Guy Im losing all my dads money please help

I need 4 or 5 Binance coin to get me back on the right track. I just turned $2,000 into $1,700 and I need to get to at least $2,500. Thanks anons it is much appreciated cuz im fucking up right now.

what is your btc address, I can spare 0.1

Looks like you don't need help to lose all of your father's money. You bought high and sold low. Just be patient, and you'll reach your goal. Keep up the good work, friend!


thx bro

dude dont panic sell.
ive lost hundreds of thousands cause of it.
but sometimes you gotta know when to get out
its a total mind fuck. never been more stressed in my life

Whoever is not buying BZC right now is wasting money.

also sent!


BTC address is 1F7Y1WPXrHrMqj8sE5TiG1ee2F9H7fiGNc Thanks user!


thank you kind sir

I havent sold anything yet lol. Coinbase coins are whats really fucking me over right now lol. I know i can probably get it back on binance tho.

GTFO pajeets. shill me a coin that can help me rebound or gtfo reeee.

ETHLend, thank me later

Aight i already have lend and rcn. ill get another 30 bucks worth tho.

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buy VEN and hold it for a bit, unironcally

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