Why hasn't virtual games currencies adopted a single crypto coin? I mean jso has had their gay forum coin for a while...

Why hasn't virtual games currencies adopted a single crypto coin? I mean jso has had their gay forum coin for a while. Other places like playerauctions and markeedragon would benefit from their own coins or at least one single global one. I would think it would be the ideal place to actually use crypto. Why haven't they?

Why would anybody spend their coins when the price keeps going up? Did you think about that at all.

So the currency in crypto is just a meme huh. When exactly are fucking people going to use their coins?

There is no api for unity or unreal for easy integration

Yes cryptocurrency is a meme. Go back to playing videogames. Sage

I think you misunderstood me. In talking about the black market of digital goods. Like path of exile items, d2jsp has done this for a while with their forum currency for Diablo 2 items for a while now.

I dont get it, whats he paying the shady person for?

30 stones of jordans

Please send FG to PapaPsych @d2jsp

Hey moron look at the car

>distressed as he hits the kid
>presumably being paid for it

that's dark as fuck

Enjin coin my dudes

7 SDK's in the works for 2018, including Unity and Unreal.

ssssh tryna accumulate under.20

Are you that unaware user

Do you not see obvious things right in front of you

He paid him so he can watch the smoker dude fuck his daughter.

err user do you even know how a blockchain works?

ENJ is good, I got in at 3 cents

AE is better though

No mong. He paid him to ran her over so he could buttfuck her the rest of her life

I dont understand this progression of events.

It's more like it's nonsensical to anyone who doesn't have whatever fucked up fetish this is. Are the hitman and the father faking distress? Why, if there's nobody around? If there are people around, then the artist should have shown that. Why use a car and risk killing her if he wanted to have her as a sex slave? Why even paralyze her, is this part of the fetish, can't you overpower a child normally as a grown man?
It's just weird. Comes off as some normalfag shit from a normalfag who thinks he's got deep dark edgy thoughts.

that last frame is fucking retarded. why is his shadow upside down?