in my head i take altcoins worth fractions of a penny or a penny and i imagine myself buying just a thousand worth and the money multiplying. some sort of sick fantasy

>i'm getting in on the hottest coin of 2018

i couldnt sell my xrb at 15 because my laptop died. I could have used my phone but was too lazy.

I bought 2k xrp at $2.80

I bought OMG at $10

i lost money in crypto because i bought high and sold low. my hands are basically gelatinous. i still follow crypto because it's interesting, but i will not invest any more money because i know i will panic sell the instant i see a dip

I am HODLing xrp HARD without taking ANYTHING off

it's getting very hard
only solace is that it's over 1.5 and 1.75

My portfolio affects my mood. I had too much green in the last few weeks and now I have way too high expectations.

how's that bad?

I joined bitconnect and shilled it on youtube knowing full well that its a scam. I made my money back in a month with the referals.

followed a discord PnD group once, lost $50.

I bought drugs for 12 BTC back in 2011.
The trip was great, but I do have a slight sense of regret.

I'm holding $2 worth of Espers that I bought for $20 back in June, and completely forgot about them.

I bought into McAfee's Reddcoin pump and didn't sell fast enough.

I got greedy again and burned myself playing with Bcash. At least I learned not to go in again and catch the (((dip)))

sold 0.5 btc at 1500$ ...

I had a few 1000 XRP when it broke out to 0.40s. Was margin longing it with crazy gains. Then before i could close my position, the market crashed, and Ripple crashed harder getting me liquidated. Ripple afterwards immediately went to 0.60s. Fuck this piece of shit coin, when I held it, it was a slave to bitcoin. When i stopped holding it, all of sudden it goes independent and makes BTC crash. fuck outta here.

Previous ATH

didn't sell XRB at ath yesterday, because I was too lazy to set 2FA on bitgrail

idk which exchanges allow trading cryptos on margin. help?

45% of my portfolio is in LTC
Fuck you charlie lee

I bought 100 ETH in 2015 at $1 and sold at $11.50 in February.

sell that shit you retard

How do I know it's not gonna go back up

Sold 8eth worth of POE 2 days ago for .00043. Bought in at .00048

Now it's .001etg

I sold 2 BTC back in 2015 when it was $250 a pop
I was just using them for silk road..

I got off litecoin too late

This sounds like what a typical normie would do. Well done for doing your part in being cattle.

I got into BTC like two weeks ago.

I got on coinbase right before BCH hit it.

I've put in like 1,000 and it's currently in xlm with a little bit in link.

I'm probably the definition of a "normie" - but I've got money to spend (I have two jobs with 6 figure salaries - so I have a 110k a year salary that I can dump into whatever) - but I'm just starting with this whole thing and I feel lost already.

Okay here we go.

Confession 1:
I scammed people for a total of 1600 bitcoins which I sold for $180 each and I had one american that I scammed coming to my parents house asking after me wanting to kill me 1 year ago.

Confession 2:
I often imagine buying coins at previous prices and see how rich I could be now and I usually continue with looking at cars and houses that I could buy with them.

Confession 3:
I have jerked off at least 5 times to my crypto gains because I think about top models wanting me if I were rich.

Confession 4:
My family still thinks I'm making $70k a year with my job but I actually quit my job 2 years ago and I have made almost $800k from crypto.

Confession 5:
I drive an old 2013 Volvo V70 even when I can afford a brand new mercedes.

I sold 1.5 at $300. Could have paid off my college loans with that

I sold 8K XRB at 6K sat

Bitfinex, okex, bitmex, kraken

I don’t even trade cryptos, I just watch the markets and shitpost

sold 225 zcl two weeks ago at 3.80

>Could of paid off my college loans

This hit too close to home. Fug.

I missed a moon because I was busy jacking off to tranny porn.

At least you didn't FOMO buy ZCL at 670k, 700k, 760k sats. Still down 22% from ATH.

What're your two jobs, if you don't mind my asking

What's keeping you from spending your gains?

Both industrial sales.

I've worked from home now for like 10 years and one of my jobs was so easy that I thought I'd pick up another one - and it's totally worked.

Both water one is a startup - so I can BS my way around there for another 3-4 months I'd assume.