Mask and the FUD hit me. Thanks for the advice and heads up

Etherscan gives me this:

TxReceipt Status:Fail

They cashed out pretty much as soon as they wrong that message you retard. It was a failsafe to pretend they gave people a warning.

The contract has 0 eth in it now, you can check for yourself.

Me too now. Goxxed.

So he took all the money and ran, kinda silly to do this before it got way higher but hey he still got out with $200k

It wasn't going way higher. It was slowing down significantly. Etheremon barely lasted 6 hours before it slowed down hard. This game was slowing down in 3. Going any longer just risked more people cashing out themselves.


well guess I lost my 25 bucks initial investment


there was a major exploit in the contract code that allowed people to buy free tanks while still gaining rewards from future tanks. Could be intentional by the owners, or could be the notorious hacker Veeky Forums


Yeah naah... was a scam from the get-go.

I was just curious to see how it would pan out. Lesson learned. A cheap one in my case. Not so much for others

>the tank that costed 10 ETH is the one that had 'the bug' that meant they needed to 'fix' something
>the contract literally copied Etheremon's wallet contract and had the cash-out shit still in it
Yeah, no, it was a scam.

All tanks had that bug. Look at the exportTank function, there was no security check at all so everyone could print free tanks which gave rewards to all older tanks of that type.

This exploit could be intentionally left in ofc

So I can't cash out?

Seems so, we got goxxed

reddit is saying he's just updating the smart contract

I only put in 0.1 but it doubled up and I wouldn't mind cashing out 0.2

u got fucked, he emptied the smart contract. Why would he do that if hes just updating the game?

oh well

To be fair, if there's an exploit where other people can take the ETH in the contract, the sane thing to do would be to move the ETH to a safe wallet, fix the smart contract, and then put the money back.

It all gets stored in another contract so people don’t make money while he updates the game.

JK WE ALL GOT KEKED and reddit is just hoping for the best hahaha

So people exploiting the contract can't cash out. that would be the logic behind it.
still pretty sure its a scam tho



sssssssssssssscammed suckers thanks for the easy money

Shoulda gone all in on cryptolitties at least that shit was CUTE