Charlie Lee quits Litecoin

>Charlie Lee quits Litecoin
>Vitalik Buterin threatening to quit Ethereum

The writing is on the wall. They know the tech doesn’t scale and they’re looking for an exit scheme. Blaming memes for quitting? You trust this guy to run a 80 billion dollar business?

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Wow this is getting slid hard but you're absolutely right. Everywhere in crypto, one-by-one, the so-called leaders are leaving.

Vitalik wants to focus on his child passion

They made there money on all the people who Bought there coins why stay?
you think they love you lol

>The writing is on the wall

Honestly saw that when Charlie left. Vitalik is just a cuck thats y he hasnt left yet

They all know its overpriced and are betting on the whales to completely sell everything and reset BTC to 7k

Gotta remember VB is a 23 yr old with a game changing tech and a billion dollars and everyone kissing his ass and telling him hes a genius

But he’s still jist 23 and idealist tendencies and so is just acting like a young dumb kid sometimes. We gonna see him grow up over time. But the money and ass kissing may keep him from coming to the ground. But hopefully he keep pushing his tech. He is so slow at rolling it out

>Reading comprehension level: 0
Vitalik never threatened to quit

Fuck him, he stated he's tired of the childishness, yet "the memes are great". Fucking lying little queer faggot shit.

I follow him on Twitter and there's another tweet where there was a hint, let me find it. Maybe I can't remember properly.


Yeah 23 is really one of the worst ages to form political opinions.

You still have youthful idealism and you think you have more experience than when you were younger.

Then yesterday, still, he shouldn't throw those lightly

Thats why I got out of Ether. BCH is the original bitcoin, the mother of all coins. Its the only safe space.

The masters of the globe do not abide upstart competition in finance

Sometimes I wonder if these threads are advanced FUD, but then I remember the average 100-110 iq person truly has that little ability of reading comprehension. Anything that is more abstract than a binary proposition eludes normalfags, which is a problem when you're a money skelly with a brain so big you can't help but see twelve possible outcomes to every scenario.

he is just butthurt that neets are getting rich flipping internet coins
Stay salty money skelly

Pretty much both of these. He reminds me of a childhood celebrity a la Miley. He's also Russian though which can be nothing but a negative, lel.

You should probably just go ahead and neck yourself Roger.


ETH to $6000 soon. strap in boys

That would be Satoshi since Satoshi made Bitcoin and Roger Ver is nothing but a investor.

Same for the IOTA idiot that went full retard, they should know that not all of us have the ability, time, or will to work on crypto tech. Our contribution comes from our financing and involvement in the community. Overinflated egos and lack of perspective.

You said bch

>Vitalik never threatened to quit

Hes retarded because he did, and then pushed it off the side like it was an opinion.

Retard has no idea how much influence he has and the consequences by simply farting

Oops meant for

You are confused because your only education on it is the roger ver meme. You should probably kill your self before you accumulate more losses.

Sounds like a child who doesn’t know what he has. This is Vitalik btw. The same kid that defends pedo’s

Unironically sold my ETH because of this faggot. It's a great coin with a terrible community and leader.

Not dumb. He's a fucking genius. He's just dumb socially and politically which play a huge part in making this coin moon.

I have a lot of respect for Charlie Lee and I think he's going to make a shit ton of money.

He's a 23 y/o millionaire, your social views would be fucked too. Look At Jaden Smith The Milliennial Prophet Of Our Time

Yeah I guess you're right, Vitalik seems like the type who would be happy just sitting in the background chilling coding his coin, I don't understand why he always is tweeting dumb stuff like this or shit shit political views.

if ethereum amounts to nothing its only vitalik to blame. scaling is on him, development is on him. if he doesnt deliver its not the fault of traders

>if ethereum didn't accomplish anything, I wouldn't continue working on it
There are no brainlet memes dumb enough to describe you

>Jaden Smith
>Vitalik Buterin

How can you use these two names in the same sentence?

One created a 80 billion dollar cryptocurrency at the age of 18 and the other was born to rich parents.

Surely you can see that ones opinions have more weight than the other.

Both are rich young and dumb

10k monkeys couldn't create what vitalik did though

But it only takes one Vitalik to leave the ether team because he thinks he hot shit.

Protip: it is.

Vitalik actually created something with his brain. Thus his opinions by default have more weight.

What they have in common is an over inflated ego and a concrete belief in their own ideology.

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Reality is FUD to The HODL herd.

This. All these faggots are bitter about the fact they made a bunch of neets rich.
Skelly forgot how he congratulated bcash on what?
On getting ahead in marketcap. Not feeding muh poor Venezuelans.

Been watching VB the past 3 years and absolutely this. Believe it or not but in 2015 he was more autistic, stuttered alot, and was at a lost for words.

He has become more confident and has improved his public speaking skills alot. I also believe he has learned from the DAO that he needs to be ruthless and cutthroat now which is good.

If he has spare time to pontificate he better use it to scale eth. No real world use for smart contracts if 3 fucking cryptokitties apps can kill the network.