The people holding this are going to become the wealthy elite

>The people holding this are going to become the wealthy elite.

>Just for lucking in the right place and right time

It's almost surreal to think about it isn't it? There you were, minding your own business and gambling between one shit coin and the next like a caveman bashing sticks together. The next second you discover what just so happens to be the world changing investment of the 21st century, at ground level. You want to know the funny thing? Money doesn't care if you were a piece of shit NEET for your entire life. Money doesn't care if you don't deserve it, which you don't. Money just cares about flowing to value, which just so happens to be your hands. That's right, you are about to become spectacularly, filthy fucking rich, because you own Link and no one can take that from you. No matter how shitty is your life, which it is, right now, in this moment with Link in your portfolio, you are a god.

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My body is ready

Realistically how much is it going to be worth?

That's a good speech man.

>that comfy feel when even holding one measly LINK token is enough to buy some small cities in the future

>ground level
whatever helps you sleep at night, late adopter

inb4 LINK dumps to half current value

>Heh, this coin exists for longer than three months.
>It's over, late adopters.
>After five months the Greater Fools™ will follow.

good meme friend

$50-100 is very realistic Q4 2018

Depends on how long you hold.

Code release Q1 ($3-5), mainnet Q2/3 ($7-10)

Marketing hire = better communication = increased demand starting Q1

zeppelin_os will be released later in 2018. ($20 LINK)

SWIFT DLC updates are mandated to be done by Nov 2018.

By Q4 2018 I think we'll see $50

By 2019 LINK will become ubiquitous by being a component of every new dApp and we'll finish the year at $100.

By 2020 SWIFT DLT updates are expected to be live and running, and any partnership with them, even if not for everything, will push this to $250-300 easily.

You've been visited by the stinky limpy linky club

So comfy

God i wish i could time travel

With that prediction even poorfags like me with 500 LINK would make enough money to make a change in their lives.

There's no way. I think $3 tops by the end of 2018 is reasonable.

Nah. Our first pump will take us to $1.50-2.50. We'll see $3 easily once they've released the new code.

Are you a whale/whale group or something? Even so well... Go ahead. I'd love to be wrong.

Sounds interesting

I bought in at .17 cents and have 12k link

I probably should have bought more but I'm comfortable with this

Nah lol. I can just see that these are still early days for LINK. The volume is still tiny, and there are key milestones coming up throughout the year that will pump the price each time. The marketing hire will do a far better job of keeping the project on more people's radar as well so it won't be trapped on Veeky Forums and that shitty link subreddit. Its a horribly branded project at the moment, but that just means we get a shot at undervalued LINK.

Just like op said

>The people holding this are going to become the wealthy elite.

>Just for lucking in the right place and right time

I know that this sounds too good to be true because it's almost is. Just hodl and buy more links if you can.

We all are going to make it.

>>There's no way. I think $3 tops by the end of 2018 is reasonable.
thing is when people want link, everyone will want it

Yup. And a lot of weak hands have already been shaken out, while people who really believe in it have been accumulating. Most LINK is concentrated in a fairly small handful of wallets, and if enough of those wallets refuse to sell for small gains the demand + limited supply will make the price soar. The volume for LINK is still so small I don't think people really comprehend how far above current price it could go once 10k BTC/day becomes the norm instead of 1k or less.

Lol yep, linkies will become the new wealthy elite. Just as soon as sirgay gets out of bed. Any time now.

Hahahah. The whole sergay is a lazy piece of shit meme on biz has been one of my favorite stories of 2017. It’s really just awesome


Ya what a lazy cunt. Meeting some of the biggest players in finance. He should be updating Twitter instead!

Hold 10k Link and be millionaire by next year.
I'm going to buy more up to 50k.
Feels comfy desu

>Stinky linkies

The best memes have an element of truth to them (or in this case, are entirely true :^)

Cool idea, bad execution

It's actually disgusting watching everyone disregard Chainlink and chase empty pumps instead. This is the most innovative piece of technology that financial and insurance sectors have all been waiting for and it will actually revolutionize the world and strengthen every industry it touches.

Look at Vitalik, Roger, Justin, and Charlie constantly focusing on publicity stunts, shilling, and talking about the pricing of their coins. Sergey is actually the most reliable leader in the cryptosphere focusing only on his technology and development, no bullshitting with publicity stunts. Only honest answers to honest questions when he gets the chance.

I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills watching all of this play out. Etherscan shows that soon 95% of all available circulating LINK will be consolidated into less than 15,000 wallets and that continues to shrink as more people try to chase pumps, they're being shaken into stronger hands. As soon as Sergey's saved up LINK is finally handed over to institutions we'll see the price jump by increments of dollars and it'll be way too for most people by then. This is so fucking ridiculous and scary in showing how stupid most of Veeky Forums actually is.

I remember when I bought ethereum back in February pretty much everyone (including me) thought $100 ETH by end of 2017 was ridiculous

Once these things take off there's no telling how far they'll go


>bad execution

>slow and steady wins the race: the coin

someone explain this

Man the dedication you linkies have to this coin is honestly inspiring. I think linkies have the strongest hands of any hodlers

>bad execution
What did he mean by this?

What wallet and where should I buy this if I'm Canadian?

It's been a slow bleed since october. The project is over but we're unwilling to call it dead.

Zoom the fuck out, user.

lmao you're delusional



Feels like a very safe investment considering how sideways it's been for so long



Honestly tho who has a reasonable explanation for sergeys absolute radio silence for two fucking months? Besides OH HE'S JUST FOCUSED ON THE COIN
nice chat

You guys are delusional if you think this is going to suddenly get better. Lots of wasted opportunities while you're waiting for this thng to light up.

What radio silence?

Literally a week ago.

I must agree, chainlinks tech is useful enough to make this coin worth something.

If you're trying to market a product to big players like SWIFT it probably doesn't look good to be involved in this goldrush PnD ICO ecosystem. I pretty much write off any coin that has price updates on its twitter feed as a serious player. The feds could come down hard on a lot of these shitcoin chump dumpers and no big company is going to want to touch that.

The only reason he likely gave his EoY update was to shut up the people spamming every SWIFT twitter updates with questions about Chainlink. It's a really bad look.

Opportunities that are tiny by comparison to the opportunities Chainlink will enable.

Flip other alts if you want, but your goal while we're still < $1 should be to acquire as much LINK as possible. That's just smart money.

>18 hours ago
>stupid rasPi question

Obvious troll

Unironically did this. I'm about 50% into LINK with 50k.

I'm not saying he needs to be a playboy on Twitter, but a once a week update seems reasonable to me as an investor in his product. "hey guys, this is what we worked on this week, this is how far we got, this is the outcome of said progress and what we'll be moving to in the near future." or something simple like that. Twitter is fucking free and doesn't take but a single minute to give a simple status update

I see your point, I just don't think he thinks of us as investors. The whole ICO = investment vehicle equation is really sketchy DESU. He probably sees SWIFT as a potential investor, not NEETS who bought in early.

Honestly, nothing on crypto looks live an investment to me. They have also said many times they are going to let the product speak for itself. You're free to dislike this, as well as you are free to leave.

Teams manage their development differently. If people are losing faith because he's not tweeting every once in a while, you don't have too much confidence in the product in the first place.

Still doesn't get it. LINK investors are lucky to be along for the ride. The real movers are enterprise companies building valuable solutions. They don't need Twitter updates.

You're probably right about that but it still rumbles my raisins.

How about no?

Meh, take it as a blessing in disguise. The price is currently so undervalued compared to other projects equally as non-existent that we're all being given more than enough time to acquire cheap LINK. With the marketing hire in the works, Chainlink should start 2018 with a pretty solid rally as they begin to fix the communication problem. With such a small team I'd rather they play to their strengths and it seems they have. That's a good sign IMO.

It's best plan if that's what they're actually doing. But that's a lot of faith (blind hope) we're giving them

>not on bittrex

fucking shitcoin

Singapore tonight!

nobody cares about shitrex, get with the times, grandpa.

I am proud to be a stinky linkie.

Big bucks nigga thas all u needa kno

>t. an actual, coping late adopter

How is it blind? Do you understand how big of a deal ZeppelinOS was? At the very least it should shut down the "they've done nothing" fud, even if the fudders can't wrap their head around the scope of the zeppelin post. Clearly the people who need to know about the progress that is being made do know.

What does this mean?

>muh sats

>slow bleed
>currently found new floor at previous ATH
>measuring in sats
What was it like buying BTC for the first time at $6k?

Remember when zaddy Sergey said he has no interest in pumping price through announcing partnerships, and he'll let the partners make the announcements?

Announcement incoming.

this. unironically read the project ubin report. There is explicit language describing an oracle service that undeniably describes chainlink. We have reason to believe an announcement from the singapore exchange is coming tomorrow. There will not be a name drop but it will confirm that they are moving forward with a chainlink implementation. The smart money's eyes are on it even if it's still flying under the dumb money's radar. Buy now or regret it forever.

To whom it may concern

I had a dream last night

Derby told us to inspect the smart contract website.

I had a feeling this was really good news

I feel something with this coin

Cap this

>DLT also enables Smart Contracts, which
are virtual agreements encoded on the
network that are automatically executed
based on logical conditions. Referring
to our example again, let’s now imagine
that John issued a Smart Contract with
instructions to send Sally $20 if the stock
for Company X reaches $1.20 earnings per
share. The Oracle – a trusted data feed to
a Smart Contract, which may be needed
when data is not intrinisically available
on the ledger – validates the logical
conditions of a Smart Contract. It watches
the earnings per share value and triggers
the Smart Contract when the earnings per
share of Company X hit $1.20. As soon as
the condition is met, it will automatically
trigger a $20 transaction to Sally. This
offers an extremely powerful benefit to
many different industries by enabling the
automation of complex business processes
(often with multiple untrusting parties) with
the use of logical conditions and rules.

Is this what you're talking about?

Where do we see this announcement?


Sergey not derby

And checked

99.9% of LINK fud is unsubstantiated claims, complete bullshit, or epic memes. Some fudders know this is a gem, and want to accumulate cheap, some are just tired of seeing LINK threads all fucking day, some bought near ATH or missed out on the rigged presale and are really bitter about it. Some just fud for fun (i do this sometimes).

I have 5k link. What is my worth in USD at the end of 2018?

haha toply memed my sir. Such awesome memeage


>I'm not saying he needs to be a playboy on Twitter, but a once a week update seems reasonable to me as an investor in his product.
You are not an investor. You are not anything special. You have contributed nothing to the development of ChainLink. Buying a funny internet token and hoping the price goes up does not make you an investor. You do not matter at all to the success of ChainLink, none of us do. Sergey already has partnerships, he already has industry recognition. Sergey very easily could have secured ALL of his funding from angel investors/firms or fintech and instead he CHOSE to do an ICO. Because that's the kind of guy Sergey is (he's a philosophy major for a reason), instead of only allowing insiders and big swinging company dicks to make money off of his product which IS NOT MARKETED TOWARDS THE AVERAGE PERSON, he chose to hold an ICO so the average person could get a piece of the pie. Now every entitled faggot here who buys LINK is upset that they didn't get an easy 10x in a month so they panic sell and fud. Sergey doesn't give a shit about some loser whining on Veeky Forums about his bags because he knows what he has, he knows the opportunity he is giving you, and he knows that if you sell and fail to make money off of LINK it is because of your own weak hands, and you will look back in regret when you see that all you had to do was wait a couple months. But you didn't because you're impatient and wanted Twitter updates and blog posts too much to see the bigger picture.

Waited for a while for this to get on bittrex, made an account on binance now should I buy now?

I agree. It's very good in the sense that every single angle has been meticulously prodded for weaknesses in a way that has generally been out of the public eye and pretty much exclusively on Veeky Forums. And this really seems exclusive to link. Since crypto mania took off this summer/fall I haven't seen a single token that has been subjected to this level of scrutiny and research.

It's great, i'm going to take great pleasure in this becoming the reddit flavor of the week in a few weeks or months as they brag about buying in at $2 and prattle on and on about how this is "revolutionary" and that normies wouldn't understand. it was hyped incredibly before sibos but since then there's been so much new money and people it can definitely have a new run. Unlike last month it's a great time to be a linkie.


I think so mate, I don't see it getting much cheaper unless the whole market tanks, in which case you just buy more.

i believe you

>someone bought link at 1000 sats

jelly as fuck


Guys, all this shit is so 2017...

just leave it already

>only had time to "accumulate" 300 LINK
>less than $150 worth
>won't have more money until March

fuck off you fucking middle school nigger

>We have reason to believe an announcement from the singapore exchange is coming tomorrow.
That reason being?


The reason is link is in a cup and handle formation following a target j curve formation. If we don't pass a dollar within 10 days put 10 shares in my pooper and screencap.

TA is not a reason to believe an announcement from the singapore exchange is coming tomorrow.

LINK was never a 2017 coin...

10,700 linkies here. Gonna get to 11k and daytrade a 1k stack to hopefully hit 15k eventually.

>it's too good to be true therefore it isn't

>singapore exchange

what Singapore announcement?

that's what happened when a wagecuckery programmed slave gets confronted with an idea of becoming financially independent. He nervosly looks around to put his shackels back to calm his inner slave down
I estimate that 90% of biz link hodlers will get weak handed at 2-4$ and after wasting that money on stupid shit they will go back to wageslavery, only the strongest of hands will be rewarded with freedom