Up 30k+, never made a losing trade. AMA

Just realized with XRP, SALT, and XMR that I just never lose money on my trades, even when the coin drops into shitblivion.

I see bad logic and bad decisions all over this board, and all of you losing 1000s+. No shit-talking LARPers with million+ portfolios in this thread. Just little fish. Ask me how I avoid losing money on risky plays.

can you have a normal conversation with someone without mentioning how much you've made in crypto

this only applies if you live in burgerland, but how are you gonna handle the upcoming tax changes?

if not, whats the crypto tax situation like where you live? will you change your strategies in the near future, or will you keep on keepin' on?

>Ask me how I avoid losing money on risky plays

how you avoid losing money on risky plays?

how do you avoid losing money on risky plays?

what else is proof of successful trades?

i won't pay taxes on anything. i don't think the IRS will bother investigating me.

need to ask more intelligent questions.

>need to ask more intelligent questions.

You literally asked us to ask you that you larping faggot

this is why you lose money. put your fucking brain cap on, brainlet, and ask an intelligent question. I'm not writing fucking tutorials.

How does it feel to get cucked every day?

Do you look for anything specific before making trades?

Which tools and methods do you use when trying to forecast the direction the coin is going to? Do you manually build any forecasting models such as GARCH or EGARCH and that sort? Or you just use whatever tools the exchange give to you?

Walk us through your trading process. Besides buy low sell high.

look for clear, strong floors that you're already up from. these are tested floors that you can rely on and trust in, unless you're talking a major divebomb in value.

How I avoid losing money on risky plays?

i sell too early all the time
like ripple yesterday, who the fuck new it would blow over $1.6 and then $2 in one day
how to know when to sell?

what are the most important indicators to look at?

where did you learn to do ta

Up 30k in what? Zimbabwe dollars?

Get out of here LARPer

Is there such thing as a safe place to store your value like Feather? I've taken a small amount out of Ripple into Btw but it seems like HTC still had to really test the bottom and instead of riding it all the way through I'd like to stay safe and buy it when I see the top shifting. Thoughts?

Answer this OP otherwise you are faker than Pamela Anderson's tits.

nice user same here

then again, it was quite hard to actually lose in the uptrendy bullmarket of 2017, unless you bought into discord pnd pajeet coins

best of luck to you

Will all that money help change how much of a faggot you appear to be?

So basically; Look for floors and buy there, sell near the high point and begin to fall and wait for it to near the floor again to sell?