Is it an acceptable strategy to never sell at a loss and hold instead?

Is it an acceptable strategy to never sell at a loss and hold instead?

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It is the only strategy.

Yes, as long as you're not investing in dead coins.

However is far from the best strategy. It means that your funds can be in hold for weeks or months, losing potential opportunities

Yes, this is how most people invest. Just have to make sure you pick good coins

>buy at 100
>sell at 90
>price goes to 70
>buys at 70 instead
>at 100 he has more money


As long as it is a decent coin (i.e. most of the top 10 - 15 coins), it's a viable strategy. Used to only be BTC and ETH were the two main holds but I think you can argue for most of the top 15 coins now bar a few.

Holding a shitcoin is an awful strategy however.

This. You can trade your coin regardless of the entry price and don't miss golden opportunities.

you're supposed to buy low cap coins mate, join , we got a list of insane coins with extremely low cap that will easily 10-100x due to their cap+idea

Only if you want to be a mind slave to crypto or whatever other imaginary bullshit "asset" you are in.

In other words hold = forever bitch

>buy at 100
>sell at 90
>price goes to 70
>buys at 70 instead
>it got down 50
>sale at 50
>fuck this coin
>it go up 200

This only works in a bull market

How about with BTC? I've been buying since $2k (all the way up to $17k) and I'm getting very nervous

You'll be fine. Just hold for the next 4~5 years until it recovers again.

No, it's an absolutely retarded strategy. I've made more money knowing when to cut losses than I would've if I had been a stubborn retard. Sometimes you make a bad judgement and sucking it up and cutting losses is the only smart move to make.

You're never gonna make it. How do you expect to get rich not selling low and buying high? Dumbass

this isn't my full-time job, I can't spend all day watching the charts.

I've followed this since August. My last bags were FUEL but they're now in the green too

Be fearful when others are greedy

Be greedy when others are fearful

So how do I know when a coin is about to turn bullish?

kek if you want to be a gay nigger

>Recovers again

It's still up for the month.