Only poorfags buy lambos

Only poorfags buy lambos

the most expensive, fastest and awesome car in the world is the Bugatti

stop being poor

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Not only that the Bugatti is also the ugliest car ever! You really get what you pay for.

looks like an Aquaman vehicle

and Aquaman is the gayest superhero
you can have it

>not hiring Cristiano Ronaldo at 4x his annual salary per year to go to school and become one of the best engineers in the world then giving him full project funding to have him personally design and build your own one of a kind 300mph supercar made of rare earth elements and powered by only the testicles of white rhinos.

You absolute fucking peasant.

To hell with that. Meanwhile I have my 20 ark retirement fund set to go while you're blowing money on some french eurocuckmobile.

it's overpriced af
i would take a lambo or a ferrari anyday

You're not gonna make it.

buying anything is gains waste
>tfw literally homeless because all my money is in crypto gaining 5000x a year

fuck a car buy a private jet.
or a truck boat truck.

>overpriced as fuck
>only carfags know what a bugatti is, normies only know about ferrari and lambo

>not teleporting about like a god

the absolute state of you fucking mortals

Nah, Bugatti is normalfag territory for hypercars. All the rappers and all the stupid magazines creamed over Bugatti ever since the Veyron even bugatti now is VAG trash.

I got something for your ass. You can get street legal versions of these if you want to throw stupid money.

>most expensive
Mclaren p1 GTR, Lykan hypersport, Ferrari enzo & pagani zonda are more expensive just to name a few.
Koenigsegg one & lamborghini centernario are faster (probably more cars are but these are just of the top of my head)
its ugly as fuck it looks like a beetle

Only full retards or billionaries buy exotic $300k-$1M cars.

And no matter how magical internet money you made, you most likely are still in the first category.

stay humble, everyone. no need for dumb ugly cars if you can use that money to buy more shitcoins

I don't care how much I make from crypto, I'm sticking to used cars. Buying new is like buying BTC at $19600

my rule is the car shouldn't cost more than 1% of your net worth. so if you have 30 million and you buy a 300K car i think thats oke

>it looks like a beetle
Ahhhh haa ahaaa haa haa haaa haa haa haa haa

More VAG styling at work here. Fucking great. They wreck Porsche and now they make a W16beetle.

I am screencapping this and showing the boys over on Veeky Forums.

Nah, Bugatti is normalfag territory for hypercars
Maybe among men, but not among women. their knowledge about expensive cars are lambos and ferraris

do women even care as long as the price tag is high

my rule is a car shouldn't cost more than $5k. $5k gets a decent used vehicle that can last you 4 or 5 years, and then you sell it for $1500-2000 and buy another vehicle for $5k.

No sense eating the depreciation costs when a 7-10 year old vehicle has already lost most of its value but could still easily have plenty of life left in it.

One minute you say normies, now you say women. Classic changing the goalposts Veeky Forums. I love it.

I would never buy anything to impress women. Im a busy man. I havent got time for that. plus they are entitled to half your shit if things go south.

So what we really need is pussy repellent.

They are also fuck ugly my dude

Veeky Forums is pussy repellent

yall basic

They only know lambos and ferraris are expensive cars.
Girls follow with their eyes lambos and ferraris, but when it comes to bugattis, they don't know if it's an expensive car or not, unless they are told so


futuristic af

>One minute you say normies, now you say women. Classic changing the goalposts Veeky Forums.
Who the fuck wants to impress other normie men? Are you ga-
>I would never buy anything to impress women. Im a busy man.

Yeah, because it's not only the price of the car itself (a depreciating asset already) but they're fucking expensive to maintain ($15k to replace a clutch, and it breaks between 5000 and 10000 miles, so it's not a kind of car that you can use as every day car).

My second biggest regret next to not investing in crypto earlier is not learning about cars at a young age. I'm jealous of the beta Veeky Forumsrbiters that get to tinker in their garage all day, it seems fun. I would just end up with a fucked up car.


>spend 50k on motorcycle
>Faster than your 3m meme machine

>He didn't buy a Tesla

>tfw you will never buy a jdm classic and tour the japanese mountains

This is all I want...


Lambofags chase pussy, we chase the night.

>not moving to japan and buying a lime green gtr

No offense but anyone buying an overprice car is fucktard and no one will like you any more besides maybe shallow whores and faglords. You could feed millions of human beings with 100 million dollars.

Enjoy die young.

>people posting cars without a 100 year warranty

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I knew most of Veeky Forums were childless faggots.

>feed millions of human beings with 100 million dollars.
I wouldnt buy an expensive car, they're all packed with electronic trash nowadays, but I wouldnt go help Africa out or something either.

Unless we're talking animals. Sure I'd help the animals out. fuck people though, I dont give a shit about them.

And that goddamn car don't cost $100m dollaridoos either.

>Not buying a fully loaded Crown Vic PI to keep bitches in line on the streets

To everyone saying "overpriced" please realize they lose about six million dollars with every veyron they sell It's so hilariously underpriced it makes you look like idiots. Just say it's expensive.

>chase the night
>posts anime

Damn I wish we had those over here.

What's the cheapest more resilient car there is?

This is true, if you don't have a passion for cars of some sort. I know a guy who bought a new BMW and god did he think he was the shit. He was like Eliot Rodger thinking that a nice car is going to instantly unlock pussy for him.

I mean, it kind of does...

I'll admit that one is nice but most you see people driving look like shit.

Only niggers buy buggatis

I guess it depends on who you are. A nice car will up Chad's game but its not going to magically get a betafag laid, it will seem like overcompensating. A nice house with a hot tub might do the trick though.

Or a boat! Bitches love boats.

no it's not, koenigsegg is. also: new tesla roadster seems quite fast, don't have details.

Owning a cop car is one of the funnest things you can do. You get more bitches, you can get away with almost anything, and it actually does burnouts without taking it to the garage for Luigi to fix for 5 more BTCs.

But in all seriousness Veeky Forums - don't fall for the Lambo meme. They're cool and all but not worth it, I used to work in a dealership for exotic cars. They're rarely used for daily drivers, always have issues, and they're liabilities which will be sold off later on for half the price you bought them for.

No fud zone

Almost anything 80-90s japanese generally. Consult Veeky Forums. Mention my name and you will get a discount.

Yeah for acceleration but not for top speed. I think most people have given up the acceleration race. Anything around 2-2.5 seconds is negligible and acceleration to 100+ is where all these super quick hypercars start to either pull out front or fall behind.

When people say fastest they are generally referring to top speed.

I dont keep up to date with whats the fastest in the world. Whats the point when most of us will never see those cars in person, let alone ride in them, let alone drive them, let alone own them.

Shit I would be happy with a Nissan GTR or an older Honda NSX. Rather have a bad ass house and other powersports machines.

A garuntee you unless you are some hideous sperg that a nice car alone can get you laid with a college age chick, especially if you live on a campus or in a city

When I make it. I am going to buy a Porsche 911 re-imagined by Singer with the license plate CHNLNK

Yep, but Elli-pooper was too much of an unbearable faggot.

lol who said there arent honest white people starving or getting by on MSG ladden roman noodles? And you would have to have 100 mil to justify spending 50k a year on insurance and 500k down on a car. or at least 10 mil.

Lol right its actually a turn off to girls when guys think a car is wonderful. Girls like it when you have a nice car and you dont even think about it like "oo yea that old thing, you should see me bank account."

My nigger. Utter class.

I saw a new r8 with an ETHBTC plate on here or Veeky Forums or somewhere online the other day.

Literally the exact car I want. Fuck lambo shit.

Fuck. Yes.

I was literally looking at a yellow Porsche 911 the other day, there's one on moonlambo.

...I need more kinki linki

I’m gonna use my crypto gains to restore and trick out my ‘91 GTR

I see what you mean about the $100m now, you mean it's only a sensible purchase for those who have around that total net worth.

Dont mistake me for a poltard, I dont care about the honest white people either. Im sitting around waiting for double you double you three to roll around or a big giant asteroid to finally put us all out of our misery or maybe for us to develop AI and it puts two and two together and realizes we are all fucking retarded and it's time to euthanize us.

Call me retarded but I know one day my dream will come to fruition.

ugly piece of trash

decently below average
shit but fun
shit but fun
ugly fag
top tier
above average
above average
above average

Most of those that I dont mention are just randoms from my Veeky Forums folder

This is from some Norwegian bloke on Veeky Forums who says his bumper is illegal over there or something. I dunno.

why do you save utter shitboxes?

I need to have images to post in order to draw attention to my posts so I can better bait people.

They teach us that in the Australian Shitposting Academy.