What is this even doing at this point, almost looks like a downtrend? Thought next stop was 120. Instead it dipped to 48 and is now sitting at around 60

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We have no date for the fork yet. Just accumulate bruh.

Is anyone even holding this ??

I am

Whales at play.

Just fucking wait for fucks sake, this shit will start moving for real at the beginning of January.

im still buying the dips



Not willing to sell other alts for this. Looking to buy more tho. Trying to scrap together more cash.

Guys will Bittrex support the fork?

How much do you think Bitcoin Private is going to be? 500USD maybe or it is too dreamy?

Nobody knows, but looking at other Bitcoin forks, it's likely to start trading at $300.

Bittrex already supports ZCL and BTC. So rumor is yes. When they announce its wheels uo

t. increasingly nervous zcucks. You faggots bought after a solid 100x, you are gonna get rekt

Im all in. Its the most obivous moon mission ever and it just started

How the fuck did ZCL end up as the pick for the BTC Private fork? I could have mined 10 a day a few months ago but I stuck to ZEN and XZC because who the fuck thought ZCL would go to 100.

Simple. Lowest markest cap and coin ammount of all the real security coiNs, mit all star coder, serious team

fuck me. Still mining it now, might as well build a stack for the fork.

I'm holding them in cryptopia. Will they give you the forked coins?

>it just started
lmao you cant make this shit up. The moon started 3 weeks ago now its finishing

real moon start after fork date announcement . it is 300 $ easy

I got in at 23k sats, I could have easily get out when it touched 80k, but I have no reason to, I'd be losing potential money.
Stop being the usual salty cuck who misses the moon mission and get in while you still can thanks to the current dip. I'll buy some more myself as soon as I get paid on January 1st.


the real moon was the ride from $1.50 to $130 not $100 to $300, how fucking deluded are you people?

You are partially right, of course if you joined in at 1.50 would be great but anyway if you joined at 70 and sold at 300 it is not bad at all

Don't be greedy


I know nigga, but how to know its happening before hand unless u get some insider or hold this shit for yrs. for me 2-3x is good in these rough times.

Ahaha. Said yesterday it's gonna drop to 50$. I was fucking right. Hopefully someone listened to me.

assuming it will to go $300, which is a big assumption. Greedy? Greedy is buying ATH expecting even higher ATH lol
>muh fork
btcp will be dumped to the ground the moment you notice its on your wallet. You're better off buying that dip than buying zcl

nobody knows before hand, people buying at $2 were probably expecting $5 in like 3 months and were pleasantly surprised IF they held through the climb which is hard as fuck when you are up 800% already

kek. all btc forks above 300$. zcl is safe buy until 300$.

I bought at 30 USD so i don't fucking mind kid, but yeah we are all speculating that it will go to 300$ after the fork

Are you salty that you didn't buy or what?

you cant hold any coin more than a few days? Any coin you hold just need to shoot up to the moon? why dont you just fucking go to casino?

>i bought at $30
then you are comfy and have no fear of loss. But those buying at >$100 should be scared

I dont get what you are doing and what is your point? people think it may up so they buy, even 10% gain is gain, let alone 2x or 3x. All your say is this coin is high and people deluded. Give me a break if you want to "help" people. If you don't have any interest in buying this, why waste time here? you sound incredible salty user.

I did. This is the most uncomfortable hold I ever had.

300? Should get close to 900

Just stay calm and don't let you get scared by cheap fud. Dude wants you to short your bags so he can accumulate.
I'd do it myself if I had some spare currency.

I am. It’s a fucking $1,000 coin

why do all you newfags mistake genuine advice for saltyness? Look if a coin is 300% up from ATL then you are kinda safe buying expecting a 30% or 2x or whatever. But when a coin has just gone from 10k sat to 874k you are asking for trouble buying at those prices because of all the room it has for falling. Im not invested in ZCL nor want to drop the price to buy, i always warn people buying after massive pumps not to get burned. Guess what always happens in crypto after these runs, go look at historical charts..
The ZCL one is now one fucking straight vertical line 100x in value lol. Many coins did that and were followed by a diagonal straight line towards the ground floor.
But its your money so do whatever you want fucker

you are comparing coins without bitcoin forks to ones with it, are you new?

stop with this retarded nonsense. You think a couple of posts of fucking anime board are gonna move the price one inch? 95% of money on board zcl does not even look at this site, and of that 5% only 0.0001% is reading. Jeez, some of you people..

newfags? I am here since ethereum like $8,
> i always warn people
sure you are user, so fucking kind.

ZCL has consolidated and retraced from ATH so buying now is reasonable. Just like I bought ripple at 82c after it run from 20c to 1.2 and look what its price now.

Fucking try hard 7 posts fudder pretending help people. you are a pos.

>muh free money
btc fork is nothing special these days


are you actually a fucking retard? a free 200~300 coins is nothing special?

they were 1:1 with btc alone, not 1:1 zcl AND btc.
Your shitfork is gonna be like $50 tops

then it still $50 free, multiply by hundreds coin is a respectable amount of money. And you say 50, I say at least $300 along the way.

Stop hating free money and being a fucking retard.