Blockfolio thread


damn what did you start with?

Still a relative newbie. Don't want to diversify too much, just going 'big' in some well-shilled coins. Any advice or tips always welcome.

About $2000. Bought SKY at $3 and XMCC at about $0.3.

I'm about to move half my XMR into 0x I think.

why skycoin


Skycoin is an old project by people who want to change the Internet.

Been bouncing between 92k and 105k for couple weeks now. Started with 45k

Shilliest portfolio of all time?

Neo and omg r good holds of his

thoughts on my portfolio?

Way too overdiversified

How do I fit all cryptos in one screenshot?

sell the shitcoins until they fit

Not have a million different shitcoins

Yeah, I have 7, but still have to scroll.
Guess it's an ipad's thing.

This is my portfolio as of today... Feeling pretty good brah

Hi Pajeet.

This was 4 months ago

Pretty happy desu famalam

good call on elix senpai

Buying COSS may have been a mistake

I know. Took a gamble and fuck me has it paid off. Massive fan of the project and all be hodling for at least a year or more. I see great gains ahead.

Considering flipping my bitcoin for monero as well...


I don't like holding Bitcoin. It's slow as fuck to move.

I'm selling half of my XMR for 0x and some other sub $1 coin. If you're interested in interesting projects, though, SKY and XMCC are probably not too late to get on to. SKY I am going to cling to until it's $10k because I believe in their mission, and XMCC is a masternode currency that pays out 2 XMCC per day if you run a node that requires a redeemable 1000 XMCC deposit to function. The XMCC payout is going to go from 2 to 5 soon and I think once it does there will be a goldrush of people trying to get a masternode before it becomes too expensive

Feeling pretty comfy. Elix used to be 10% of my portfolio

Mined some btc and ltc back in 2014 and recently decided to diversify. Have I gone too far? What should I move around?

Hey youre that OP posting about XMCC masternodes yesterday. Can you explain them a little more to me and what returns i should expect.

peaked at $40,000

started with $5000

Don’t tell me to sell my ltc, idgaf if it drops to $20, I’ll buy another 100 lot when it does

I was at 14k not even 2 weeks ago baka

I actually just sperged a bit here In short, instead of verifying TX with mining, XMCC uses a masternode system. You put 1000 into a masternode wallet (which you can give operating rights to without risking the currency), put that wallet onto an Internet-connected VPS or something that verifies transactions (doesn't require special hardware, consumer can run it) and the payout is 2 XMCC a day.

I own 5, so my reward is $25 day. I feel that once the reward goes from 2XMCC to 5XMCC a day per node ($62.5 for me at this price), many people will want to buy one because the ROI will be higher.

Right now if you buy 1000 XMCC and run a node it will take 500 days for it to pay for itself if the price stays completely stable. 200 days once the update happens if the price is completely stable. But I think XMCC will hit $10 immediately after the update and probably go up over time.

Should I drop IOTA?

IMO the only thing to drop fully is BTCore. Keep a little bit of all your bases covered.