Ask a guy who just bought $7k of XRP anything

Ask a guy who just bought $7k of XRP anything.

Literally riding the normie wave into early retirement.

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doesn't that make you a normie?

chem em
also how retarded does one have 2 be 2 buy now

why did you buy high? are you looking to sell low?

>normie wave
remember what happened to litecoin?

How does it feel to FOMO into a coin at ATH?

Great trading strategy, user.

You're a retard thatl'l never make it because you touched Ripple.

And you're a double retard because you bought it at $2.

If you didn't buy at less than a penny, you ARE the normie wave.

I bought $7k at $0.19 user, where the fuck were you?

haha all the rage in this thread is delicious. OP you did good, any buy before coinbase is a good buy

it's not hitting coinbase lol, and if it really does people will dump hard

Norippler detected. Mad as fuck cause you still FUD all day and never buy while you still have the chance? Screencap this so when XRP reaches $10 you can rage masturbate.

What is this? some girl posted her boyfriends texts about a ripple move. does it mean anything or more garbage? not even an hour old. someone smart read it and tell me if means anything

Ripple 101

-The supply is fixed. There's no inflation.

-The current transaction cost for a standard transaction is just 0.00001 XRP.

-The transaction cost is not paid to any party: the XRP is irrevocably destroyed.

-Ripple consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.

-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches, only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. This makes their incentives 100% aligned with XRP holders. Ripple Labs is always working on creating new partnerships (e.g., Amex, Santander, ..) and expanding XRP's marketshare.

-Ripple doesn't use proof-of-work anywhere which requires inflation and/or outrageous fees (as in Bitcoin)

-Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you have no choice but to trust whoever purchased the most hashing power (currently it's a chinese company called Bitmain). With Ripple, you can run your own validator and setup your own trusted validators list. 10s of non related reputable public and private entities around the world are currently running validators (e.g., MIT, Microsoft, ..etc), many more keep joining.

-The software is open-source (Stellar was a fork of Ripple).


m8 u dun goofed

What will Veeky Forums do when it will be $600 by June? Still in denial?

doubt it will get that high.....10 is possible

600 hahah get the fuck out

t. i bought 40k at 0.01usd in march sold half today this thing is almost DONE

some idiots will tell you any thing about $5 is impossible because muh market cap

Bitcoin's market cap is not the maximum limit. Crypto has only been used for speculation so far. XRP will actually be used in real world. It will penetrate markets measured in trillions, not billions.

ouch boomer I feel you fell for that fomo bruh

sure buddy,

enjoy holding them bags

My man!!!

*anything above $5

ayyy and I'm a ripple holder


Fucking idiots don't even know that ripple tokens are useless because the banks will implement private blockchains.

Fucking idiots don't understand shit of what they are buying.

>muh gains, muh normie wave

you guys know this is a bubble and you still contribute to inflate it. I will laugh on your pink wojaks in a few months.

also, buy BNTY

Ok question time.

How many xrp tokens are in the hands of the founders?
How many tokens are in the hands of ripple labs?
How many tokens are in the hands of the regular public such as yourself and traded on the markets that set the price?
How fast is ripple labs legally allowed to sell them to the market?
How fast is jed mccaleb allowed to sell his founder stash?
Does he have an incentive to do so other than monetarily?
What is inflation?
What would the inflation rate be of the pool of xrp tokens in the hands of the general public if Jed and ripple labs sell at their legal maximum rate?
At what xrp price would jed mccaleb become the wealthiest man in the world?

Please answer, I am dying to know.

The biz way

-The supply is fixed. There's no inflation.

-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches, only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. This makes their incentives 100% aligned with XRP holders. Ripple Labs is always working on creating new partnerships (e.g., Amex, Santander, ..) and expanding XRP's marketshare.

I did the same but $5k at $2.49. Feeling like suicide.

Thanks for letting me cash out before the dip.

Unironically, this. Bitcoin's market cap is not any kind of limit, because bitcoin is practically useless now. XRP on the other hand serves a real-world purpose, and Ripple speaks to an industry that is worth trillions of dollars. Anything can happen.

bout 2k at .25 cents. Missed a leg of the moon mission day trading BTC back and forth, but in general feeling very comfy.

>there is no inflation
Dumbass. The batches that ripple labs dumps is exactly that. Inflation. It inflates the amount of xrp tradable on exchanges. Thats all what matters. And it can do so at a rate of 1 billion (or 5%) a month ( because current amount on the markets minus the founders stashes) is just 20 billion.

You cent be this retarded.

Bought 136k when it was fractions of a penny.
Sold for a large Satoshi loss a few months ago.

Tried to short it last night when it reached the peek on bittrex (19000sats), but could only get a short in on polo around 153. Then proceeded to lose the .5btc I put on margin when it spiked again and I was over-leveraged without enough wiggle room.

Fuck. Me.
I. Am. Fucking. Useless.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Retard, the TOTAL SUPPLY is already PRICED IN by buyers.

and the institutional buyers can't dump in the market (by both technical and legal constraints)
With other coins, few early adopters/miners/founders hodl most of the coins and refuse to sell, they cripple the market by keeping the liquidity low and companies fear they will get dumped on at any time.

Ripple Labs big share keeps them incentivized. I've a company working full time to pump my bags.

and that's not it

Bitcoin has to inflate FOREVER. The 21 million cap will be removed. Do you think I'm kidding? Blockstream and other influential people in the space think this is highly likely:

PoW requires fees or miner rewards (through inflation) or both.

and Bitcoin Cash is not any better, they HAVE NO CHOICE but to increase inflation and remove the 21 cap because their pitch is low fees.

Miners don't work for free, you either pay them, or everyone pays them (through inflation) or both.

do you think you can retire early with $9k? if not you bought the wrong coin, normie faggot

>bought a bunch at 25 cents
>sold it all to buy bitcoin cash when it appeared on coinbase
>now down half my initial investment when I could be 4x