REQ is literally about to explode. Go check chart, and get in here user

REQ is literally about to explode. Go check chart, and get in here user.

Already in at 20¢. This, qsp and link are my main holds for 2018. Im gonna make it

I'm in QSP too and like it but concerned it's going to take a while to blow up because their platform does not launch until spring of 2019 !

REQ is a hard shilled SCAM! = SHITCOIN

get out you street shitter

I know, put I'm in no hurry with qsp. Slow and steady wins the race

BTC dropping

this right here anons

up 5x in a month

LIke, PnD type of explosion or new floor type?

will it go back to 30 cents? i dont want to buy now. and i just hold a stack of 9,4k which i bought at 0.07

It's about to break out, but downwards, I'm afraid. I just sold everything and will rebuy at 2200.

If you see it on Veeky Forums, it's a PnD

req is actually shitcoin for real. Read their white paper. They dont have anything about how will they do everything whats planned. Only "targets" without instruments

This. Whenever suddenly several shill threads about a coin pop up, it's a PnD about to commence.

This. What a shitcoin. They will never have a working product. Gonna delay forever and then dump their bags at market price.

You know when biz hates on a project that actually gives updates it's gonna be good.

PnD shitcoin. If you want quality buy TRX, Verge or FUN.

low grade FUD to scare aware people.

Most of these pajeet doubters are probably whales gleefully buying up dumped bags.

1 dollar end of Jan

thats a point. But, visa versa. And Veeky Forums shills Req on daily basis. Really makes you think, huh?

It's 2018, REQ network starts being used by businesses. It's trading for $2 dollars now.. You were already fomo-ing because you didn't get in at 10 cents in 2017, and can't believe it has 20x'ed from there. Insult to injury, PayPal Buys REQ in 2019 just like they did Venmo. Fast forward to 2025, you're still a poor pajeet, street-shitting fag, and I'm comfy in my lambo. Screen cap this.

McCofveve get off biz and go back to Twitter

I remember that when she was $0.09. I was a no coiner and had no idea how to get into it. I did have a great feeling about it though. and I watched it moon as they said it would.


D...delay... it is the only project that has delivered ahead of time

Berlin bro said drip it at 45cents I'm gonna do just that

nice to see REQ rebound against all the shitcoins mooning this past week
hopefully it'll carry on with this momentum to .50

Wondering if I should take profits and rotate into more LINK or just hodl

on a side note REQs chart since ICO looks like it could go parabolic and 2x at any time

cant go wrong with either move, both have upward btc charts but REQ looks more promising in the short term


I remember buying REQ on etherdelta at $0.04 since, and literally 30 minutes later it was announced that it would be on Binance.

Still holding. I could sell now and make a great profit, but I think it would be more fun to just see what happens.

Im in REQ and LINK

>REQ is about to explode!

>Link is about to explode!

I feel like I have to choose one and go all in to make any significant gains.

I’ll always hold link, but I think REQ is due for a more immediate bump

based on what

It was literally trading at one point for $0.03 on binance, you moron. What are you bragging about?

nothing will happen until a) that wall gets pulled or b) the volume blows the fuck up