Listen to biz they said

Buy high sell low they said, hodl they said, you will get to lamboland they said.

>should’ve followed the Jews

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Holding all biz shilled shitcoins
Kek, what did you think was gonna happen?

holy shit. tbey are all shitcoins except XRB.
good job user. you're stuck with some heavy bags for eternity

buy more xrb. it's your salvation

>all these fucking memecoins with barely any use shit partnerships and no adoption

Off ur self my man

holy fuck, you literally bought the shittiest coins of shitcoins


Don't go all in on a bunch of shit coins, have at least 40% of your portfolio in BTC or ETH, soon XRP also. Adds some stability and consistent gains. Also buy ETH before fork, will be guaranteed gains.

Holy fuckkk I can’t stop laughing my fucking sides u bought the fucking memes lmao wtfffff 20 grand of memes hahahahahahah

no wtf. btc and eth?? maybe XRP but the only safe heaven now is ICX.
still undervalued and easy top 5 in 2018.

I fucking love seeing newbies get justed

Plz help me what do I do

I am all in on the meme that is ICX. I should break a little off and put it in BTC but even that is going through hard times at the moment so nah. 2500 ICX. Either I die or a Porsche 911.

OP if you don't want to lose it all consider this

>literal brainlet has more money than I do

Life is cruel

Holy shit you feel for all the pump and dumps.

Get rid of all of those except maybe XRB

Fwiw, every single coin is getting bopped at the moment. If you dont have a large holding of ripple you are crippled at the moment. The jews won.

the only thing you can do

Go out and avenge your dignity on every pajeet you see.

man just follow this discord group, whales announces their pumps, give you signals with 3 targets always hitting at least 2, it made me get x4 in 10 days, and comunity is pretty nice check it out

By the time you see it on biz its typically too late.
well at least the risk goes up and you'll know it will actually PnD. better or worse.

1k ICX here
We going to the moon breh.

But don’t dismiss ETH, ICX is literally a token on the ETH platform right now.
ETH will continue to be big and will most likely double in price next year as crypto grows and ETH continues to be the vehicle for transactions and hosting different tokens.

how can one portfolio be so shitty, please finish building it by adding LINK

The most hilarious thing is the King Pajeet coin, TRX, has stayed the most stable during this shit show. Food for thought.

Ok faggots, I’ve fucked up. But I’m fine with selling at a loss I’ve already taken out my initial investment plus 10grand so this is free money. I’m thinking of waiting for xrb to be listed on kucoin and if it dumps then goin all in?

lol you're gonna make it. leave btc alone.
all we need is the mainnet and the listing on coinone.

I probably sold my Utrust ICO bags to you lol.

I cant believe people with this amount of money fall for the memes. hit me up i will help you

>Buy High Sell Low

God I love this board

Alright I’m ready, help me

Youll need to le hodl meme if u want a return, but honestly just dump the lot except XRB

read my fucking post aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ICX. that's all you need if you wanna break even

>waiting for xrb

kek it's just too perfect

Wow, you're a scamcoins magnet, I wouldn't fall for such obvious scams even if I tried to do so on purpose. You have a talent.

You were looking for something like this

Is this real

A lot of alts dipping right now because btc, I haven’t researched a lot into these shitcoins because they’re memes and pumpndumps, but raiblocks is good, keep it u might even make profit off that one, the rest dude idk, you have to think long and hard about just cutting your losses right now. Honestly I would take the losses and move into more promising coins.
But so research buy cryptos with good partnerships that can deliver a service and be profitable, cryptos with good teams and good backing.
Sell all that shit and jump into ICX, if I can hold for 2-3 months you’ll easily x4, x2 at least.

Consider ETH if u don’t want to take big risks, should double next year easy, as much as I hate to say it, wait for ripple to dip a bit more buy and hold year for easy x2-3 depending on how long u want to wait.

With the amount of money u have I should be making safe plays with most of it until u learn a bit more.

>waiting for xrb

Lmao, dump all the kucoin pump and dump coins except for maybe Bount0x, keep your XRB

genuine help;

you have a couple of options
set sell orders on the shitcoins for the amount you paid for them or slightly higher

break even and dump them

ICX is actually a good shout but no major news til the end of January

XRB is not a bad choice, but bad timing with the recent bug that was discovered on Github

honestly ignore any coins on biz that people are over shilling and screaming MOOON time at, its just them trying to raise the price because they've bought in already and wanna leave

Ive literally never heard of any of the coins listed lol
Op fell for the 2 person ICO meme

finally someone gets it.

You're a fucking idiot. Just buy XLM, CND, XRP, ICX or some shit in the next huge dip.

Op here, ok so I can cut my loses and move 40/60 xrb and icx. Is that a good idea.


that's a good thing for ICX.
korea is trying to self regulate the crypto market so ICX is going sideways without the hype it had last week and one random announcement could pump it in no time. that's the best time to accumulate before it gets listed on CoinOne (it's one of the partners).
it's the safest bet right now imo.

No buy Qstamp Link Req Xrb Monero and ICX and ETH

go 50/50 bnty and pfr you will be a millionaire next month.

Id recommend neo @ $30-35 and monero @ $300-330
With btc dropping its not too unrealistic for those coins to reach that price
You can do xrb/icx if you want, xrb is a solid coin when btc is down (its always up 20% or more on those days) but they’ve been hyped a bunch lately so the chance of making 3x or more is less likely than them completely shitting the bed

Don’t move more money to xrb dude it’s not looking too bright now, follow it closely if u believe in the project but beware cuz it’s not looking good for the time being might even dip more (it will)

ICX and consider USD (tether if u gay) until u find some good projects don’t buy all the shilling, research into ICX before I go balls deep again, ffs
Did u make all ur money off jumping into memes and pumps? I wouldn’t be surprised but fuck..

Tether is shit, it bounces around .98 cents to 1.02 and very few buy orders

xrb and icx are going to tank hard as people pull billions in profit, bnty and pfr are the next moon missions, to 50/50 or neck yourself next month bro

Actually yes I did, I’ve been holding xrb since 1 dollar sold a bit at 15 now I’m thinking of icx a lot after all of these shills here gonna research more into it, what do you think of selling everything moving on 1000 neo and using gas and investments into small coins

Just a heads up neos been at the $60-75 range for the last week or so so try not to buy unless it dips below

Not having DBC and Kucoin Shares, lol op

ICX looks great, worth researching into for sure.
I rode Neo to 60 and dropped it because that’s all I see for Neo. But I’m no cryptogod do ur research and see if what it can become suits your goals.
I wanted a long term x10 and got it so I sold and now looking at other projects that look more promising to me.

Read this boss but make your own decisions, you are falling for shills again.